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DCO office issues new rate list of edibles for Ramazan, Open market.

Rawalpindi -- DCO office has issued a price list of food items for Ramazan Bazars and the Open market.

As per the rate list issued by the DCO office, the price of 20 kg bag of wheat flour in the open market has been fixed at RS 770/-, while under the special Ramazan package 10 kg green bag of wheat flour in Ramazan bazaars will be sold at RS 310/- A 20 kg orange wheat flour bag in the open market under Ramazan package will be sold at RS 660/- The retail price of ghee in the open market will RS 3 per kg more than its price in the whole sale market. While in Ramazan bazaars ghee will be available at RS 145/- per kg and cooking oil RS 155 per kg. Sugar in the open market will sold at RS 3 per kg more than its wholesale rate while the price of the sugar in the Ramazan bazaars has been fixed at RS 46/- per kg.

As per price list issued by DCO office, the open market price of new basmati rice is RS 125/- per kg, while that of old basmati rice is RS 155/- per kg. Mutton's price in the open market is fixed at RS 480/- per kg while that of beef at RS 260 per kg. The price of a 100 gm samosa in the open market is fixed at RS 10 while the price of pakoras is fixed at RS 160 per kg.

All shopkeepers are bound to display price lists at prominent places. A stern legal action will be taken for the violation of the price list.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 1, 2014
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