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D-Pharm receives prodrug technology patent.

D-Pharm Ltd. (Rehovot, Israel; 972-2-561-2005) announced that it has recently received a new United States Patent (6,077,837) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering novel 'Prodrugs with enhanced penetration into cells'. This new patent claims prodrugs, comprising a pharmacologically active compound covalently linked to an intracellular transporter by a bond which is preferentially cleaved by disease-associated supranormal enzyme activity.

This patent establishes D-Pharm's rights in its core technological platform, known as "Regulated Activation of Prodrugs" or D-RAPTM, and validates its novelty. Drugs re-engineered by D-RAPTM technology exhibit selective release of the active drug moiety only at the diseased tissue. Hence, the parent drug's bioavailability is enhanced, its effective dosage is reduced and its toxicity to non-target organs is greatly diminished; these attributes add up to a superior therapeutic index.

D-Pharm Ltd. has an extensive research and development pipeline based on the application of D-RAPTM technology across multiple therapeutic categories, especially in the neurological field. Most advanced is DP-VPA, licensed to Shire Pharmaceuticals and about to commence Phase II clinical trials for epilepsy. In addition, the company has programs to develop prodrugs for treatment of neuro-inflammatory components of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's, and for more efficacious treatment of brain cancer.

"This patent marks an important milestone in the company's growth, as it protects our rights and extends the potential of our technology platform to address important indications such as cancer and inflammation" said Dr. Alex Kozak, president and CEO of D-Pharm. "Moreover, it enhances D-Pharm's capacity to pursue its business model and to position itself as a partner of choice in optimising the pharmacological profile of lead drug candidates" he continued.

"In addition to the general claims, this patent particularly claims prodrugs comprising protein kinase inhibitors" said Dr. Yaffa Beck., the company's executive vice president and chief operating officer. "This may have significant relevance to the development of novel drugs based on this mechanism, which are expected to burgeon in the new genomics era", she added.

D-Pharm is a specialty biopharmaceutical company applying innovative drug re-engineering technologies to the development of new drugs. These include newly-discovered compounds and improved, patent-protected derivatives of existing drugs for treatment of neurological disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, inflammation, cancer and AIDS. DP-b99, D-Pharm's neuroprotective agent for stroke recently successfully completed of the first stage of an ongoing Phase I safety assessment. World-wide rights to develop and market DP-VPA, the company's Phase II product for epilepsy, bipolar disorder and migraine prophylaxis was licensed in March to Shire Pharmaceuticals.
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Date:Oct 1, 2000
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