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D-Herb Will Demonstrate Nutritional Supplement Derived from Galilee Plants for The Aid of Diabetic Patients at ''Biomed 2006''.

JERUSALEM -- D-Herb Ltd, a start-up company located in the Technological Incubator "NGT" in Nazareth, will present a nutritional supplement for diabetic patients at the coming "Biomed 2006" in May. The supplement is a natural product derived from plants growing in the Galilee area. The herbal extract, in the form of a capsule, performs two key functions: It lowers glucose absorption in the GI tract thus preventing excess glucose from entering the blood stream. In addition, the extract assists metabolized glucose to enter the cells - a critical function for diabetics. "Biomed 2006" Conference and Exhibition will be held in the ICC Jerusalem International Convention Center from May 29-31, 2006.

"The unique feature of the supplement is that it helps diabetes patients in various stages of the condition, including those who were recently diagnosed and have no treatment history," says Jan Van Mill, CEO. "It is estimated that some 18 million people in the US and 400,000-500,000 in Israel suffer from diabetes, as well as a large number of people who are yet unaware of their illness. So obviously there is a huge market looking for alternatives and treatments that have a confirmed efficacy and are safe to use."

These days the company is seeking a strategic partner for the purpose of marketing in the US. Later on the company plans to start marketing its solution in various markets around the globe. At the same time D-Herb takes the necessary steps to evaluate the supplement for its pharmaceutical potential and get it certified as a medicinal drug.
Established: 2003
Funds: $390,000 through the Chief Scientist Office, 15% in equity
Founders: Dr. Sobhi Sauob
Phase: pre-marketing

The "Biomed 2006" conference and exhibition will be held in the ICC Jerusalem International Convention Center from May 29-31. Keynote speakers and presenters from Israel and abroad will discuss issues and developments in various subjects such as cardiology, the future of healthcare and many more. A special forum will deal with the issue of fund raising in the different industries.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 15, 2006
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