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DDGS to Gain Popularity in Indonesian Dairy Sector.

8 December 2009 - During a promotional trip to Indonesia, Dr. Budi Tangendjaja of the US Grains Council identified opportunities for US-produced DDGS with the country's self-mixing dairy farmers, who are largely unfamiliar with the feed ingredient.

"Mixing farmers use corn, soybean meal, meat and bone meal, and rice bran as their main ingredients. I spoke to the farmers about using DDGS as an alternative feed ingredient and demonstrated feed formulations in which DDGS was able to reduce feed costs. Several farmers indicated an interest in trying DDGS and contacted local suppliers who currently import the product," said Dr. Tangendjaja.

According to the USGC representative, the dairy farmers he talked to were intrigued by the cost savings and the potential of increased milk production offered by DDGS inclusion. He added that one dairy cooperative in East Java, that tested the ingredient, reported feeding an extra one kilogram of DDGS per cow per day resulted in an increase of daily milk production of about 3.1 kilograms per cow per day.

"It is estimated that the total number of dairy cattle in East Java is 150,000 head. If each head of cattle can be fed one kilogram of DDGS daily, the DDGS requirement would be 150 tons per day. This would be a significant quantity for marketing DDGS", commented USGC Regional Director in Southeast Asia Adel Yusupov.
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Publication:Feedinfo News Service
Date:Dec 8, 2009
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