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DDM Due Date Monitor 4.0.

Harbour Systems Company, P.O. Box 62298, Cincinnati, OH 45262, (800) 735-7938 (contact C. Howard Staley), Level I - $235, Level II - $385.

This computerized reminder system is designed specifically for public accounting firms and corporate tax offices to keep track of deadline responsibilities and thus avoid costly penalties. DDM maintains the current status of all jobs you perform for clients then reports "open" jobs' status at any time, reminding you what is due "this month," what is "past due" and what is due in "future months." Features include: standard and custom mailing labels, hundreds of custom reports, responsibility reporting, Work-In-Process tracking including "Critical Item Reports (close to deadline)," History Reports, Job Routing Control, File Exporting for custom client letters, tax extension preparation and more. Level I includes the complete due-date monitoring reporting, mailing labels and automatic task set up; Level II is a more comprehensive practice management system including WIP, History File Importing/Exporting and other reports. The software runs on IBM PCs and compatibles. Hard disk requirements for a 500 client practice is 1 KB. Support is available for $50 annually and is provided by the system's accountant/developers. The program comes with a tutorial accounting firm for users to learn the system.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
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Date:May 1, 1991
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