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Changing hands: my time in the grocery industry is coming to an end with this issue. Here are some views I would like to share before I depart. Sep 1, 2004 597
What happened to Ma Bell? Telecommunications giant AT & T's fall from industry bigwig to also-ran can serve as a white paper for those in the grocery industry seeking to avoid the same fate. Aug 1, 2004 589
Consumer interest no trivial pursuit: Procter & Gamble will use fun facts and trivia questions to build sales of its Pringles brand. Jul 1, 2004 597
The little company that could: Den-Mat proved that a small, entrepreneurial company could play with the big boys in the oral care category with its Rembrandt line of tooth whitening products. Jun 1, 2004 650
Talk of the town: the obesity issue has moved to the forefront of health-related issues, placing grocery retailers in the middle of this debate. Apr 1, 2004 571
Happy endings; Grocery retailers, take note: other retail formats are becoming obsolete because of technology and competition. Can the supermarket industry stave off a similar ending? Mar 1, 2004 859
Auld lang syne: the new year has presented grocery retailers with a few predicaments. But by facing these issues head on, supermarkets can emerge stronger from these difficult times. Feb 1, 2004 585
The museum shop: one of America's best-known retailers filed for bankruptcy protection last month, perhaps because consumers were more comfortable window shopping the chain than actually buying its products. Jan 1, 2004 644
What's all the quacking about? AFLAC went from being one of many in the crowded insurance industry to a star, all thanks to a duck. Dec 1, 2003 672
Fading glory: grocery stores have an uphill battle to win back consumers' hearts and dollars. Nov 1, 2003 568
Back to basics. Oct 1, 2003 562
Theatrics at retail: sure, the big boys can dominate on price, but there is more to retailing than simply offering the best deal on top products. Sep 1, 2003 639
Razor sharp: sure, the big boys can dominate on price, but there is more to retailing than simply offering the best deal on top products. (From the Publisher). Jul 1, 2003 749
Spinning wheels: the press plays a special role in our society, but like everything else reporters and the people they report on need to have their own set of checks and balances. (From the Publisher). Jun 1, 2003 728
Where McDonald's went wrong: the Golden Arches are an American icon. Unfortunately this fabled restaurant chain may have rested on its laurels for a bit too long. (From the Publisher). May 1, 2003 683
Chasing fool's gold: the current retail environment is a product of the acquisition-crazy 1990s. Retailers need to remember that offering convenience, product selection and customer service is what matters. (From the Publisher). Apr 1, 2003 635
Developing a niche market. (From the Publisher). Mar 1, 2003 739
A working relationship: both management and union leadership need to understand that they are in partnership. Collective bargaining can settle many of their differences. (From the Publisher). Feb 1, 2003 598
Now comes the hard part. (From the Publisher). Jan 1, 2003 726
The glass is half full. (From the Publisher). Dec 1, 2002 764
Putting the pieces together: the debate over private label continues to heat up. One thing is certain, however, retailers need to understand their customers' needs before making any final decisions. (From the Publisher). Nov 1, 2002 594
Fool me once: the demise of Ames Department Stores serves as a lesson to all retailers on how to correctly build and reinforce their existing operations. (From the Publisher). Oct 1, 2002 600
Reaching the promised land: supermarket retailers, by and large, have never fully embraced HBC. In essence, this has created a perception among shoppers that food stores are not one-stop shopping outlets. (From the Publisher). Sep 1, 2002 589
Taking responsibility: today's consumer has good reason to be wary about corporate behavior, including the supermarket industry's. (From the Publisher). Aug 1, 2002 568
The industry leaders: A proliferation of private label items has many industry observers concerned that retailers are ignoring national brands, a trend that--over the long haul--could severely impact a grocery store's operation. (From the Publisher). Jun 1, 2002 591
Master of the retail universe: Kmart's recent decision to dose roughly 300 stores is creating a vacuum in the mass retail industry that will directly impact grocery stores. (From the Publisher). May 1, 2002 634
The big picture: Wal-Mart is now the biggest competitor to the supermarket industry and, almost single-handedly, is changing the face of the entire retail industry. (From the Publisher). Apr 1, 2002 609
Leaving on a jet plane: No better place exists to interact with other industry officials, pick their brains and understand their strategies than at an industry trade show. (From the Publisher). Feb 1, 2002 647

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