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DATAllegro Releases High-Capacity Data Warehouse Appliance; $20,000-Per-Terabyte Price Makes Large Volume Data Warehousing Affordable.

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. -- DATAllegro, supplier of the premier price/performance data warehouse appliance, today announced the release of DATAllegro C25(TM) - a large-capacity data warehouse appliance that holds up to 25 terabytes of user data. The product is priced at $450,000, making it the lowest price-per-terabyte data warehouse appliance on the market.

DATAllegro C25 is the second data warehouse appliance released by the company this year. DATAllegro P3(TM), a high-performance data warehouse appliance offering extremely fast query speeds for 3-5 terabytes of data, was released in March.

Companies can use DATAllegro C25 to access historical data, meet compliance requirements and conduct other corporate trend analysis, easily and affordably. The C25 model leverages DATAllegro's patent-pending, massively parallel data warehouse architecture, together with leading-edge technologies such as low-cost, high-reliability SATA disk drives from Western Digital, 64-bit XEON processors from Intel and CA's Ingres open source database. The end result is an easy-to-use data warehouse appliance that offers fast query times on very large amounts of data. Features such as fault tolerance and fast data loading are shared with DATAllegro P3. Companies with more than 25 terabytes of data can link multiple C25s together.

"DATAllegro C25 makes large volume data warehousing affordable," said Stuart Frost, CEO of DATAllegro. "Now companies with large amounts of data have the choice of using multiple DATAllegro P3s linked together and getting extremely fast performance, or purchasing one DATAllegro C25 to handle all their data while still achieving good performance. If they have a need for both high performance and high capacity they can use the P3 and C25 together in a multi-tier data warehouse."

"The rapid growth of data, as well as new compliance legislation, has led to a serious need in the market for an affordable means of building and administering large volume data warehouses," said Richard Winter, president of Wintercorp, and an expert on large-scale data warehousing. "DATAllegro C25 promises a new, lower-cost approach for companies that would otherwise have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a terabyte to meet their data warehousing needs."

DATAllegro is offering a Webinar on Multi-tier data warehouse appliances on Wednesday, July 20 at 11 a.m. PDT. To register visit


DATAllegro offers data warehouse appliances with the best price/performance in the industry. Using DATAllegro's patent-pending technology, companies can run faster and more complex queries on their data in order to increase their business intelligence. With prices starting at $20,000 per terabyte of user data, DATAllegro P3(TM) and DATAllegro C25(TM) have set a new standard in data warehouse price/performance. Based in Aliso Viejo, DATAllegro delivers a fast, flexible and affordable solution that allows a company's data to grow at the pace of its business. For more information on DATAllegro go to

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 19, 2005
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