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* "While it is largely agreed that there is a crucial need to defend the freedom of business in order to avoid additional regulations, the fact that free enterprise has already been crippled by government intervention is ignored.... Many business spokesmen seem to believe that the existing system of interventions represents free enterprise, whereas any new regulations would be socialistic."

Charles G. Koch, "Anti-Capitalism & Business"

* "Topless dancing is protected by the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of expression, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit has ruled."


* "Many gurus flit about the land today predicting a monetary armageddon while urging the necessity for squirreling away gold and oatmeal in order to survive. The assumption is that those who do not have these materials will either break out in red-eyed rioting rage and burn down the countryside, or sit quietly on curbstones and die. The early months of 1933 are the only laboratory. we have to observe what people actually did under such stress....The fact is that an enormous volume of business was transacted without any banks or money at all."

James J. Martin. "Business & the New Deal"
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