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DC resistance meter.

Two DC resistance meters accurately measure resistance in the milliohm range. Model 2840's measurement range is 1 [micro][ohm] to 20 k[ohm] with a basic accuracy of 0.1%, while the Model 2841's measurement range is 0.1 [micro][ohm] to 100 M[ohm] with a basic accuracy of 0.01%, and it also features temperature compensation. Both meters are suited for measuring contact resistance of relays, switches, and PCB traces with greater accuracy and resolution than typical multimeters.

Each model features a touch screen, one-touch zoom, and pass/fail binning for ease-of-use when evaluating components. The front panel provides intuitive menu navigation and a 4-terminal input for accurate Kelvin measurements. The DC resistance meters also feature discrete and autoranging measurements for comparator, binning, and statistical displays. Users can control the series with SCPI and instrument-specific commands over standard USB and RS-232 interfaces for remote PC connectivity. The 2841 extends the remote control capabilities with a LAN interface and features a built-in webserver. B&K Precision,

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