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Czech Republic-An active approach to family and work Project (AktivnE[degrees] prE[degrees]stup k rodine i zamestnEinE[degrees]).

Registration number: CZ.1.04/3.4.04/76.00033

Amount: 7129 CZK 833.60

Project implementation period: 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2015

Project Description

On 1 April 2012, the implementation of the project "An active approach to family and work," CZ.1.04/3.4.04/76.00033. project aims to address the issue of equal opportunities for women and men in the labor market and to reconcile work and family in the Pardubice and Hradec KrEilove.

The project aims to encourage employers to implement equal opportunities and the introduction of measures to reconcile family and work. Then prepare those target groups through educational seminars for successful entry into the labor market with regard to the family, or in the form of retraining to initiate self-employed. An equally important objective of the project is to provide information to the general public on this issue.

Key activities:

A. Making a family-friendly policies and generate favorable policies in enterprises

- Involving employers with at least 70 organizations from CS

- 14 shares held in "round table"

- It will be processed and put into practice at least 38 Plans equality

B. Entrepreneurship - The way to reconcile family and working life

- Training seminar "How to reconcile family and work" 240 people undergoing CS individuals

- Retraining course "Business Basics" completes 100 people

C. How to find harmony - work and family (public education)

- Will be held 18 shares to the general public on the issue of equal opportunities and reconciling work and family

Objectives of the project

- To raise awareness of people CS individuals of alternative employment opportunities, finding ways to reconcile family and work

- CS prepare those individuals to start a business and providing counseling before starting a business support

- Improve access to and motivation for employers to address the issue of equal opportunities for women and men to reconcile family and working life

- Implement in companies and organizations supporting measures reconciling work and family to practice

- Ensure broader public awareness on equal opportunities, reconciling family and work, the use of new forms of business services (eg household services)

Target groups

Target groups - individuals:

- Women returning after RD or care for a dependent family member in the labor market

- Long-term unemployed women

- Women in the retirement age

- Women at risk of unemployment

- Persons caring for a dependent family member

- Men in a similar situation as women with young children

Target groups - organizations:

- Organization of government and organizations established by them

- Office of CR

- Employers

- NGOs

- Territorial governments and authorities governments, their agencies and their established or based organizations and their employees

- Research and educational institutions

Participants / ce project

persons over 50 years

people (long-term) unemployed

parents on mater

country :Czech Republic

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 29, 2013
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