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DAVINCI ANNOUNCES REVOLUTIONARY ELECTRONIC MAIL RELEASE: eMAIL v2.5 First E-mail Product To Have Complete GUI Administrative Interface

 RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- DaVinci Systems Corporation announced today that it will begin shipping a new release of its electronic mail product, DaVinci eMAIL v2.5, this week. DaVinci eMAIL v2.5 represents a whole new approach to the administration of electronic mail for the network administrator by offering a complete Administrative Graphical User Interface (GUI) for both the DOS and Windows products. DaVinci eMAIL v2.5 takes the revolution one step further by completely supporting Novell's NetWare Global Message Handling Service (MHS) and its newest messaging standard, SMF-71, and by providing integration with Novell's NetWare 4.0 network operating system. Other new features of the DaVinci release include Integrated Names Synchronization, a new TSR, shared mailboxes and multiple logins, DOS viewers, a multi-user bulletin board system, and more.
 "With this release of DaVinci eMAIL, we have addressed the needs of the most important E-mail user, the administrator," said Bill Nussey, president and CEO of DaVinci Systems. "Electronic mail administrators using DaVinci eMAIL v2.5 will actually be able to quantify the number of hours saved by our new administrative GUI, and its automation of routine, maintenance tasks. No other E-mail product offers anything like this. DaVinci has revolutionized the back-end integration of an E-mail system," he continued.
 With DaVinci eMAIL's new administrative GUI, many of the daily, time- consuming functions performed by the electronic mail administrator are reduced to simple, one-step operations. Maintenance activities, which were previously accomplished using command line utilities such as fix mailbox and purge mailbox, are now reduced to simple menu-driven, point and click functions. Adding, deleting and editing users on the system are now automated, menu-driven tasks. Adding, deleting, and moving users within groups now requires simply dragging and dropping those user names. Administrators also have the capability to perform customized mailbox purging for any number of users from one screen via a point and click process. This automates what was before a tedious activity for E- mail administrators and gives them increased control over the system's disk space requirements.
 Lt. Richard Wilson, a network engineer with Headquarters Air Force C4 Agency at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, is the technical lead for an installation of 4,700 mailboxes on 50 servers and participated in the beta program to test the new DaVinci release. "I am very impressed with the new administrative features in the DaVinci 2.5 product," Wilson said. "The new GUI interface makes the administration of our multi-server mail network much simpler and faster. The new product tightly integrates DaVinci eMAIL with NetWare MHS and provides a solid mail platform to support an upgrade to Novell's Global MHS and NetWare 4.0."
 Technically, DaVinci eMAIL v2.5's full support of Novell's NetWare Global MHS and SMF-71 mean that eMAIL v2.5 utilizes the NetWare Global MHS enterprise databases to get information about other eMAIL users' names and addresses. Additionally, local workgroups set up in NetWare Global MHS are automatically available to the eMAIL users. eMAIL v2.5 also supports both the long and short name addressing schemes generated by NetWare Global MHS allowing for wider connectivity to outside mail related protocols. For a DaVinci eMAIL administrator, this tight integration with NetWare Global MHS delivers unprecedented interoperability and connectivity to Legacy Systems and other LAN E-mail products.
 An additional feature offered by DaVinci eMAIL v2.5 is its integration with Novell's NetWare 4.0 network operating system. eMAIL v2.5 ties into the NetWare Directory Service (NDS) in NetWare 4.0 and into NetWare MHS to synchronize user names across the network and includes a NetWare 4.0 browser feature that enables administrators to manage large and wide area installations from one, centralized server.
 DaVinci eMAIL v2.5's integration with NetWare Global MHS and NetWare 4.0 is the result of a Strategic Development Agreement signed by DaVinci Systems and Novell, Inc. in February of 1993. "DaVinci has demonstrated true leadership in support of the NetWare MHS platform," said Rick Bohdanowicz, director of marketing for the Messaging Products Division for Novell, Inc. "With their new DaVinci eMAIL v2.5 support, DaVinci is responding to customer needs for leading-edge administration, access to directory services and tight integration with NetWare."
 Further simplifying the E-mail administrators job, DaVinci eMAIL v2.5 provides the most advanced names synchronization capabilities available in an electronic mail product. Addresses and mailing lists can be shared via NetWare Global MHS directory services or via a built-in eMAIL address book synchronization feature which constantly updates an eMAIL installation with addressing information from other DaVinci eMAIL installations. Also, Names Services, which was previously offered by DaVinci at an additional charge, is now included free in the eMAIL v2.5 release and updates user routes between NetWare MHS installations on a local area network.
 DaVinci eMAIL also provides some specific features the end user will appreciate. The new release provides for shared mailboxes which allow more than one user to log into a mailbox simultaneously and allow a single user to log into a mailbox from more than one workstation. The existing search feature has been expanded to allow global searching by date, sender and subject across folders. The TSR for eMAIL v2.5 has been completely rewritten and is now an intrinsic part of the software code providing extra reliability and stability. For DOS users, built-in attachment viewers allowing users to view word processing documents, spreadsheets, graphics, and faxes have been added to equal the current eMAIL Windows product. For Microsoft Windows users, DaVinci eMAIL supports Microsoft's DDE capability allowing users to mail-enable all their Windows applications. eMAIL v2.5 includes two sample macros, Microsoft Word for Windows(R) and Excel(R), to help users easily take advantage of this feature. A multi-user bulletin board system complete with a menu-driven interface has also been added.
 DaVinci eMAIL v2.5 is available immediately at the suggested retail price of $799 for a full, 10-user, DOS and Windows Combo starter kit. Upgrade kits are available for $129 for a DOS and Windows Combo upgrade and $99 for a DOS upgrade. Recent purchasers qualify for special discounts.
 DaVinci Systems Corporation is a leading supplier of NetWare MHS-based electronic mail for NetWare networks with 1.3 million mailboxes installed worldwide. DaVinci products include eMAIL for DOS, eMAIL for Windows, MacAccess, DaVinci CaLANdar, The Coordinator and assorted utilities. DaVinci supports recognized industry standards such as NetWare, IPX, NetWare MHS, Macintosh, DR-DOS, MS-DOS, and Windows.
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