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Specializing in artistic dentistry for the denture patient.

Smile and the world smiles with you, as the song goes. But for many, making the transition to dentures can be a different song, one fraught with anxiety. To all of these people, Dr. David Sundeen says to relax--and smile.

Today, the creation of dentures is an artful science, practiced with precision and beauty, with the preparation of dentures as important as the finished product. Dr. Sundeen creates dentures that are customized for each patient to ensure exceptional fit, function and reliability. Always on the cutting edge of cosmetic dentistry, he was the first dentist in Florida certified in the Geneva 2000TM premium quality denture system, a product that gives patients bright, naturally shaped teeth that mirror the realistic appearance of their own, original smile.

According to Dr. Sundeen, everything from a patient's general health to stress levels, smoking, alcohol and nutritional habits can affect how comfortable the patient will be with dentures. With this in mind, Dr. Sundeen begins each treatment with a thorough counseling session. Measurements are taken to customize selections for each individual, taking into account the patient's age, sex, personality and skin tone to create a unique, one-of-a-kind denture.

The result is a set of dentures that offers much more than comfort and a pleasing appearance. Because Geneva dentures provide better chewing function, they are instrumental in better nutrition overall. "Research has shown that because of an inability to chew foods well, denture wearers tend to eat more highly processed foods," says Dr. Sundeen. "These lack the necessary fiber, vitamin and mineral content required for a balanced diet and may lead to malnutrition and diseases of the digestive tract. Geneva dentures eliminate this problem through their unique bite design."

That same design makes the dentures more stable and comfortable with a better fit than many had imagined possible. With Geneva dentures, adhesives are a thing of the past, as are the days of having to excuse oneself from the table to rinse food from ill-fitting dentures.

Dr. Sundeen says that artistic dentistry balances the importance of function with appearance. "The next step after achieving a functional result is to create an aesthetically pleasing design, one that creates the illusion of reality." His ultimate goal is to help each patient to look and feel better. "This is my concept of complete care, and when that is accomplished, I have achieved my goal," he says.
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Publication:Sarasota Magazine
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Date:Feb 1, 2000
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