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ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 15, 1994--Demonstrating its commitment to providing the industrys most flexible and functional enterprise-wide client/server business applications, Dun & Bradstreet Software (D&B Software) today introduced StreamBuilder, an object-oriented application development tool kit that expedites and simplifies application development for customers using the companys SmartStream Series of client/server applications.

StreamBuilder is a set of industry-standard productivity tools that enables users to reuse SmartStream data objects and common code to develop and build new client/server business applications within the SmartStream environment. StreamBuilder is based on Powersoft Corporation's PowerBuilder, and unlike competitive solutions based on proprietary fourth-generation languages, provides a complete application development foundation that requires no extensive learning or training by developers and end users.

SmartStream customers can use StreamBuilder to customize and enhance existing

SmartStream Series applications, Financial Stream, HR Stream, Distribution Stream and Manufacturing Stream. In addition, StreamBuilder increases the flexibility of the SmartStream client/server architecture by allowing users to integrate in-house data and non-D&B Software applications into their SmartStream workflow applications.

For developers, StreamBuilder provides a highly productive application development environment that leverages the reusability of existing SmartStream code and services, significantly reducing development time and effort required to develop new applications. These services include security administration, business process and workflow control, electronic mail, job scheduling, intelligent agents and the graphical user interface.

End user benefits provided by StreamBuilder include faster enhancements and improvements to users' applications. According to D&B Software, StreamBuilder developers can deliver enhancements to existing Windows applications to end users in approximately one-third the time required by traditional application development.

Despite the overwhelming pressure within corporations to re-engineer business practices and implement applications to the client/server environment, D&B Software's customers are still demanding flexibility and control from their applications to best serve end user needs throughout the enterprise.

"By providing open integration with existing applications, StreamBuilder enables users to leverage software investments by exploiting the power of the client/server architecture to improve, rather than completely rewrite these applications," said R. Douglas MacIntyre, president and chief executive officer. "With StreamBuilder, D&B Software is taking a major step in helping its customers reduce development time and costs, improve developers' productivity and build a truly open information systems environment."

Fast, Easy Application Development

StreamBuilder also includes a Sample Application template that helps dramatically reduce SmartStream application development time and effort. The Sample Application includes an example of a business workflow, as well as the different types of window styles used within SmartStream applications. StreamBuilder eliminates the need to develop an application or window from the ground up by enabling developers to clone, customize and use existing windows to develop other activity windows, as well as enhancing existing SmartStream windows. Each Sample Application window provides developers with access to all menu and navigational functions, the ability to handle database transaction processing and access to database security and error handling.

Workflow Support

In addition, StreamBuilder introduces a SmartStream Workflow Application Programming Interface (API), which enables users to integrate applications developed in-house, or purchased and developed with any Windows-based development tool, such as PowerBuilder, Visual Basic or C, into the SmartStream workflow environment. The workflow API is a set of functions that allows developers to include in-house applications into a SmartStream workflow that automates the delivery of data from the non-D&B Software system to SmartStream applications. For example, a government agency's in-house procurement tracking system can send data to Financial Stream via the workflow API. The SmartStream user receives a message prompting him to enter the additional invoice information. After the user enters the invoice with data from the procurement system, it distributes the invoice for approval, and SmartStream automatically completes the workflow process by sending notification to the in-house system confirming approval of the payment.

"United Healthcare is reengineering its asset procurement and management process and StreamBuilder plays an important role by allowing us to facilitate approvals for capital requests and enhance asset management capabilities," said John Christopherson, director of information systems planning and financial systems at United Healthcare, a StreamBuilder beta test site. "StreamBuilder also allows us to add configuration features to the base asset management system without significantly changing the delivered asset application system code. In addition, StreamBuilder's open architecture allows easy database integration with various applications across the enterprise."

StreamBuilder also includes a Developers Workbench, a set of graphical tools that provide a step-by-step approach to rapid window development and customization. The Developers Workbench provides tools to create SQL code to create tables and stored procedures. By eliminating the need for manual coding, these tools further increase developers productivity and ensure consistency in application code.

Pricing and Availability

StreamBuilder will be available this month under Hewlett-Packards HP-UX, Data Generals DG/UX and IBMs RS/6000 AIX. It is planned for availability under Sun Microsystem's Solaris and Digital's Alpha OSF/1 platforms next year. Pricing is based on a per-module basis, starting at $20,000 per module.

D&B Software, with more than 10,000 customer sites in over 60 countries, is a company of The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. D&B Software, with more than 2,000 employees, provides a broad range of business software products, tools and services, including decision support tools, financial, human resource, manufacturing and distribution applications.

SmartStream and Financial Stream are registered trademarks and StreamBuilder, SmartStream Decision Support, HR Stream, Manufacturing Stream and Distribution Stream are trademarks of Dun & Bradstreet Software Services, Inc. Throughout this release, other software and hardware products are mentioned by name. In most, if not all cases, these product names are claimed as trademarks by the companies that manufacture the products. It is not our intention to claim these names or trademarks as our own.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 15, 1994
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