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 SAT Preparation Software Helps Students Boost Exam Scores
 by Offering Test-Taking Strategies, Practice Tests,
 and a Personalized Training Schedule
 TORRANCE, Calif., Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Davidson & Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: DAVD) recently began shipping "Your Personal Trainer for the SAT" (Version 2.0), a major upgrade to the world's best-selling SAT preparation software to support the new SAT exam being administered beginning March 19, 1994.
 Designed to help students boost their SAT scores, "Your Personal Trainer for the SAT" contains workouts to improve reading, math and vocabulary skills. This new version also offers students test-taking strategies and a personalized training schedule customized to individuals' strengths and weaknesses.
 "Your Personal Trainer for the SAT" is immediately available in Windows and Macintosh formats at most major computer and software retail chains nationwide for a suggested retail price of $59.95. The software is also available in lab packs and site licenses through Educational Resources, Learning Services, Fas-Track and other educational software resellers.
 "Your Personal Trainer for the SAT" (Version 2) addresses all SAT content changes in tests administered beginning March 19, 1994. Changes in the exam include the addition of open-ended math problems in which students generate their own solutions instead of selecting from multiple choice answers, the elimination of the antonyms section; and an increased number of critical reading questions. Students also have the option of using a calculator during the new SAT exam.
 "The new version of the SAT means that students need a studying tool more than ever to give them a test-taking edge," said Jan Davidson, president and founder of Davidson & Associates Inc. "'Your Personal Trainer for the SAT' helps students improve their test scores by studying test-taking strategies, brushing up on vocabulary, improving reading and math skills, and completing practice tests -- all in the context of the new test."
 Product Overview
 "Your Personal Trainer for the SAT" helps students build skills in eight key areas. For the verbal portion of the exam, the program covers vocabulary, analogies, sentence completion and critical reading; the math section focuses on arithmetic, algebra, geometry and special problems. Students practice these skills by completing on-screen workouts that contain 750 SAT questions -- five full SAT tests' worth -- at varying difficulty levels. The program contains both actual SAT questions and questions developed by SAT preparation specialists from Ivy West Educational Services.
 In addition to practice questions, the program also offers extensive test-taking strategies including tips for eliminating wrong answers, making the best use of time and determining when guessing is appropriate. Students can review general test strategies or focus on tactics for any of the eight specific subjects.
 Personalized Training Schedule
 Students begin their training by completing a full-length SAT pretest that the program uses to assess individual strengths and weaknesses. Based on the pretest results, the program generates a personalized training schedule of on-screen strategies and workouts. For example, a student's training schedule might include activities such as reviewing an analogies strategy or completing a strenuous vocabulary workout.
 After students complete their training schedule, they can track their progress by taking a full-length SAT post test. The program compares students' pretest and post test scores by displaying three- dimensional graphs. The program also compares students' scores with the SAT scores of entering freshman at over 325 colleges and universities.
 Verbal Section
 The verbal section covers four key areas -- vocabulary, analogies, sentence completion and critical reading skills -- tested during the exam. Each area contains a strategy session and workout. The program has an on-line dictionary containing 1,000 commonly tested words, and the "vocabulary power" feature presents words with similar definitions grouped together to make vocabulary building easier.
 Math Section
 The math section builds students' arithmetic, algebra, geometry and special problem skills. During the math workouts, students have access to learning aides such as a glossary of terms, a list of formulas and test-taking strategies. A trainer option shows students a step-by-step explanation to a problem's solution and allows students to review the relevant strategy at the click of a button.
 SAT Game
 Students can take a break from the program's workouts by playing a round of the SAT Game, which is set on a college campus. They race the clock answering vocabulary, verbal, math or general strategy questions. Each time a question is answered correctly, players rack up points on the stadium scoreboard. A perfect game score is 800 points -- just like on the SAT exam and a timing tone helps players learn to pace themselves.
 System Requirements, Pricing
 The Macintosh format of "Your Personal Trainer for the SAT" requires a Macintosh SE or higher with System 7.0 or later, 4 MB of RAM and 4.5 MB of hard disk space.
 The Windows version requires at least a 286 processor, Windows 3.1 or higher, 3 MB of RAM and 5 MB of hard disk space. A VGA monitor is required, and an audio support device is recommended.
 The software has a suggested retail price of $59.95 for the single version; $179.95 for five-program lab packs; and $699.95 for site licenses.
 Davidson & Associates Inc. is a leading publisher of educational software for the home and school markets. Founded in 1982 by educator Dr. Jan Davidson, the company has won national acclaim for teacher- designed, student-tested software such as the "Math Blaster" series, "Kid Works 2" and "Kid CAD" in the home market, and "English Express" and "Story Club" in schools. Davidson & Associates Inc. was recently selected by Forbes magazine as one of "The Best Small Companies in the World."
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