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Byline: By GERRY HOLT South Wales Echo

A father of two jumped from cliffs at a South Wales beauty spot after repeatedly threatening to take his own life. The body of Matthew William Edwards, 20, was found at the foot of cliffs at Porthkerry Beach, Barry, by a 15-year-old schoolboy and his friends, after lying undiscovered for what may have been weeks, Cardiff Coroner's Court heard yesterday.

The court heard Matthew had a 'stormy' relationship with live-in girlfriend Louise Hopkins, the mother of his two children, Casey, two, and Corey, one, who Louise was pregnant with at the time.

Louise, 20, of Shelley Crescent, Barry, said: 'He said he would like to end his life lots of times. When we had arguments he would say, 'If I ever lost you I would kill myself.'

'Once, he walked down to Barry Island and walked out into the current, but a man who was walking his dog spotted him, so he came home.

'The day he left he was ratty all morning.' she said, before telling the inquest that he later 'stormed out' of the house.

Louise said she thought Matthew, a former student at Atlantic College, was with his foster mother Margaret Edwards, from Llantwit Fadre, but called police when she realised he was missing.

He was found three weeks later in April 2004 at the foot of cliffs on Porthkerry Beach.

Both his natural mother, Avrina Williams, 46, and foster mother of seven years Mrs Edwards, told the court Matthew had repeatedly threatened to kill himself, and he would not listen to their pleas for him to get help.

The coroner Mary Elisabeth Hassell recorded a verdict of suicide.

She said: 'I'm satisfied that he visited Porthkerry Beach with the intention of taking his own life.'
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 12, 2005
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