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ALLAN CATHERINE, February 24, 2013. (Always ready to do her best with a heart so true and tender, she devoted her life to those she loved, and those she loved remember. Goodnight God bless Mum, sadly missed.) Your heart broken son Billy and daughter in law Karen. (R.I.P Mum xxxx.) (We love and miss you Nan, we wish you were here today, just to say these words to you, we love you in every way. Goodnight God bless.) Lorna, Thomas, Michael and Ali xxxx.

ALLAN CATHERINE, February 24th 2013. (If I could have a single wish and never have another, it would simply be to have one hour and spend it with my Mother, we'd talk about the football, we'd laugh and reminisce and just before you had to go I'd give you one last kiss. Love you so, so much. Goodnight, God Bless Mum. Y.N.W.A.) Your broken hearted son Nicky xxx ALLAN CATHERINE, February 24th 2013. (I can't believe you're gone Mum, my heart's so empty now, your strength I hope you leave me to help me carry on. You kept us all so close to you and wrapped us in your love, for every day I had with you I thank the Lord above. I'll always love you very much, more than words can say, sleep peacefully my precious Mum, we'll meet another day.) Your loving daughter Kay, soninlaw Andy and grandchildren Dean and Keshia xxx.

ALLAN CATHERINE, February 24th 2013. (I can't put into words how I felt about you. I'll miss you.) Love your baby girl Naomi (granddaughter) David, great grandchildren Josh, Lara and Jack ALLAN CATHERINE, February 24th 2013. (My Nanny Kay has gone now but never from my heart, the days we sat and drank our tea and laughed together hard, the memories I will always keep now you're in a peaceful sleep.) Broken hearted grandaughter Keshia, Ste and Great Granchildren Steven, Billy and Bella xxx ALLAN CATHERINE, February 24th 2013. (Mum, so hard for me to write this, don't know where to start, feel so sad and lonely, one Daughter with a broken heart, our bond was very special, you meant the world to me, to stay with you side by side wasn't meant to be, you held my hand so gently, you stroked the side of my face, the memories of you Mum can never be replaced. Goodnight.) Your broken hearted daughter Jane xxx ALLAN CATHERINE, February 24th 2013. (Goodnight, God Bless Nanny Kay. I will try my best to make you proud of me. I love you with all my heart. Sleep peacefully.) Amy xxx (Teletubby Helper)
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 4, 2013
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