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DAIS; the Aegean feast; proceedings.


DAIS; the Aegean feast; proceedings.

International Aegean Conference (12th: 2008: Melbourne, Australia) Ed. by Louise A. Hitchcock et al.

University of Liege, Belgium


432 pages



Aegaeum; 29


The proceedings of the twelfth International Aegean Conference, held at the University of Melbourne in March of 2008, all cover some aspect of that universal dissipation, the feast, in ancient Aegean cultures. The papers tackle the subject from many archaeological viewpoints. Some look at the utensils for the feast, the shape and designs of pottery. Others put the feast in its architectural setting. The religious aspect of feasting is explored, as is the social composition of the celebrants. Paleobotany allows scholars to imagine possible menus. Both the islands and the mainland customs are addressed as well as data from other areas that allow for comparison and contrast. Aegean art depicting feasting is a subject of several papers. Finally the written record is examined for corroboration and clarification of material evidence. The papers complement each other very well, creating a multifaceted picture of the subject. The only thing missing from this collection is the menu for the feast at the end of the conference. oversize 8.5 x 12 " Distributed in North America by the David Brown Book Co

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Date:May 1, 2009
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