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DAVID Cameron's so useless he [...].

Byline: X marks the clot as voters snub Cameron & ConDems KEVIN MAGUIRE

DAVID Cameron's so useless he couldn't organise a vote in a polling booth. He goes down in history as the Tory PM who replaced democracy with empty ballot boxes. The lowest turnout ever in national elections is staggering incompetency even by his abysmal standards. The PS100million squandered would've been better spent on 3,000 coppers.

The parliamentary by-election loss of Corby to Labour is a warning klaxon for the Tories. The near 13% swing was greater than Ed Miliband needs to win a Commons majority. Only a fool would write-off Cameron or anoint Miliband as a Premier-inwaiting.

The momentum, however, is with Labour.

Yesterday's results look like rude graffiti on the wall for dangerously out-of-touch ConDems. Miliband could afford a smile as drowning Cameron clutched at straws.
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 17, 2012
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