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Princeton Softech, Princeton, N.J., a leader in the database archiving market, has launched Archive for DB2 Release 5.2. In addition to enhanced archived data access and processing performance, this new release delivers expanded support for EMC Centera Compliance Edition. This version of Archive for DB2 provides the first database archiving solution to support the new Centera z/OS mainframe connectivity from EMC.

"EMC is dedicated to providing advanced storage technology that helps companies comply with stringent data retention regulations," said Roy Sanford, EMC's vice president, Content Addressed Storage. "The synergy between Princeton Softech's database archiving technology and EMC's Centera Compliance Edition enables companies to manage and store complex relational data on a secure platform and satisfy the requirement for fast access. Companies can reduce costs and remain in compliance with federal regulations throughout the information lifecycle."

Princeton Softech, with more than half the database archiving market (a 56% market share in 2002, according to Gartner), delivers database archiving capabilities that help companies manage and store structured data cost-effectively, based on its business value and access requirements throughout the information lifecycle. Princeton Softech's Active Archive(tm) Solutions support the broadest range of CRM, ERP and e-business enterprise applications and heterogeneous environments.

According to IDC, content addressed storage in the mainframe environment is expected to increase potentially to 86 petabytes. Princeton Softech is the only database archiving vendor that archives to EMC Centera from both the mainframe and open systems environments. This release of Archive for DB2 integrates with EMC Centera's new native z/OS API support. With this technology, companies can now archive from mainframe DB2 applications to EMC Centera and selectively retrieve archived subsets of data on demand, reducing the cost of compliance.

"Safe, cost-effective storage and on-demand access to archived data are critical components for customers implementing an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy and addressing compliance requirements," said Lisa Cash, Princeton Softech's CEO and president. "Princeton Softech's newest release of Archive for DB2, with direct support for accessing archived data stored on EMC Centera, is the logical next step in expanding our database archiving technology."

Release 5.2 of Archive for DB2 includes new offline delete options and enhanced Large Object (LOB) handling that improves performance by more than 25 percent. New archive index handling provides for index validation and faster access to archived data. Archive for DB2 analyzes the database indexes that support the relationships required for archive processing and indicates whether creating indexes could improve processing performance.

With structured data growing at 125 percent annually, according to Meta Group, slow retrieval of data can cost a company millions in revenue. As an essential component of ILM, Archive for DB2 provides on-demand access and capabilities for storing archived data to the most cost-effective and appropriate medium: online in an archive database, near-line on a file server, offline to tape, disk-based WORM device or long-term permanent storage, such as EMC Centera(tm) and NetApp NearStore(tm) with SnapLock(tm). By implementing database archiving along with routine database maintenance activities, companies can keep critical application databases at a manageable size to improve performance and availability, while keeping archived data readily accessible and lowering the total cost of ownership.

About Princeton Softech

Princeton Softech database archiving, delivers comprehensive enterprise data management software solutions for the leading applications, databases, operating systems and hardware platforms. Princeton Softech's Active Archive(tm) Solutions enable companies to manage and store data, based on its business value, critical for information lifecycle management (ILM). Our Relational Tools* provides test data management capabilities that improve application quality and reliability. Companies can maximize application performance and availability, while reducing their total cost of ownership. Princeton Softech's products are used by more than 2,100 of the world's largest companies across industries in more than 30 countries. Princeton Softech is financed by Apax Partners, Inc. and LLR Partners.

For more information, visit or call 650/429-2759.
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Date:May 1, 2004

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