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DEBBIE TARGETS HER REVENGE; EMMERDALE Terrified Chas is taken for a ride by furious rival.


Terrified Chas is taken for a ride by furious rival The biggest story in soapland this week is in Emmerdale, as Debbie has finally had enough and snaps.

Pretending to reconcile with Chas, she offers her a lift to the party at the Dingles' house. Debbie apologises to Chas and the pair seemingly reach a truce but when the car speeds past their house, it becomes clear that Debbie has an alternate destination in mind

Sensing that something is amiss, Charity and Cain head out looking for the pair, only to stumble on to a remote barn and an enraged Debbie holding Zak's missing gun. Elsewhere, Brenda prepares to have her surgery, finally relenting to her daughter's demands and Bob's desire for her to be around as long as possible. The pair wave her off into surgery and Bob heads home for some rest, only to return and see the shocking sight of Nikhil comforting a sobbing Gennie in the waiting room of the hospital.

In the final revelation of the week, Charity is suspicious when she sees Jai and Rachel with the baby, feigning illness and staying home from work. Once she is sure he has left, she looks for clues and uncovers a devastating secret.


The aftermath of the explosion has left pieces of the rubble to pick up as everyone tries to adjust back to a normal routine.

However, Ajay is still suffering as a result of Priya's death and her absence is felt across the street, leading him to plant a tree in her memory.

After a confrontation with Paul later in the week, Ajay asks Toadie to take on a negligence case against the Lassiters, placing him in an awkward position.

Elsewhere, Mason looks for the stolen money and Lauren doubts her husband.


Casey and Tamara look to be back on track as the pair move into the flat conversion, but news that the charges against Kyle have been dropped causes some unease in their relationship.

Kyle, however, sees this as the perfect way to worm his way back into Tamara's life, causing her to avoid work as he makes his presence felt. But when they inevitably meet, she is quick to put him straight, she is with Casey for good.

Elsewhere, Heath attends counselling and Liam resolves to leave the Bay.


Faye looks to have calmed down after last week's dramatics, as she becomes content with life at Tim's.

If only we could say the same about Chesney and Katy, who seem to have hit a rough patch, when Ches's jealousy gets the better of him and he roots through Katy's messages looking for evidence of an affair with Ryan.

When she discovers his invasion of her privacy she heads out for a night on the town by herself, and bumps into none other than Ryan, but will she remain faithful to Ches or is she sick of his jealousy?


It's the plotline that just keeps coming back with more twists and turns, but when are the McQueens going to get Mercedes home? Time is quickly running out, and the only person who seems to have an idea is Dr Browning, yet even he is struggling to secure her safe return.

He formulates a final plan to save her, putting himself in danger in the process, but will it lead to Mercedes' longawaited reappearance in the village? Elsewhere, the rumour of the arrival of a figure from his past has Tom terrified for his life, while Will's world begins to crumble around him with no obvious way out.


Bob is determined to get his life with Stella back on track, promising her a nice surprise for later that evening.

He decides to pitch a business idea to Lenny, which could provide a more sustainable source of income for Stella and his future life.

However, when Bob witnesses a moment between Stevie and Stella, and sees Jimmy's reaction to the pair, things quickly fall into place.

Elsewhere in Shieldinch, Miriam's well–meaning efforts to help Gina deal with her father's dementia fall on deaf ears.


Janine's return to Walford was a shock, but now that she's back, she attempts to re–start her life.

Her efforts seem to be in vain however, as every time she tries it's thrown back in her face, as Sharon becomes especially annoyed at her interference in the club, vocalising her feelings, but will a revelation from Phil help soften her approach? Meanwhile, Liam is teetering on the edge of right and wrong when he receives more text messages from his former gang, but will he have the courage to speak to Bianca about it? As the week progresses he begins to regret his involvement altogether as some of the members approach Tiffany outside of school.

Finally, Michael devises a plan to prevent Janine getting her hands back on her daughter, Scarlett.


BACK HOME? Mercedes

ARMED Dangerous Debbie

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