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DCC still closely monitoring coastal erosion at Ocean Beach.

M2 PRESSWIRE-August 15, 2019-: DCC still closely monitoring coastal erosion at Ocean Beach



The Dunedin City Council is continuing to closely monitor coastal erosion at Ocean Beach.

Simon Drew, General Manager Infrastructure Services, says, "there has been some erosion of the sand dune by Moana Rua Road this week. Further erosion in recent days has occurred opposite Moana Rua Road, with smaller amounts of erosion occurring towards St Clair. This is a slightly different location to where erosion was occurring last week, where there has been a small amount of further erosion."

The latest erosion has exposed one of the dune protection measures, a reno mattress structure (a cage filled with rocks). There is still a buffer of at least 20m between the dune and the old landfill at Kettle Park.

"Contractors will be on site tomorrow, taking away rubble that people could hurt themselves on such as sharp rocks. Most of the material on the beach will be left where it is to help protect the dune."

The material exposed is not landfill material. What has been exposed is material such as concrete, bricks and rubble that was placed as a buffer to prevent the historic landfill being exposed.

"We'll continue to monitor closely and will re-evaluate and take action if things change."

People are asked to take extra care on the beach as the low sand level means waves are travelling right up the beach, even in low tide.

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Publication:M2 Presswire
Date:Aug 15, 2019
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