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 PRINCETON, N.Y., Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- SATURDAY, FEB. 15, IS THE

DEADLINE FOR THE 11TH ANNUAL WILLIAM HARVEY AWARDS. Any entry postmarked on or before that date will be accepted by the judges.
 The William Harvey Awards competitions recognize excellence in writing and reporting in the U.S. consumer media on high blood pressure and cholesterol and their relationship to health. The first and second place prizes in all categories have been increased this year to $2,000 and $1,000 respectively.
 There are separate competitions for high blood pressure and cholesterol and both are open to writers in four categories: newspaper, magazine, television and radio.
 Entries must have been published or aired during 1991. They will be judged by independent panels of medical journalists and clinician/scientists.
 The awards will be presented during the Great Lakes Conference on Cardiovascular Health in Indianapolis May 7, 1992. This bi-annual regional conference is part of the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's heart-health educational program. Winners will be invited to accept their awards in person, all expenses paid.
 A copy of the Guidelines follows: FOR APPLICATION FORMS, CALL RALPH JONES AT 908-233-8688 OR PAT DONAHUE AT 609-252-5655.
 GUIDELINES -- 1991-1992
 1. Purpose. The purpose of the awards is to promote greater public awareness and knowledge in the United States of high blood pressure and cholesterol and their relationship to cardiovascular health.
 2. Sponsors. The competition is co-sponsored by the American Medical Writers Association, National High Blood Pressure Education Program, National Cholesterol Education Program and Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.
 3. Awards.
 (A) There will be separate competition for writing on hypertension and cholesterol. Each competition will offer two cash prizes in four separate media categories:
 (1) newspaper, (2) magazine, (3) television and (4) radio.
 First Place $2,000 Second Place $1,000
 (B) Awards will be announced and presented in the spring of 1992. The winners will be invited, expenses paid, to receive their awards in person.
 (C) In addition to the cash awards, honorable mention commendations may be made at the discretion of the judges.
 4. Eligibility and Entry Information
 (A) Print Media. Any staff writer, correspondent or independent writer is eligible who has published an article or well-defined series of articles on high blood pressure or cholesterol and their relationship to cardiovascular health between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 1991 in any nationally, regionally or locally circulated general interest magazine or newspaper. Eligibility is determined by the audience to whom the magazine or newspaper is circulated. Any publication circulated to the general public is eligible, even if aimed at a segment of that public, such as women, men, sports enthusiasts or senior citizens. Company employee publications, medical journals and health care professional and trade publications are excluded. Writers employed by any of the sponsoring organizations are ineligible. Four copies of each entry should accompany each application. Tear sheets are preferred for print entries, but clean, full-size photocopies of the published articles are acceptable. Newspaper entries should be published by Dec. 31, 1991. Articles published in magazine issues dated by January 1992 will be accepted, but no entries in any category will be accepted after Feb. 15, 1992.
 (B) Broadcast Media. Entries that entail writing skills are welcome, including documentaries, documentary segments, major newsfeature segments and newsfeature series, provided that they air for the first time during 1991 on a federally licensed VHF, UHF or cable television, or AM or FM radio station or network aimed at the lay public. Programming clearly directed at doctors or other health care experts is excluded. Each broadcast entry should include four copies of the script and one 3/4-inch or 1/2-inch videotape for the TV entries and one audio cassette for the radio entries.
 (C) All Categories. Only one entry will be accepted from a writer in each competition. A well-defined series may be submitted as one entry, but if separate entries not in a well-defined series are submitted, they will be returned so that selection of one entry can be made by the writer. Entries may be submitted by editors, publishers, producers or news directors in the name of the writer(s). Co-authors share equally in any award. The entry should be sent to: William Harvey Awards, c/o Bristol-Myers Squibb, Industry and Public Affairs, P.O. Box 4000, Princeton, N.J. 08543.
 5. Judging.
 (A) Print Stories. Each article will be read by a three-member panel of judges, none of whom are employed by the sponsoring organizations. The panel includes a clinician/scientist, who is responsible for assuring scientific accuracy, and two medical writers. (Contest entrants for the current year are, of course, excluded from serving as judges.) Headlines, graphics and illustrations shall not be considered by the judges. This is strictly a writing competition.
 (B) TV-Radio Stories. Entries will be judged by two broadcast professionals and a clinician/scientist. As this is a writing competition, camera and audio work will not be considered by the judges.
 (C) Criteria.
 -- Content (accuracy, depth and quality of research, and mastery of subject matter)
 -- Originality or news value
 -- Style (clarity, thematic focus, readability or flow, and organization)
 -- Relevance to high blood pressure or cholesterol
 -0- 1/30/92
 /CONTACT: Ralph H. Jones, 908-233-8688, for Bristol Myers Squibb/ CO: Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. ST: IN: MTC HEA SU:

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