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Articles from DAAAM International Scientific Book (January 1, 2013)

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A perspective on manufacturing and environmental management. Takakuwa, S. Report 6961
Advances in (Un)conventional engineering of biomaterials and nursing care. Hloch, S.; Foldyna, J.; Monka, P.; Kozak, D.; Magurova, D. Report 7370
An advanced approach to automatic machining of composite parts without their rigid fixing by means of multilink manipulators with stereo vision system. Filaretov, V.; Zuev, A. Report 7947
Analyzing the PAM's structure using the ISO/IEC 15504-5 standard (SPICE). Kozina, M.; Kirinic, V. Report 5987
Application of organizational tools and software solutions in order to increase the efficiency of business processes. Stojkic, Z.; Visekruna, V.; Majstorovic, V. Report 6977
Approaches to assessment of hot environment. Kralikova, R.; Sokolova, H.; Wessely, E.; Polak, J. Report 3280
Bullwhip effect simulation of a supply chain with level constraints. Buchmeister, B.; Palcic, I. Report 5307
Businesss excellence in croatian hotel industry: results of empirical research. Alfirevic, A.M.; Peronja, I.; Plazibat, I. Report 4290
Challenges in implementation of automated identification technology. Stankovski, S.; Ostojic, G. Report 7958
Challenges of natural language communication with machines. Delic, V.; Secujski, M.; Jakovljevic, N.; Gnjatovic, M.; Stankovic, I. Report 7287
Comparative of parameters in the forging process by different application load. Marin, M.; Garcia, E.; Nunez, P.; Camacho, A. Report 2497
Defining requirements for energy efficiency in manufacturing. Micieta, B.; Binasova, V. Report 2358
Design of dual phase high strength steel sheets for autobody. Evin, E.; Tomas, M.; Katalinic, B.; Wessely, E.; Kmec, J. Report 5288
Development of an axial-piston hydraulic machine of a drive system. Stazhkov, S. Report 5186
Development of concrete pipe molding machine with topology optimization. Park, Hong Seok; Dahal, Prakash Report 4889
Economic efficiency and effectiveness in decision making. Kurtuhuz, A.M.; Radu, D.L.; Anghel, A.; Zahiu, C.; Dumitrica, M.A. Report 4132
Estimation of the improved method of grids and application for dynamic solutions. Aryassov, G.; Barashkova, T.; Gornostajev, D. Report 3828
Experimental development and numerical simutation of an electro-hydraulic servo-actuator. Dinca, L.; Corcau, J.I. Report 5566
Experimental identification of a servo-valve parameters used for an electro-hydraulic servo-actuator development. Dinca L.; Corcau J.I. Report 6060
Foreword. 359
From automation to autonomy--a new trend for smart manufacturing. Park, H.-S. Report 9002
Future development trends and challenges in production and social systems. Buchmeister, B.; Leber, M.; Palcic, I.; Vujica Hercog, N. Report 6827
Gauge block calibration with very small measurement uncertainty. Godina, A.; Acko, B. Report 3392
Geometrical tolerance stack up techniques. Sahani A.K.; Jain P.K.; Sharma, Satish C. Report 4647
High quality finishing of bevel gears by electrochemical honing. Shaikh, J.H.; Jain, N.K. Report 4891
Humanistic and technical education in antiquity and the middle ages. Krasic, S. Report 14190
Humanistic and technical education in antiquity and the middle ages. Krasic, S. Report 14475
Improving open innovation: challenges for managing communication and creative ideation. Vrgovic, P.; Walton, A.; Shulkin, R. Report 8293
Information architecture for reconfigurable production systems. Pauker, F.; Weiler, T.; Ayatollahi, I.; Kittl, B. Report 3531
Intelligent model of scheduling RFACs--Part I: methodology and strategy. Abd, K.; Abhary, K.; Marian, R. Report 5769
Intelligent model of scheduling RFACs--Part II: application. Abd, K.; Abhary, K.; Marian, R. Report 4028
International trade, innovations and technological achievement in countries. Burinskiene, A. Report 8240
Lean concept--a challenge to managers for the better future of the company. Bozickovic, R.; Maric, B. Report 6910
Manufacturing of high quality miniature gears by wire electric discharge machining. Gupta, K.; Jain, N.K. Report 6222
Mass customization and personalization in Southeast Europe. Anisic, Z.; Freund, R.; Suzic, N. Report 7076
Methodology for analysing digitised geometry. Cupar, A.; Pogacar, V.; Stjepanovic, Z. Report 4095
Methods of artificial intelligence fuzzy logic. Bonato, J. Report 1699
Multidisciplinary design and modern manufacturing as driving forces for industrial engineers of a future. Jovanovic, V. Report 6724
New approach for OEE calculation of CNC machines based on OPC UA. Ayatollahi, I.; Hackhofer, M.; Kittl, B.; Pauker, F. Report 2290
New requirements facing the training of engineers for economic gobalization. Cus, F.; Balic, J. Report 6700
Newel approaches for targeted spraying in orchards. Stajnko, D.; Vindis, P.; Lakota, M. Report 3843
On stability of nonlinear systems and application to APM modeling. Jadlovska, A.; Katalinic, B.; Hrubina, K.; Wessely, E. Report 6229
Optimal data architecture for an telemedicine analytic platform. Sarbu, A. Report 2720
Optimal inverse models for Bi-mobile mechanisms of walking robot legs. Comanescu, A.; Comanescu, D.; Dugaesescu, I.; Ungureanu, L.M. Report 1966
Optimizing hotel booking through simulation modeling. Stetsenko, D.; Kapitanov, V. Report 3017
Piracy influence on the shipowners and insurance companies. Bendekovic, J.; Vuletic, D. Report 2936
Production networks and partner selection problem. Veza, I.; Mladineo, M.; Gjeldum, N. Report 8031
Realization of digital production by an engineering applications-based approach. Constantinescu, C.; Lentes, J. Report 2804
Rebuilding and installation of the sensor heart rate monitor garmin forerunner 305 in the horse's saddle harness. Janzekovic, M.; Kraner Sumenjak, T.; Sustar, V.; Janzekovic, I.; Pajtler, A. Report 3313
Reverse engineering in product manufacturing: an overview. Kumar, A.; Jain, P.K.; Pathak, P.M. Report 4674
Robotic applications in surgery with special emphasis on applications in neurosurgery. Nikolic, G.; Jerbic, B.; Chudy, D. Report 7820
Simulation analysis of international coal transportation. Miwa, K.; Tan, Y.; Chinbat, U.; Batdelger, N.; Takakuwa, S. Report 2639
Strategic control level for industrial robotic contact tasks. Seslija, D. Report 6111
Supply chain management of small and medium-sized enterprises. Sorak, M.; Dragic, M. Report 6799
The application of laser cladding to mechanical component repair, renovation and regeneration. Torims, T. Report 7576
The impact of mobile phone apps in the agricultural production. Suarez, S.A.; Suarez, A.M. Report 3130
The influence of different soil cultivation on fuel consumption and the growth of buckwheat. Vindis, P.; Lakota, M.; Stajnko, D. Report 2975
The influence of distance on ultrasonic density meassurements. Berk, P.; Rakun, J.; Lakota, M.; Muskinja, N. Report 2378
The information as the essential element in communication management. Kurtuhuz, A.M.; Radu, D.L.; Anghel, A.; Zahiu, C.; Salisteanu, I.C.; Udroiu, I.N.; Dumitrica, M.A. Report 4199
The state and prospects of development of the interconnected multi-motor semiconductor electric drives. Breido, J. Report 8961
The use of optical methods for leak testing dampers. Tomasiak, J. Report 2007
Towards understanding the role and value of patents in a knowledge-based economy. Tekic, Z.; Kukolj, D.; Drazic, M.; Vitas, M. Report 6367
Use of real options theory. Kremljak, Z.; Hocevar, M. Report 4008

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