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Articles from DAAAM International Scientific Book (January 1, 2010)

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A comparison of usability evaluation methods for e-learning systems. Plantak Vukovac, D.; Kirinic, V.; Klicek, B. 6650
A hybrid algorithm to minimize the number of tardy jobs in single machine scheduling. Bancila, D.; Buzatu, C.; Fota, A. 3077
A new heat pipe cooling device. Comanescu, D.; Comanescu, A.; Filipoiu, I.D.; Alionte, C.G. 2762
A new tool to improve quality product--sign language. Boca, G.D. 3740
A simple genetic algorithm for the job-shop scheduling problem. Lestan, Z.; Brezocnik, M.; Brezovnik, S.; Buchmeister, B.; Balic, J. 3716
About spatial rigid memory characteristics. Comanescu, A.; Comanescu, D.; Filipoiu, I.D.; Alionte, C.G. 1667
Analysis of the influence of conveyor speed on the behaviour of an automobile assembly line. Ferreira, L.; E. Ares, G.; G.C. Pelaez, L.; Salgado, M. 2238
Application of genetic algorithms in inventory management. Dania, W.A.P 5853
Application of the Internet market research methods in hospitality. Andrlic, B.; Budic, H. 3835
Approach to the prediction of thermophysiological comfort. Salopek Cubric, I.; Skenderi, Z. Report 2507
Assessing the color image differences depending on the reproduction device. Strgar Kurecic, M.; Agic, D.; Mandic, L. Report 2484
Assessment of psychosocial risks at work. Pacaiova, H.; Balazikova, M. 2374
Bio inspired secure routing in Wireless Mesh Networks. Mowjoon, Mohamed; M.; Agbinya, J. 3819
Clustering and clusters: a systemic approach. Popa, H.L.; Mocan, M.L.; Izvercianu, M.; Pater, L.R. Report 8369
Communication & language codes in evaluating human resources in virtual enterprises. Nica, G.B.; Aurite, T.; Dumitrescu, D.M.; Popescu, B.M. 3510
Conscious and unconscious implicit anticipation. Kohout, K. 3645
Cooperation of European manufacturing companies. Palcic, I.; Polajnar, A.; Buchmeister, B.; Leber,M.; Vujica Herzog, N. Report 4223
Dedicated robot-robot cooperation. Grigorescu, S.; Vatau, S.; Dobra, A. 4249
Design solution of semi-automatic linear loading measurement line. Risovic, S.; Zezelj, D.; Panic, N. 2955
Deviation of deformation of the screen elements through circulation in the newspaper printing. Kumpar, D.; Zjakic, I.; Bates, I. 2931
Different methods in analyzing roll forming process of automotive component. Park, H.S.; Anh, T.V. Report 4833
Discrete material flow management in multipolar manufacturing networks. Popa, C.L.; Cotet, C.E. 1857
Disk drive simulation model development. Vickovic, L.; Celar, S.; Mudnic, E. 4501
Educational game model for pre-school children. Karuovic, D.; Radosav, D.; Glusac, D. Report 2869
Estimation of bull live weight using thermal imaging. Stajnko, D.; Vindis, P.; Berk, P. Report 3633
Evaluation of fatigue resistance of post-and-core systems. Vitalariu, A.M.; Comaneci, R. 3121
Evaluation of graphic gesture in Parkinson's Disease. Vimercati, S.; Galli, M.; De Pandis, M.F.; Cimolin, V.; Albertini, G. 6274
Evaluation of percepcion of red color applied to Koffka effect. Matijevic, M.; Mrvac, N.; Milkovic, M.; Vusic, D. 2646
Functional resource model enables flexible offer processing. Duerr, H.; Tran, N.; Unger, K.; Militzer, J.; Teich, T. Report 2710
GA aided optimization of transmitters' parameters to reduce EMF pollution. Rolich, T.; Grundler, D. 3869
Hole making in gamma TiAl. Beranoagirre, A.; Olvera, D.; Urbicain, G.; Lopez de Lacalle, L.N.; Lamikiz, A. 2946
Hybrid laser welding: a review. Casalino, G.; Dal Maso, U.; Angelastro, A.; Campanelli, S.L. 8589
Influence of drop volume on time-dependant contact angle. Cigula, T.; Mahovic Poljacek, S.; Gojo, M. Report 2261
Influence of the atmospheric circulation on the droughts. Savin, E.; Cazacioc, L.; Poenaru, V. 2696
Influence of the constructive and operational features on the centrifuges. Boiangiu, M.; Boiangiu, A. 5291
Integrating multiple software platforms for integrated management. Botezatu, C.; Botezatu, C.P.; Carutasu, G. 4735
ISO speed as the technical and creative element of the digital portrait photographs. Mikota, M.; Pavlovic, I. Report 3551
Machining of resilient wheelsets on wheel--turning lathes. Filipowicz, K.; Biedunkiewicz W.; Krolikowski, M.; Grzesiak D. Report 1749
Mechanical properties of welded orthodontic metal appliances. Szuhanek, C. Report 2646
Modeling and computational analysis of machine tool spindle units. Wolny, R. Report 2823
Modeling and computing methods for solving optimization problems. Hrubina, K.; Katalinic, B.; Jadlovska, A.; Wessely, E.; Macurova, A.; Majercak, J. 6657
Monitoring of networked machines and devices in manufacturing networks. Fabisiak, B. Report 2066
Movement problems of solid objects in 3D computer animation. Skala, T.; Jelic, A.; Mrvac, N. Report 2544
Occlusion traumatic and Iatrogenic factors. Stanciu, L.; Fratila, A.; Boitor, C.; Pangica, A.; Sabau, M. 1795
Optical properties of printed transparent substrates. Bates, I.; Klanjac, M.; Knezevic, N.; Modric, D. 3176
Optimizing stoichiometric welding fluxes using nested random model. Achebo, J.I. 6677
Possibilities for implementing telework in Caras-Severin county. Dobrescu, M.; Constencu, M.; Dobrescu, C.; Rudolf, C. Report 6391
Product conceptual design modeling: a new generalized algorithm. Diaconescu, D.; Jaliu, C.; Neagoe, M.; Saulescu, R. 2094
Qualitative multi-criteria evaluation of energy crops. Vindis, P.; Stajnko, D.; Berk, P.; Lakota, M. Report 2609
Quality evaluation methodology for research projects. Nagyova, A.; Pacaiova, H. Report 2568
Quantification of effects of levodopa treatment in Parkinsonian syndromes. Galli, M.; Cimolin, V.; Vimercati, S.; Albertini, G.; Onorati, P.; De Pandis, M.F. Report 3328
Real options used in natural resource investments. Kremljak, Z. Report 2462
Render settings impact analyses on quality of complex 3D graphic structure. Skala, T.; Muza, R.; Mrvac, N. Report 3678
Stakeholder analysis: process model. Celar, S.; Turic, M.; Vickovic, L. 2082
Steadfastness of colours of outdoor advertising media. Brozovic, M.; Mikota, M.; Pavlovic, I. Report 2379
Step--based CAD/CAPP integration for finish machining operations. Arivazhagan, A.; Mehta, N.K.; Jain, P.K. 5618
Temperature loop structure with fuzzy and classical controllers. Berk, P.; Rakun, J.; Vindis, P.; Stajnko, D.; Lakota, M. Report 3135
The drivers of local competitiveness on the Romanian market. Dima, M.A.; Lefter, V.; Sandru, I.M.D. 5831
The impact of a performant E-ship framework on economic development. Zirra, D. 4058
The machining of brake discs. Wolny, R.; Rygallo, A. Report 1403
The role of performance measurement systems on globalized markets. Bilas, V.; Franc, S. 2947
The SMEs knowledge management: professional risk assessment using a KBS. Rosu, S.M.; Dragoi, G.; Guran, M.; Dragomirescu, C. Report 4635
Traction behaviour simulation of spot welded. Catana, D. 1879
Uncertainty of mechanical calibration of gauge blocks of dissimilar materials. Godina, A.; Tasic, T.; Acko, B. 4379
Use of ontologies in monitoring mental retardation rehabilitation process. Lovrencic, S.; Vidacek-Hains, V.; Kirinic, V. 3954
Virtual enterprise network solutions to support e-learning sites development. Rosu, S.M.; Dragoi, G.; Rosu, L.; Guran, M. 5028
Voltage effect on developing process and B & W reproduction. Majnaric, I.; Golubovic, K.; Bolanca, S.; Modric, D. 4979
Web based system for choose optimal micro modules technological variant. Yordanov, R.; Todorov, R. 4797

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