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I ESPECIALLY APPRECIATED "Shooting Up Wewak" in the August 2018 edition. While the article's primary focus was on the August 17, 1943, Wewak raid, it mentioned the August 18 and later raids. My father, US Army Air Forces Staff Sergeant Floyd L. Ingold, was a B-24 Liberator right waist gunner and aircraft engineer with the 90th Bomb Group's 319th Squadron "Asterperious" and participated in the August 18 raid. Dad kept a daily diary and below is his entry for that day and a partial entry for August 19:

August 18


Flying time 6:30 [A.M.]

Boy we hit it hot today. Ack Ack and Zero's both [anti-aircraft fire and Japanese fighters]. #3 engine had a 20mm hole in the cowling big enough to stick your fist in. A bullet busted the tire on the right landing gear. We made it to the end of the runway before it went completely flat. The right wing was full of ack ack. We threw lead all around the Zero's. I didn't get a shot at but one Zero. I saw tracer all around his nose. After supper we went to the show and saw "Orchestra Wives" [the 1942 film musical with band leader Glenn Miller].

P.S. We flew [the B-24] "Patches" today. Wewak was the target.

August 19


We officially got credit for knocking down a Zero yesterday. Pollock, Cox, and Barrineau all hit him. Lt. Manion gave him to Pollock. "

Dad flew 30 missions between July 1943 and March 1944. He spent three months in hospitals recovering from injuries received in a September 6, 1943, crash-landing. While hospitalized in Port Moresby, Dad received his Purple Heart from Lieutenant General George Kenney, commander of Allied air forces in the Southwest Pacific Area. My father's medals included an Air Medal for shooting down a Ki-43 Oscar, or Army Zero, on March 8, 1944.

After the war, my father worked in the textile industry, rising from sewing-machine fixer to plant manager. He had a good life. He and Mom raised two children and were married for 66 years until she died in 2009. Dad passed away in 2012. Both were fine examples of our greatest generation.

Thanks so much for your magazine.

Floyd L. Ingold Jr.

Burlington, North Carolina

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