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DEKALB Releases New Roundup Ready Corn and Bt Corn.

DEKALB, Ill., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- DEKALB Genetics (NYSE: DKB) expands its product lineup of Roundup Ready(R) corn and Bt corn hybrids for 1999, offering a wider selection of relative maturities to provide more choices for farmers in key growing areas in the United States.

Roundup Ready Corn

Twelve new DEKALB Roundup Ready corn hybrids will be available for 1999 planting, including a Bt stacked trait. DEKALB offers the largest supplies and widest variety of relative maturities for Roundup Ready corn -- 17 hybrids ranging from 83-day to 116-day RM.
 Relative Relative
 Hybrid Maturity Hybrid Maturity
 DK 335RR (New) 83-DAY RM DK 566RR 106-DAY RM
 DK 387RR (New) 85-DAY RM DK 580RR 108-DAY RM
 DK 359RR (New) 88-DAY RM DK 589RR (New) 108-DAY RM
 DK 448RR (New) 94-DAY RM DK 607RR (New) 110-DAY RM
 DK 493RR 99-DAY RM DK 626RR (New) 112-DAY RM
 DK 512RR 101-DAY RM DK 642RR (New) 114-DAY RM
 DK 520RR (New) 102-DAY RM DK 658RR (New) 115-DAY RM
 DK 545RR 104-DAY RM DK 662RR (New) 116-DAY RM
 DK 545RR/BtY (New) 104-DAY RM

 Bt Corn

DEKALB offers nine new Bt hybrids in 1999, for a total of 18 hybrids, ranging in relative maturity from 83 to 117 days. DEKALBt(R) corn is based on some of the highest yielding genetics in the industry, ensuring maximum yield protection.
 Relative Relative
 Hybrid Maturity Hybrid Maturity
 DK 334BtY (New) 83-DAY RM DK 595BtY (New) 109-DAY RM
 DK 389BtY (New) 88-DAY RM DK 618BtX 111-DAY RM
 DK 493BtX 99-DAY RM DK 618BtY (New) 111-DAY RM
 DK 512BtY 101-DAY RM DK 621BtY (New) 112-DAY RM
 DK 545BtY 104-DAY RM DK 626BtX 112-DAY RM
 DK 551BtY (New) 105-DAY RM DK 626BtY 112-DAY RM
 DK 566BtY 106-DAY RM DK 658BtY (New) 115-DAY RM
 DK 580BtY 108-DAY RM DK 679BtY (New) 117-DAY RM
 DK 589BtY (New) 108-DAY RM
 DK 595BtX 109-DAY RM

Based in DeKalb, Ill., DEKALB Genetics Corporation is a worldwide leader in agricultural genetics and biotechnology for seed and swine. DEKALB Genetics Corporation Class B Common Stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DKB.

Forward-looking statements are subject to several risk factors that could cause actual results to differ from projections. Among these factors are the company's relative product performance and competitive market position, weather conditions, commodity prices, trade policies, market conditions, and intellectual property matters.

Regulatory approval of grain harvested from seed of Roundup Ready corn and Bt-Xtra(R) is pending in certain export markets and may not be received before the 1999 harvest. As a result, growers may be restricted from introducing the grain into channels of trade where the potential for export exists. In such cases, growers should be prepared to feed the grain domestically, or sell it for use in domestic markets only.

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Roundup Ready is a registered trademark of, and used under license from, Monsanto Company. DEKALBt and Bt-Xtra are trademarks of DEKALB Genetics Corporation.
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