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DAD & LAD SUPER FANS; Hull City-mad father Ian and son Tom give their verdict on the footballing week.


ALMOST 15 years ago, Hull City Council effectively gifted a community stadium to the people of Hull.

It transformed our club and it didn't take long for it to be packed to the rafters, even in the lower leagues.

When our current owners came on board in 2010, they too immediately created an instant amount of goodwill.

Stands have shut & crowds Unfortunately, this has all been drained away with a multitude of poor decisions. Two attempted name changes, an apparent ignorance towards any club history, no fan dialogue and a public fall out with the council. The final straw seems to be with their recent membership scheme. This has resulted in no concession prices for OAPs, children or the disabled. Stands have been shut and crowds have dwindled. People are simply voting with their feet.

dwindled When fans break the addiction, new habits are formed and some may never return, particularly if the young are priced out of the game.

Spectators and their money should never be taken for granted.


PLAYING football in front of a half-empty stadium certainly loses atmosphere from a fans' point of view. It must also be a very different experience for the players. Being able to hear all the stick they get off the supporters!

I remember a few years ago when Hull City were playing against North Ferriby pre-season.

Jake Livermore was chasing after the ball, it went out and he was within reaching distance of the fans. He then went over to a Hull fan and took a chip off him! That's something you definitely wouldn't see at the KCOM.

Half-empty stadiums are no fun for fans When Hull aren't playing, Dad and I try to get down and watch North Ferriby, or our local team Walkington.

There are usually plenty of goals and a red card. You can also get close to the action, hear what the players are saying and there isn't as much rolling around in agony, proper tackles are allowed!

Stands have shut & crowds dwindled Half-empty stadiums are no fun for fans

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Oct 15, 2017
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