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THERE are a lot of improbable - and incredible - things that happen in an average game of poker.

Being aware that ANYTHING can happen makes it that bit easier to take your bad beats and still leave the table without feelin depressed. Being able to take a beating is an essential part of becoming a good poker player.

Let's look at what most people would see as a typical bad beat. A lower pocket pair beats a higher pocket pair in Texas Hold'em - say pocket Kings beating pocket Aces.

When those hands are both of the same suit, the chances of the worse hand winning is about 20 per cent.

The chances of the lower pair winning the second time when these same two hands happen to go against each other is about three per cent. So if in a same game a lower pocket pair beat a higher pocket pair twice, that might seem a little a bit funny to some players, but it can and does happen - according to the odds three times in every 100 - so don't let it get to you. Just take a deep breath and say nice hand - don't dwell on it.

Take a look at this week's bad beat and tell me if you think it was REALLY a bad beat.

I played in a game where a player in midposition raised pre-flop and it was folded round to me in the big blind.

I called him with the Ace, Jack of clubs. I check-raised him on a flop of Queen of clubs, 9 of clubs 4 of diamonds. I had the nut flush draw (that is, I needed one more club to have the biggest possible flush).

The turn was the 10 of spades which also give me a straight draw, so I put in a large bet and he re-raised me all-in. As it wasn't much more for me to call, I did and I hit my draw on the river with the 7 of clubs.

The other player had pocket Kings. I had 16 outs to win the hand on the river making me a less than 2-1 underdog, so my betting was clearly correct - but it seemed to him and one or two others that I made a bad call and that my winning, with a 36 per cent chance to do so, was a bad beat for the other player. I don't think so.

THE Irish Championships in Dublin (Sponsored by Paddy Power Poker) - nobody local made it to the final table. The top five were: 1st John Clancy winning E114,000, 2nd Scott Bryant - e75,000, 3rd Ciaran Burke - EUR55,000, 4th Terry McDaid - EUR28,000 and 5th- Keith Cummins - EUR21,000

BELFAST'S Winners Club at Yorkgate is back to normal this week. For details on all tournaments phone Peter or Jim on 02890 746952. Saturday January 20 is a charity event in aid of Child Brain Injury Trust.

LISBURN'S Hibs Club hold Texas Hold'em tournaments on Friday nights, starting at 8.30pm and there is an extra allocation of chips if you register before 8pm.

MAGHERFELT'S JPC Poker runs its regular tournaments every night except Saturdays. Phone Matt for details on 07866 694840.

NEWRY'S Frontier Bingo Club at John Mitchell Place holds its usual tournament this week. Phone Paul on 07967633076.

BALLYMENA'S Luckys Bingo Club on the Wakehurst Industrial Estate has its usual tournaments this week. Phone Paul on (07811468392) for details.
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Date:Jan 12, 2007
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