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Cytori reports improved skin healing in pivotal burn preclinical study.

Cytori Therapeutics announced the publication of preclinical data from a study using intravenous delivery of Cytori Cell Therapy in a model of large burn injury representative of patients being recruited in the ongoing RELIEF clinical trial. This study was performed with support from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority as a component of the preclinical data supporting the FDA approved United States RELIEF Trial. In the study described in this publication, Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells, the active component of Cytori Cell Therapy, were delivered by intravenous injection in a porcine model of mixed full-and partial thickness burn injury covering approximately 20% of total body surface area in which full thickness burns were treated with a meshed autologous split-thickness skin graft. All animals received skin grafting procedures, burn dressings, and other supportive care commonly used in burn centers around the USA. No serious adverse events related to ADRC infusion were noted in any of the animals. Delivery of ADRCs appeared to be safe with none of the systemic safety parameters worsened compared to the control group. Importantly, skin graft healing was significantly faster in ADRC-treated animals such that five days after treatment wounds in animals treated with ADRCs were 27.1+/-11.8% epithelialized compared to only 1.1+/-1.1% in control animals. Skin barrier function was 20-fold greater in ADRC-treated wounds than in controls on Day 9 after treatment. Skin biological elasticity was also significantly greater in ADRCs-treated animals compared to those treated with LR. Similar improvement in healing was also evident in donor sites and partial thickness burn. Overall, the results of this study showed that healing of skin grafts occurred more rapidly in ADRC-treated animals than in controls with more rapid formation of new skin, earlier restoration of skin function, and improved skin elasticity.

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Date:Jun 28, 2018
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