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DAW Books.

DAW Books

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It's hard to strictly peg Kevin Mccarthy and David Silva's thriller Into The Darkness (075640021X, $6.99): part horror, part science fiction and part mystery, Into The Darkness tells of a man and his three adopted psychic kids who have fled a rogue CIA agent and PSI project gone awry, only to find Hunter is able to find them even across the country. Strong characterization and a powerful, changing plot keep Into The Darkness unpredictable and fast-paced. While Into The Darkness represents Book 2 of 'The Family', no prior familiarity with Book 1 is necessary in order to enjoy and easily understand the background and setting. Embark on a whole new mission with R.M. Meluch with The Myriad (0756402794, $23.95), presenting a fast-paced first novel in a projected military science fiction series. Set in the distant future when Earth and her worlds have been at war with another empire, military passion takes an extra step and ramps up in The Myriad, designed to appeal to readers of military scifi. Cheryl J. Franklin's Tales Of Taormin: Fire Get, Fire Lord (075640293X, $14.00) tells of the domain of Serri, facing a challenge threatening their survival. It's up to a child of wizards, raised among mortals and ignorant of his powers, to respond to the call of soul fire creatures who prey upon the living, to confront his past, his powers, and his peoples. S.L. Farrell's Heir Of Stone: The Cloudmages #3 (0756402549, $23.95) provides the third novel in an epic survey which began in Holder Of Lightning, when a young woman finds a master stone to awaken magical powers and assumes the dreadful responsibility of being the First Holder. Mage Of Clouds followed the next generation of holders as her daughter becomes involved, and now Heir Of Stone returns to the world when the daughter's oldest reaches adulthood and is in training to continue to legacy--a plan turned astray through attacks on the family. A recommended pick for prior fans of the Cloudmages action.
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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