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THERE are over 6 million farm homes in our country ... over 6 million breakfasts, dinners and suppers to cook and serve. Long hours and hard work call for good meat--and enough of it.

This year--avoid waste. Preserve every pound. Don't take chances on bone-taint, over-cured or under-cured spots. Cure the Morton Way. Pump with TenderQuick around the bones--start the cure inside--then rub with Morton's Sugar-Cure on the outside. It's the safe, sure method of getting delicious hams and bacon. No loss--no waste--and the finest flavored, best-keeping meat you have ever had.


Dissolve Morton's Tender-Quick in water to make a rich, fast-acting curing pickle, and pump this pickle into shoulders and hams along the bones. This starts the cure INS'DE--prevents bone-taint and under-cured spots.

THEN ...

Rub with Morton's Sugar Cure. This complete sugar curing salt strikes in from the OUTSIDE--gives a thorough cure and rich wood-smoke flavor. Morton's Tender-Quick and Sugar-Cure, used together, give results you can get in no other way.

Delicious Sausage ...

In Morton's Sausage Seasoning salt, peppers, sage and spices are blended, ready to use. Mix with the meat and grind.

Morton's Home Curing-Book Over 100 pages, 200 pictures on how to butcher and cure. Send 10 cents in coin today.

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Publication:America in WWII
Date:Aug 1, 2018
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