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D7G tractors ... fittings need lube.

Operators, don't skip the lube for these two grease fittings. They usually get overlooked during scheduled services.

Sprocket Bearings

The dozer's drive sprocket bearings take the brunt while working in sand and mud. Sand and water get past the seals and into the bearings. That combo causes corrosion and grinds the beating's polished surfaces. Those worn bearings let the dozer's track get out of alignment, causing excessive wear and tear on the vehicle's undercarriage components.

To head off problems, lube the bearings every time you finish a day's run in sand, mud or water. With a hand grease gun, give the sprocket's fitting tour or five shots of grease.

Fan Pulley Bearings

The fan pulley's grease fitting is hidden behind the fan blades. That means it's out of sight unless you hop up on the track, reach in, and find it.

Without lube, the bearings seize up. Then the blade stops turning freely, letting the engine and transmission overheat.

Keep the fan pulley bearing lubed. During scheduled services, give the fitting four to five pumps of grease.
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