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Articles from DAAAM International Scientific Book (January 1, 2006)

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3D-kinematics of upper limb in children with Cerebral Palsy: a clinical experience. Cimolin, Veronica; Galli, Manuela; Crivellini, Marcello; Albertini, Giorgio 3824
A contribution to time complexity of CPM-based problems. Seda, Milos Report 4319
A new type of online measurement system for resistance welding. Bolle, J.; Bliedtner, J.; Buerger, W.; Faber, W.; Zweinert, K. Report 2124
A systematic analysis and controllers comparison of the alstom gasifier benchmark problem. Chin, Cheng Siong; Munro, Neil 7310
Active haptic exploration of deformable objects. Dominguez-Ramirez, Omar Arturo; Parra-Vega, Vicente 3391
Analysis of upsetting processes by the finite element method. Camacho, Ana M.; Marin, Marta; Rubio, Eva M.; Sebastian, Miguel A. 1950
Applying CBR for design: retrieval phase. Nekrassov, Grigori; Portjanski, Leonid Report 3241
Attempts of burnishing free form spatial surfaces using CNC milling tools. Grochala, Daniel; Kwaczynski, Wojciech; Filipowicz, Krzysztof-Zbigniew 2909
Automated visual inspection for contamination detection in electronic industry. Kiatpanichagij, Kirkpong; Afzulpurkar, Nitin V. 3013
Automating of controlling processes in production networks. Jaehn, Hendrik; Kaeschel, Joachim; Teich, Tobias 8210
Barriers in using e-banking in payment system of bosnia and herzegovina and other transitional countries. Zivko, Igor Report 2822
Blackbox for passive measurement of measurement data in vehicles. Bumerl-Lexa, Roman; Kubinger, Wilfried 3627
Conceptual similarities and differences between object model and generator application scripting model. Radosevic, Danijel; Kozina, Melita; Klicek, Bozidar Report 2609
Development of laser welding system for side panels by using digital manufacturing technology. Park, Hong Soek Report 4098
Energy effective polyester production. Budin, Rajka; Mihelic-Bogdanic, Alka Report 1915
Fault detection of piston conditions in water hydraulic motor by vibration signal with wavelet analysis. Chen, Hanxin X.; Chua, Patrick S.K.; Lim, Geok H. 6917
Functional analysis and advantages of the cell production system. Takakuwa, Soemon; Ichikawa, Hidetaka; Miwa, Kanna Report 2797
Fuzzy AHP method, uncertainty and decision-making. Buchmeister, Borut; Polajnar, Andrej; Pandza, Krsto; Kremljak, Zvonko Report 3047
Generative application development using scripting model of application generators. Radosevic, Daniel; Klicek, Bozidar.; Dobsa, Jasminka Report 3423
Impact of tourism on liner maritime passenger traffic. Viducic, Vinko; Tomasevic, Marko; Viducic, Ljiljana Report 3806
Improvement of business process for SME on the basis of quality system. Karaulova, Tatyana; Otto, Tauno 3824
Influence of feed direction and ratio on elliptic curvature representation accuracy during profile milling. Filipowicz, Krzysztof Z.; Krolikowski, Marcin A. 2752
Influence of the plastificated digital printed sheets on the graphic products quality. Babic, Darko; Jurecic, Denis; Tomas, Ante Report 2385
Investigation of rolling as a secondary soil cultivation process. Mursec, Bogomir; Janzekovic, Marjan; Banaj, Duro Report 2832
IT balanced scorecard as IT governance framework. Kozina, Melita 3699
Logistics integrated planning methods of distributing tours in a cooperative assembly system. Olah, Bela; Banyai, Tamas; Cselenyi, Jozsef Report 5246
Meta modelling for EA based design optimization. Bhattacharya, Maumita Report 5251
Method of ecodesign and a new way of product development. Badida, Miroslav; Vargova, Jana; Hricova, Beata; Wessely, Emi Report 1988
Model based scheduling scenario generation. Blaskovic, Bruno; Randic, Mirko Report 4582
Model of the scientific and technical creation processes. Gherghel, Nicolae 3987
Model predictive control using Adaline. Samek, David; Dostal, Petr Report 3073
Modeling and analysis of delivery planning in supply chain. Miwa, Kanna Report 4599
Modelling and evaluation factors to macrogeometrical quality at abrasive waterjet cutting. Hloch, Sergej; Fabian, Stanislav; Radvanska, Agata; Gombar, Miroslav; Valicek, Jan 6642
Multilevel mesh free method for the torsion problem. Kozulic, Vedrana; Gotovac, Blaz; Colak, Ivo 5198
New approach to the printing forms microsurface characterisation. Mahovic Poljacek, Sanja; Gojo, Miroslav; Mahovic, Sanjin Report 2918
New solution of shaker's supporting structure intended to railway bridges testing. Skoczynski, Waclaw; Krzyzanowski, Jozef; Bien, Jan Report 4113
Optimization of path of mobile robot by genetic algorithms. Vaupotic, Bostjan; Brezocnik, Miran; Ficko, Mirko; Balic, Joze Report 3663
Optimizing configuration and procurement processes for individual parts. Teich, Tobias; Oestreich, Erik Report 3958
Packaging like at information carrying media. Jurecic, Denis; Babic, Darko; Kropar-Vancina, Vesna 2239
Precision processing and microtopographical characterisation of tooling inserts for injection moulds. Bliedtner, Jens; Buerger, Wolfgang; Rosenkranz, Sandy; Mueller, W.; Froehlich, Maik Report 3589
Preliminary design procedure for one span post-tensioned stress-ribbon bridge. Kalafatic, Ivan; Radic, Jure; Medak, Matko 4487
Processing of forming cutting tools in CAD/CAM. Chladil Josef 2225
Project SEATTLER for renewable electricity. Rugescu, Radu Dan; Tache, Florin; Chiciudean, Teodor Gelu; Toma Adina Cristina; Slavu, Bernard; Gala Report 5331
Proposes a methodology and architecture suitable for generating the process plan of machining parts. Rahimic, Senad; Visekruna, Vojo Report 2123
Stress intensity factor, energy distribution and forces acting on crack in piezoelectric robots' sensors. VujoviC, Igor; Kulenovic, Zlatan; Kuzmanic, Ivica; Kezic, Danko Report 3474
Study of inkjet prints properties. Sindic, Igor; Dobric, Eugen; Bolanca, Mirkovic Ivana; Bolanca, Zdenka Report 3067
Supply chain executive monitor for controlling and failure management in supply chains. Laessig, Joerg; Heinrich, Steffen; Duerr, Holger Report 4479
Sustenable energy sources utilisation. Kralikova, Ruzena; Wessely, Emil Report 3302
The functional model of a servovisual robot system. Tarca, Radu; Tarca, Ioan; Tripe Vidican, Aron; Tocut, Pavel Danut; Tripe Vidican, Calin Report 3926
The influence of dot gain mid tone spread on print quality. Zjakic, Igor; Milcic, Diana; Bolanca, Stanislav Report 2788
The influence of prints ageing on Number and size of ink particles in the Paper recycling process. Bolanca Mirkovic, Ivana; Dragojevic, Maja Report 3147
The SENA robotic wheelchair project. Gonzalez, Javier; Galindo, Cipriano; Blanco, Jose-Luis; Munoz Antonio; Arevalo, Vicente; Fernandez-M 4491
Use of neuro-fuzzy logic in tool selection and cost estimation in CNC manufacturing of prototypes. Chiang, Luciano; Fantozzi, Claudio; Granchi, Massimo; Vettori, Enrico 5295
Value management and new product development. Palcic, Iztok; Semolic, Brane; Polajnar, Andrej; Buchmeister, Borut Report 3001

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