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 RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- DaVinci Systems Corporation announced today, in conjunction with RAM Mobile Data USA Limited Partnership and Business Networks Ltd. (BNL), that the companies have joined together in a technology partnership to promote a wireless electronic mail solution. The wireless solution is based on the interoperability of the three companies' respective products and services. DaVinci eMAIL offers the leading NetWare MHS-based electronic messaging client interface, RAM Mobile Data operates wireless data networks that service over 6,300 U.S. cities and towns, and Business Networks Ltd. provides continuously available, wireless communications software called "everyware." Working together, the two software products build a fast and efficient, wireless messaging solution that fully optimizes RAM Mobile Data's wireless network infrastructure.
 "I am happy to offer our DaVinci eMAIL users a wireless messaging solution," said Bill Nussey, president and CEO of DaVinci Systems. "This joint solution fully leverages the inherent benefits of wireless communications to offer our customers the convenience of access and the complete freedom of motion in mobile computing."
 A user sending a wireless message from a remote client can utilize their currently installed version of DaVinci Remote eMAIL as the front-end, messaging application. Users see the same familiar message create screens and enter the same standard addressing format. According to Nussey: "No changes to the user interface are required. Our current customers can easily become wireless users
with the DaVinci eMAIL they already have installed. There is no special version of eMAIL to buy and no learning curve to hurdle."
 Once the message is created and sent, it is then picked up by NetWare MHS which DaVinci eMAIL uses natively as the message transport. The message is then handed to BNL's "everyware" application which drives a radio modem to transmit the message via RAM Mobile Data's wireless networks to any other NetWare Personal MHS or NetWare MHS Hub (A) running "everyware" and an associated radio modem.
 "everyware" uses the RAM Mobile Data networks in the U.S. and the RAM Mobile Data Limited network in the U.K. and is compatible with MOBITEX networks worldwide. It provides a continuous connection which immediately transfers messages with no user intervention. On the remote end, "everyware" can run continuously in a low priority mode on the users' laptop. This allows the immediate transfer of messages to and from and MHS Hub and completely eliminates the need for user initiation of the message transfer or receipt. On the LAN side of the connection, the "everyware" product functions like an MHS gateway to provide 24 hour availability as well. Hence, there is no concept of connecting or disconnecting to the wireless network on either end, and the requirement of queuing is completely eliminated if someone's client is engaged. "This solution allows DaVinci wireless users to send and receive messages immediately and keeps them in touch all the time whenever they are away form their offices," added Nussey.
 BNL's "everyware" optimizes the usage of RAM's wireless networks which provide a highly reliable messaging capability. "We are strongly committed to working with DaVinci Systems and BNL to support this wireless messaging solution," said Martin S. Levetin, senior vice president for wireless messaging at RAM, "because it is an effective solution for the large existing base of DaVinci's customers who need the flexibility of wireless messaging. This solution will be welcomed by the laptop users of DaVinci eMAIL."
 The common denominator between the two software products is their native support of Novell's NetWare MHS transport protocol. NetWare MHS provides a pre-defined, open interface for the two vendors to write to allowing a completely integrated solution. "Because our `everyware' package was developed to support NetWare MHS," said Dominic Murphy, managing director of BNL, "DaVinci is a natural choice for a strong, front-end E-Mail partner because of their dominance in the NetWare networking environment."
 All of the necessary components of this wireless messaging solution have been tested and are currently shipping products. A DaVinci Combo Remote eMAIL, for DOS and Windows, is available for one user for $299. For DOS only, DaVinci Remote eMAIL for one user is $249. Both remote products include NetWare Personal MHS and can be purchased from any DaVinci distributor or reseller. "everyware" can be purchased in the U.K. from Skytech Mobile Communications, and is available for a special launch price of $1,250 for a five-user pack (server + 5 mobile clients) and $2,000 for a ten-user pack. These prices are available for 30 days and represent a 40 percent savings off the list price. To purchase "everyware" in the U.S., customers should call DaVinci Systems. Radio modems may be purchased for $775 from Ericsson GE at 1-800-223-6336 (M-F). RAM Mobile Data USA Limited Partnership is offering unlimited messaging in the U.S. for $75 per month through the end of 1993. RAM can be reached at 1-800-MOBITEX.
 DaVinci Systems Corporation is a leading supplier of NetWare MHS-based electronic mail for NetWare networks with 1.6 million mailboxes installed worldwide. DaVinci products include eMAIL for DOS, eMAIL for Windows, MacAccess, DaVinci CaLANdar, The Coordinator and assorted utilities. DaVinci supports recognized industry standards such as NetWare, IPX, NetWare MHS, Macintosh, DR-DOS, MS-DOS, and Windows.
 RAM Mobile Data USA Limited Partnership, a business venture between BellSouth and RAM Broadcasting Corporation, is a leader in providing wireless transport for messaging services and products. RAM was recently named Messaging Company of the Year by readers of "EMMS," and to the Gold Circle by "Mobile Office" magazine.
 Based in the United Kingdom, Business Networks Ltd. was orginally organized in 1991 to develop mobile access to LAN's over Packet Radio Networks (PRN) and has become known as leading experts in PRN connectivity. BNL's "everyware" product provides wireless connectivity for NetWare MHS compliant applications over the MOBITEX Packet Radio Networks. "everyware" began shipping in August of 1993.
 (A) With your choice of long distance service provider.
 -0- 10/6/93
 /CONTACT: Debbie Bird, industry relations manager, of DaVinci Systems Corporation, 919-881-4320, or Leslie Schroeder, public relations and marketing, of RAM Mobile Data, 404-446-9158, or Dominic Murphy, managing director, of Business NetWorks Ltd., +44(0)753-680606/

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