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DC gun control laws - ammo for anti-gun people.

DC Gun Control Laws -- Ammo For Anti-Gun People

I don't know why the anti-gun people haven't been using the example of the District of Columbia (DC) to illustrate the effectiveness of gun control laws. After all, DC has one of the toughest gun laws in the country and has had for several years. As a matter of fact, practically no one can legitimately own a handgun in DC, except a few people who were "grandfather" in when the law was originally passed. And my recollection is that these particular guns must be kept disassembled and separated from their ammunition, so that they are useless for self-defense purposes.

In any event, DC just finished a very productive year, with more people murdered than in any previous year. It wasn't too bad as long as all those good drug-dealing folks were killing each other. But every once in a while an innocent bystander got tangled up in one of those affrays and would end up as a statistic. which caused some considerable concern, particularly among the remaining innocent bystanders who didn't want to join the statistics.

Since starting this, a fresh copy of Newsweek has come in. This particular issue devotes a considerable amount of space to this very subject. It's exciting to learn that Washington (DC) is right up there among the U.S. cities in the murder rate--60 per 100,000 population in 1988, with 372 homicides (up 65.3 percent from 1987). DC is tied with Detroit for the lead at 60 per 100,000 population, followed by Atlanta at 51, New Orleans at 43 and Dallas at 36.

The Washington police shrug their shoulders when these figures are brought up and say "Drugs!". A study of the last 179 homicides in New York found that 56 percent of them involved drugs and that most of them began in business disputes--dealers trying to protect their turf or intimidate competitors.

Here in Washington (DC), "Operation Clean Sweep" has made 45,000 arrests in the past 28 months and has run up a $6 million dollar bill for police overtime.

Some months ago the DC Metropolitan Police Department announced that their officers were out-gunned by the dope dealers and they were going to study the adoption of a new model handgun.

Recently they announced that a decision had been made on a new gun. No, it was not the Army's Beretta pistol, now being made in Maryland, just across the DC line. Instead, they had settled on the infamous Glock 9mm pistol, which started all that ridiculous plastic handgun uproar in Congress a few months ago. Apparently the Glock is a mighty fine pistol and I understand that a number of police departments around the country have adopted it. It's going to take a while for the DC police to get up to speed with the new gun. First they have to get enough of the new guns and then they have to run everyone through an extensive training course to unlearn all the revolver habits and to replace them with habits specific to the Glock autoloader. I wish them success in their endeavor!
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Author:Crossman, Jim
Publication:Shooting Industry
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Date:Mar 1, 1989
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