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Czech music every day: events at home and abroad in the autumn of 2016.

When it comes to music events, autumn has traditionally been the most interesting season. This especially holds true with regard to contemporary music. With a slight exaggeration, it can be said that November is the one and only month in which Prague fans of 20th-and 21st-century music do not have a chance to attend all the events on offer. This year, in addition to the Contempuls festival and two concerts held by the Ostrava Centre for New Music, both of which ranked among the indisputable apices (see the separate reviews in this issue), there was also the Days of Contemporary Music in Prague, a festival that within nine concerts presented works by members of the Society of Czech Composers. Pieces by composers spanning the generations were performed by brilliant musicians, including those ranking among the very finest Czech instrumentalists (Petr Nouzovsky, Vilem Veverka, Jitka Hosprova, Katerina Englichova, and others). Intriguing programmes were also featured at concerts given by the MoEns ensemble and the BERG Orchestra.

And there were other attractive events elsewhere. The eighth edition of the MusicOlomouc contemporary music festival encompassed premieres of works by Jan Vicar, Marek Keprt, Lucie Vitkova, Ondrej Stochl and Frantisek Chaloupka. The Exposition of New Music in Brno afforded space to both Czech and foreign composers and performers (especially worthy of mention is the unique orchestral concert given by Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum and Alvin Curran, the founders of Musica Elettronica Viva). Moreover, this year's Musical Present festival of contemporary art in Ostrava featured a variegated programme, which included composition and performance seminars, creative workshops for children, as well as musicology conferences.

With regard to performances of contemporary Czech music abroad, a noteworthy event this autumn was the world premiere of Simon Vosecek's feature-length chamber opera Hybris, premiered and performed in November by Austria's sirene Operntheater company at the Theater an der Wien, as a part of the Hospital-Trilogy. More information about the respective events can be found on the I hope that the following brief summary may inspire you to visit some of the Czech festivals next year ...

12 September, The Prague Market, Prague. Jan Sikl: On Trees and People (world premiere). Lenka Dusilova, BERG Orchestra, conducted by Peter Vrabel.

24 September, Tiroler Landestheater und Symphonieorchester Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria. Antonin Dvorak: Rusalka (premiere of a new production). Directed by Thilo Reinhardt, music director: Francesco Angelico.

3 October, Corpus Christi Chapel, Olomouc. MusicOlomouc. Jan Vicar: 3 +1, Marek Keprt: uMzik sypkych vysek zVnitrni (world premieres). Marek Keprt, Jan Pribil, Jin Fajkus, Eva Balcarkova, Lichtzwang.

3 October, K3 Theatre, Olomouc. MusicOlomouc. Lucie Vitkova: To Whom Do the Horses in the Yard Belong? (world premiere). Cello: Niklas Seidl, guitar: Steffen Ahrens.

4 October, Corpus Christi Chapel, Olomouc. MusicOlomouc. Ondrej Stochl: A Fountain from the Cave of Helplessness for string quartet (world premiere). Ensemble Lux. I

6 October, Grandhotel Ambassador, Karlovy Vary. Karel Simandl: Voices (world premiere). Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra, conductor: Miriam Nemcova.

9 October, Tonhalle, Zurich, Switzerland. Jan Fila: Three Images for Violin and Piano (world premiere). New Kubelik Duo.

9 and 10 October, Spanish Synagogue, Prague. Cinegogue--The Second Sex. Experimental silent films with live music. Tomas Reindl: Hands: The Life and Loves of the Gentler Sex, Michaela Palka Plachka: Dance of Hands, Jin Lukes: Meshes of the Afternoon, Matous Hejl: At Land, Miroslav Toth: Ritual in Transfigured Time (world premieres). BERG Orchestra, conductor: Peter Vrabel.

10 October, Atrium, Olomouc. MusicOlomouc. Frantisek Chaloupka: A Chalet in the Lake Basin (world premiere). Dunami Ensemble.

18 October, Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Archaion Kallos, "Hesychasm--Music From/ Of the Silence". Slavomir Hoffnka: Prayer Inside, Jan Ryant Drizal: Organic Study No. 1 for solo piano (world premieres). Piano: Andrea Vavrusova.

21 October, Besedni dum, Brno. Exposition of New Music. Pavel Zlamal: Horizon of the Seventh (world premiere). Saxophone: Pavel Zlamal.

23 October, Besedni dum, Brno. Exposition of New Music. Petr Bakla: First Movement and Variations (world premiere). Piano: Emanuele Torquati.

23 October, Teatro Massimo, Palermo, Italy. Leos Janacek: Jenufa (premiere of a new production by Anverse Vlaamse Opera). Directed by Robert Carsen, music director: Gabriele Ferro. Further performances: October 25, 27 and 30, November 2.

29 October, Staatsoper Hannover, Hanover, Germany. Bedrich Smetana: The Bartered Bride (premiere of a new production). Directed by Martin G. Berger, music director: Benjamin Reiners. Further performances: November 3, 12 and 19, December 3, 15, 27, January 6, 11, 15, February 15.

31 October, St. Agnes Convent, Prague. Martin Klusak: Early Spring (world premiere). BERG Orchestra, conductor: Peter Vrabel.

2 November, Church of the Virgin Mary under the Chain, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. Stanislav Jelinek: Seven Casings, Pavel Trojan: Four Essays, Milan Krizek: Diaphonia, Vilem Zelenka: Ubi Caritas / Where God Is, Love Is (world premieres). Dana Dubova, Drahoslav Gric, Vilem Hofbauer, Petr Cech, Frantisek Jaros, Marek Babka, Lukas Vencovsky, Bubureza female choir, Miloslava Vitkova.

3 November, Church of the Virgin Mary under the Chain, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. Radek Rejsek: Missa Campanarum, Olga Jezkova: Diptych Christus factus est et Magnificat, Jan Bernatek: Praise the Lord, All Nations, Petr Chaloupsky: Dignus est Agnus, Michael Korbicka: Ave Maria, Jan Vrkoc: Motet (Psalm 44) (world premieres). Walter Hofbauer, Prague Singers, Stanislav Mistr, Prague Cathedral Choir, Josef Ksica, Miloslava Vitkova.

3, 4, 5 and 28 November, Theater an der Wien, Vienna, Austria. Simon Vosecek: Hybris (world premiere). Production by sirene Operntheater. Directed by Kristine Tornquist, music director: Jury Everhartz. 5 November, St. Antonin Church, Prague. Eliska Cilkova: Great Wayfaring (world premiere). Stamic Quartet, RADOST-Praha choir.

7 November, Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. David Lukas: Obsession (world premiere). Flute: Kristina Vaculova, piano: Stanislav Slavicek.

8 November, Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Marek Kopelent: Dole zal, hore raj, Hanus Barton: 32 Variations on a Tone D (world premiere), Michal Nejtek: Trois morceaux delicieux, Kamil Dolezal: A Swing (world premieres). MoEns, conductor: Miroslav Pudlak.

9 November, Martinu Hall, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. Pavel Kopecky: Ricercar for Organ Solo, Karel Janovicky: Sonata for Cello and Piano, Jan Kasal: Schooling, A Door (world premieres). Dorothea Fleischmannova, Jitka Vlasankova, Karel Kosarek, Alfred Strejcek, Jiri Bousek, Karel fehak, Pavel Chovanec, Marie Bartosova.

9 November, Janacek Conservatory, Ostrava. Musical Present. Ales Pavlorek: Panta Rei (world premiere). Piano: Lukas Michel, bass-clarinet: Jin Porubiak, viola: Hana Tomanova.

11 November, La fabrika, Prague. Contempuls. Jan Trojan: 3107 Miles of Proximity (world premiere). PKF--Prague Philharmonia, conducted by Marian Lejava.

11, 12 and 13 November, Arizona Opera, Phoenix, USA. Antonin Dvorak: Rusalka (premiere of a new production). Directed by Joshua Borths, music director: Steven White.

14 November, Martinu Hall, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. Karel Pexidr: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Zdenek Zahtadnik: Oh, Mother Earth (world premieres). Petr Nouzovsky, Kristina Kubova, Petr Kolar, Dagmar Kolarova, Academic Chamber Singers and Frantisek Fiala, Quattro Orchestra, conductor: Marek Stilec.

15 November, La fabrika, Prague. Contempyte. Lubos Mrkvicka: For Piano--Part G, Part L (world premiere). Piano: Ian Pace.

21 November, La fabrika, Prague. Gontempuls. Jakub Rataj: Culmination, Jan Ryant Drizal: Broken Flowers (world premieres). Ensemble Terrible, conductor: Marek Sedivy.

21 November, Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. Jin Bezdek: Pallets and Shading, Romana Schuldova: Piano Trio for Anezka, Lubos Sluka: Primavera, Josef Marek: Dialogues on W. Shakespeare's Sonnets, Jin Teml: String Quartet no. 5 (world premieres). Jitka Hosprova, Ladislav Horak, Martin Kos, Hana Vitkova, Stepan Kos, Vilem Veverka, Katerina Englichova, Petr Stach, Marketa Cukrova, Daniel Wiesner, Sedlacek Quartet.

23 November, Martinu Hall, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. Jaromir Dadak: Homage to the Creators, Milan Jira: Concerto grosso, Ondrej Kukal: Prague Tubopiccolarium, Pavel Hrabanek: Picnic, Michal Miiller: Curved Mirrors (world premieres). Lumir Vanek, Katerina Macourkova Hlavacova, Bozena Englerova, Dana Hegerova, Ludek Hrabec, Marketa Mazourova, Hana Miillerova, Jana Kopicova, Archioni Plus, conductor: Michal Macourek / Ondrej Kukal.

24 November, Gallery, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. Jan Vicar: Konopa for female choir a capelia, Martin Kucera: Small Pieces, Vojtech Mojzis: Seeking, Milada Cervenkova: Three Characteristic Etudes, Vit Micka: Pastorale (world premieres). Bubureza female choir and Miloslava Vitkova, Marketa Mazourova, Monika Cerovska, Jaroslav Saroun, Marketa Janackova, Dorothea Chuda, Vit Micka.

25 November, La fabrika, Prague. Contempuls. Jin Kaderabek: Nostalgia II (world premiere). Prague Modern, conductor: Pascal Gallois.

26 November, Theater Freiburg, Germany. Leos Janacek: The Makropulos Affair (premiere of a new production). Directed by Vera Nemirova, music director: Gerhard Markson. Further performances: December 1, 3, 9, 18 and 23, January 6 and 18, February 4, March 19 and 26.

27 and 29 November, Opera Grand Avignon, Avignon, France. Leos Janacek: Katia Kabanova (premiere of a new production). Directed by Nadine Duffaut, music director: Jean-Yves Ossonce.

29 and 30 November, 2 December, Ponec Theatre, Prague. Michal Nejtek: Constellations I--Before I Say Yes (world premiere of a staged project). Directed by Petr Bohac. BERG Orchestra, conductor: Peter Vrabel.

30 November, Gallery, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague. Days of Contemporary Music. Edvard Schiffauer: The Importunate G flat, Jiri Laburda: Sonata per violoncello e pianoforte, Jindra Necasova Nardelli: Crystals, Ivan Zelenka: Prelude, Fugue and Toccata, Miroslav Kubicka: Two Allegrettos (world premieres). Alexandr Stary, Petr Nouzovsky, Yukie Ichimura, Tomas Visek, Ladislav Horak, Petr Budin, Daniel Wiesner.
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