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D-Tek FuZion Block Revolutionizes Do-It-Yourself Liquid Cooling for PC Hobbyists Overclocking Multi-Core Processors.

CPU Block Keeps Performance and Flow Rates High, Pressure Low

MURRIETA, Calif. -- D-Tek Customs, an innovator of top-performing heat-dissipation products for gaming computers, overclockers and case modders, has begun volume shipments of its FuZion[TM] CPU block, a liquid cooler optimized for the latest dual- and quad-core processors from Intel Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

The D-Tek FuZion CPU block's advantage is a unique base plate that delivers more efficient thermal control than existing water blocks. Specifically, the FuZion CPU block uses an impingement design that puts liquid directly in the middle of the processor, where the cores are located. The copper base plate - with its dense rounded copper pins and 1.4 square-inch pin spread especially designed for large-die, multi-core processors - increases the FuZion CPU block's cooling surface area.

Unlike other high-performance impingement water blocks that require expensive high-flow pumps - with the bigger size and louder operation associated with those pumps - the FuZion CPU block achieves a vastly lower pressure drop (three to five times lower). As a result, it can deliver high-performance thermal management in a smaller, quieter, more cost-effective package. Additionally, the FuZion CPU block's 4-to-1 flow chamber provides optimal flow through the block.

"Our low-pressure-drop FuZion CPU block provides gamers with the best thermal performance without the large, noisy, expensive pumps that are typically needed in liquid-cooled gaming PCs," said Danny Salandra, D-Tek's chief executive officer.

With less load on the pump, a cooling system based on the D-Tek FuZion CPU block has a longer life cycle - even under vigorous operating conditions.

"In addition, the low-pressure-drop, high-performance FuZion block is ideal for multi-block solutions that include single and multiple GPU block configurations, while still using only one pump per system," Salandra said.

D-Tek paid careful attention to the manufacturability of the FuZion CPU block, exerting exceptional quality control - including leak-testing each part and ensuring consistent manufacturing from one block to the next. Its 100-percent-copper base is machine-lapped to a precise finish, and its top assembly is molded Delrin/Acetal.

Price and Availability

The D-Tek FuZion CPU block - the first in a series - is available now through D-Tek's worldwide reseller partners. The list price is $64.99, which includes all necessary mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel processors. Coming soon is a nozzle jet impingement kit that will take advantage of the low-pressure-drop design and increase the water velocity directly on top of the multi-core processors.

FuZion Design Continues D-Tek Tradition of Innovation

D-Tek Customs has designed and manufactured high-quality, top-performing liquid cooling products for the PC industry since 2001.

D-Tek has been responsible for a number of innovations now considered standard in the liquid cooling industry, and was the first company to offer:

* True 1/2-inch cooling systems and components (the previous standard was 3/8 inch)

* Clear polycarbonate and acrylic-topped water blocks

* High-flow nickel-plated o-ring barbs designed exclusively for water cooling components

* Drive bay water reservoirs

* Radiator fan shrouds

* Ultraviolet water dyes tailored for liquid-cooling applications

The company has its headquarters in Murrieta, Calif., near San Diego. For more information on D-Tek, its products and its reseller/retail partner programs, visit
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Date:Jan 24, 2007
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