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DAILY POST COMMENT: Wales is fighting a lost cause.

HE Football Association of Wales is on a fools' errand in its appeal to Uefa over the Egor Titov Affair.

The FAW wanted Uefa to overturn the result of their Euro 2004 play- off match against Russia because Russian player Titov had failed a drug test after the first game in November.

Wales demanded that the second leg,in which Titov played and Russia won, should be awarded to Wales on a 3-0 result and with that award should come the place in next summer's Portugal finals.

Uefa said no because Wales could not prove Titov was under the influence of drugs in the second leg,and because their rules state that a team should not be liable for an individual doping failure.

They will assuredly say no again,despite the FAW's protestations. There is no doubt that Wales has a moral case but Uefa has a business one.

They realise that should Wales succeed then the floodgates would be open throughout sport and lawyers would seek about-faces on dozens of sporting encounters going back through the years.

No doubt either that Uefa will already have spent a small fortune on planning and ticketing for Portugal. Sadly,Wales is wasting time and money.
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Title Annotation:Comment
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Feb 7, 2004
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