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Evaluation of Placentation and the Role of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Pathway in a Rat Model of Dioxin Exposure. Iqbal, Khursheed; Pierce, Stephen H.; Kozai, Keisuke; Dhakal, Pramod; Scott, Regan L.; Roby, Katheri Report Nov 1, 2021 13810
Co-existence of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and Familial Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis due to CYP21A2 and SCN4A Pathogenic Variants. Kontbay, Tugba; Turan, Ihsan Clinical report Sep 1, 2021 2884
Paediatric pilot helped 111 service cope in pandemic. Jul 1, 2021 478
Lack of association between CYP1A1 3801T > C polymorphism and idiopathic male infertility in Algerian population. Chellat Djalila, Rezgoun Mohamed Larbi, Mcelreavey Kenneth, Abadi Norreddine and Satta Dalila Jun 30, 2021 2748
Clinical and Genetic Characteristics of Patients with Corticosterone Methyloxidase Deficiency Type 2: Novel Mutations in CYP11B2. Turan, Hande; Cakir, Aydilek Dagdeviren; Ozer, Yavuz; Tarcin, Gurkan; Ozcabi, Bahar; Ceylaner, Serda Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 4134
Efficacy and safety of high-dose antipsychotic therapy. Finocchio, Brittany Jun 1, 2021 3217
MindMed and Swiss lab Liechti Lab publish first pharmacogenetic data on LSD. May 26, 2021 160
NEC concludes candidates' electoral list for Bokor City council election. May 12, 2021 783
Pharmacogenomics biomarkers for personalized methadone maintenance treatment: The mechanism and its potential use. Ramli, Fitri Fareez Report May 1, 2021 6609
Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the VDR and CYP27B1 Genes with Risk of Developing Vitamin D3 Deficiency. Selahvarzi, Hormoz; Kamdideh, Milad; vahabi, Mehrnoosh; Dezhgir, Ali; Houshmand, Massoud; Sadeghi, S Mar 1, 2021 5144
Effect of Panax ginseng on Carbamazepine Pharmacokinetics in Rabbits/Panax ginseng'in Tavsanlarda Karbamazepin Farmakokinetigine Etkisi. Abushammala, Issam Mohammed; Ali, Fatma Khaled El-Shaikh; Shammaleh, Kamal Fakher Abu; Taha, Mohamme Report Feb 1, 2021 2736
Effect of methylsulfonylmethane on oxidative stress and CYP3A93 expression in fetal horse liver cells. Kim, Kyoung Hwan; Park, Jeong-Woong; Yang, Young Mok; Song, Ki-Duk; Cho, Byung-Wook Report Jan 27, 2021 4303
Association of CYP2C19, TNF-[alpha], NOD1, NOD2, and PPAR[gamma] polymorphisms with peptic ulcer disease enhanced by Helicobacter pylori infection. Eitan, Laith N. Al-; Almomani, Fouad A.; Khatib, Sohaib M. Al- Report Jan 1, 2021 7121
Genotype-Phenotype Correlation in Patients with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia due to 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency in Cuba. Espinosa Reyes, Tania Mayvel; Collazo Mesa, Teresa; Lantigua Cruz, Paulina Arasely; Agramonte Machad Jan 1, 2021 3774
Chemically Defined Conditions Mediate an Efficient Induction of Dental Pulp Pluripotent-Like Stem Cells into Hepatocyte-Like Cells. Gil-Recio, Carlos; Montori, Sheyla; Al Demour, Saddam; Ababneh, Mera A.; Ferrés-Padró, Eduard; Marti Jan 1, 2021 9478
The Bioinformatics Analysis of Aldosterone-Producing Adenoma and Verification of Differentially Expressed Genes. Gao, Yinjie; Ma, Xiaosen; Wang, Huiping; Cui, Yunying; Zhang, Yushi; Nie, Min; Tong, Anli Jan 1, 2021 4776
Notch1 Signaling Contributes to Mechanical Allodynia Associated with Cyclophosphamide-Induced Cystitis by Promoting Microglia Activation and Neuroinflammation. Chen, Jialiang; Ding, Honglu; Liu, Bolong; Zhou, Xiangfu; Zhou, Xin; Lin, Zhijun; Yang, Fei Jan 1, 2021 5143
Prophylactic Treatment of Probiotic and Metformin Mitigates Ethanol-Induced Intestinal Barrier Injury: In Vitro, In Vivo, and In Silico Approaches. Patel, Farhin; Parwani, Kirti; Rao, Priyashi; Patel, Dhara; Rawal, Rakesh; Mandal, Palash Jan 1, 2021 17023
In Silico Structural, Functional, and Phylogenetic Analysis of Cytochrome (CYPD) Protein Family. Ahmad, Hafiz Ishfaq; Afzal, Gulnaz; Jamal, Adil; Kiran, Shumaila; Khan, Musarrat Abbas; Mehmood, Kha Report Jan 1, 2021 6598
CYP2J2 Is a Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker Associated with Immune Infiltration in Kidney Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma. Zou, Xiong; Mo, Zengnan Jan 1, 2021 5596
A New Survival Model Based on Cholesterol Biosynthesis-Related Genes for Prognostic Prediction in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Qi, Xiaochen; Lv, Xin; Wang, Xiaoxi; Ruan, Zihao; Zhang, Peizhi; Wang, Qifei; Xu, Yingkun Jan 1, 2021 5280
Associations of Biomarkers of Inflammation and Breast Cancer in the Breast Adipose Tissue of Women with Combined Measures of Adiposity. Chang, Sue-Ling; Tchernof, André; Durocher, Francine; Diorio, Caroline Jan 1, 2021 6844
Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Rats with Hyperandrogenic Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Li, Na; Yang, Chenghao; Xie, Huiyu; Liu, Yinghong; Liao, Yuanpeng Jan 1, 2021 7822
Identifying a Six-Gene Signature Predicting Response to TACE in Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Bioinformatics Analysis. Yao, Xin; Yin, Xin; Lu, Wei; Cao, Leitao Jan 1, 2021 4813
Genetic Association of Two Novel SNPs in CYP7A1 Gene with Lipid Traits of Tianzhu Black Muscovy(Cairina moschata). Report Dec 31, 2020 6015
Gut Microbiota: Formation, Lifelong Development and Relation to Cytochrome P450 System, Diseases, Drug Bioavailability and Drug Interactions. Cesur, Busra; Dora, Devrim Demir Dec 1, 2020 4604
Spontaneous Spinal Epidural Hematoma During Simultaneous Tocilizumab and Warfarin Use in a Patient With Rheumatoid Arthritis: Is There a Drug Interaction Between Tocilizumab and Oral Anticoagulants? Gunes, Secilay; Gok, Haydar; Ataman, Sebnem; Kutlay, Sehim Dec 1, 2020 1499
Cytochrome P450 2A13 3375C>T gene polymorphism in a Turkish population. Sahinogullari, Zuhal Uckun Dec 1, 2020 4885
Cytochrome P450 2A13 3375C>T gene polymorphism in a Turkish population. Sahinogullari, Zuhal Uckun Dec 1, 2020 5314
P-glycoprotein associated with diabetes mellitus and survival of patients with pancreatic cancer: 8-year follow-up. Hu, Nan; Wang, Hui; Qian, Qing; Jiang, Yan; JunXie; Zhang, Dachuan; Li, Qing; Zou, Sulan; Chen, Rong Nov 1, 2020 5003
Effects of Osthole on Progesterone Secretion in Chicken Preovulatory Follicles Granulosa Cells. Sun, Na; Zhang, Yutong; Hou, Yaxin; Yi, Yanyan; Guo, Jianhua; Zheng, Xiaozhong; Sun, Panpan; Sun, Ya Nov 1, 2020 5077
Results Of Trial Of GyHD Accepted For Publication. Oct 5, 2020 571
Expression of Phosphatonin-Related Genes in Sheep, Dog and Horse Kidneys Using Quantitative Reverse Transcriptase PCR. Dittmer, Keren E.; Heathcott, Rosemary W.; Marshall, Jonathan C.; Azarpeykan, Sara Oct 1, 2020 5249
Effect of Antibiotic Susceptibility and CYP3A4/5 and CYP2C19 Genotype on the Outcome of Vonoprazan-Containing Helicobacter pylori Eradication Therapy. Sugimoto, Mitsushige; Hira, Daiki; Murata, Masaki; Kawai, Takashi; Terada, Tomohiro Report Oct 1, 2020 6306
Effects of RAC1 on Proliferation of Hen Ovarian Prehierarchical Follicle Granulosa Cells. Tyasi, Thobela Louis; Sun, Xue; Shan, Xuesong; Liswaniso, Simushi Report Sep 1, 2020 5531
Using High-Density SNP Array to Reveal Selection Signatures Related to Prolificacy in Chinese and Kazakhstan Sheep Breeds. Wang, Yi; Niu, Zhigang; Zeng, Zhengcheng; Jiang, Yao; Jiang, Yifan; Ding, Yugong; Tang, Sen; Shi, Ho Report Sep 1, 2020 6396
Genotype and Phenotype Concordance for Pharmacogenetic Tests Through Proficiency Survey Testing: An Update. Moyer, Ann M.; McMillin, Gwendolyn A.; Long, Thomas A.; Gandhi, Manish J.; Mao, Rong; Smock, Kristi Sep 1, 2020 7913
Neonatal Screening for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in Turkey: Outcomes of Extended Pilot Study in 241,083 Infants. Guran, Tulay; Tezel, Basak; Cakir, Meltem; Akinci, Aysehan; Orbak, Zerrin; Keskin, Mehmet; Eklioglu, Report Sep 1, 2020 4898
Preclinical Evidence of Curcuma longa and Its Noncurcuminoid Constituents against Hepatobiliary Diseases: A Review. An, Soyeon; Jang, Eungyeong; Lee, Jang-Hoon Aug 31, 2020 9011
Phase 1 Of.GvHD Clinical Trial Shows Positive Two-Year Results. Aug 10, 2020 613
CYP450 interactions between illicit substances and prescription medications. O'Connell, Megan; Vandenberg, Amy Aug 1, 2020 1680
Biochemical Monitoring of Toxic-Carcinogenic Organic Pollutions: CYP450 in Carp Fish In Different Lakes. Keskinkaya, Hatice Banu; Akkoz, Cengiz; Gumus, Numan Emre; Karakurt, Serdar Aug 1, 2020 5714
Effects of Iron Deficiency on Serum Metabolome, Hepatic Histology, and Function in Neonatal Piglets. Dong, Zhenglin; Wan, Dan; Yang, Huansheng; Li, Guanya; Zhang, Yiming; Zhou, Xihong; Wu, Xin; Yin, Yu Aug 1, 2020 5599
Role of Mesencephalic Astrocyte-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury. Chhetri, Goma; Liang, Yanyan; Shao, Juntang; Han, Dan; Yang, Yi; Hou, Chao; Wang, Peng; Tao, XiaoFan Jul 31, 2020 7470
Effect of Cellgevity[R] Supplement on Selected Rat Liver Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Activity and Pharmacokinetic Parameters of Carbamazepine. Amponsah, Seth Kwabena; N'guessan, Benoit Banga; Akandawen, Martin; Aning, Abigail; Agboli, Sedem Ya Jul 31, 2020 5725
Proton Pump Inhibitor-Induced Galactorrhea in a Kidney Transplant Recipient: A Friend or Foe? Prikis, Marios; MacDougall, Julie; Narasimhadevara, Nina Jun 30, 2020 2905
Ethics Approval For Australian Phase 3 Osteoarthritis Trial. Jun 29, 2020 397
RNAi-Mediated Silencing of Catalase Gene Promotes Apoptosis and Impairs Proliferation of Bovine Granulosa Cells under Heat Stress. Khan, Adnan; Khan, Muhammad Zahoor; Dou, Jinhuan; Umer, Saqib; Xu, Huitao; Sammad, Abdul; Zhu, Hua-B Jun 1, 2020 8558
Mixed messages: Do automated messages in General Practice tell parents they are open for unwell children in the COVID-19 era? Bean, Anne; Redman, Melody; Dachtler, Victoria; Dachtler, Richard; Clark, Simon Jun 1, 2020 3600
Esomeprazole-induced Chest Pain: A Case of an Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction to a Proton Pump Inhibitor. Radas, Melanija Razov; Knezevic, Aleksandar; Trkulja, Vladimir May 31, 2020 1655
Role of Baicalin and Liver X Receptor Alpha in the Formation of Cholesterol Gallstones in Mice. Chen, Geng; Wu, Shuodong May 31, 2020 5859
Isoniazid and Rifampicin Produce Hepatic Fibrosis through an Oxidative Stress-Dependent Mechanism. Biswas, Ayan; Santra, Suman; Bishnu, Debasree; Dhali, Gopal Krishna; Chowdhury, Abhijit; Santra, Ama May 31, 2020 6392
Structural and In Silico Characterization of Small Molecules Isolated from Eichhornia crassipes. Mtewa, Andrew; Sesaazi, Duncan C.; Lampiao, Fanuel May 31, 2020 4356
The Potential Mechanism of Wuwei Qingzhuo San against Hyperlipidemia Based on TCM Network Pharmacology and Validation Experiments in Hyperlipidemia Hamster. Li, Jianliang; Wang, Chaolu; Song, Lin; Cai, Shuzhen; Li, Zhiyong; Tu, Ya May 31, 2020 6237
Effect of You-Gui Yin on the Activities of Seven Cytochrome P450 Isozymes in Rats. He, Fan; Jiang, Ting; Hong, Shizhong; Wang, Lei; Chen, Weidong; Liu, Li May 31, 2020 6515
Evaluation of Zhenwu Decoction Effects on CYP450 Enzymes in Rats Using a Cocktail Method by UPLC-MS/MS. Hong, Li-li; Wang, Qian; Zhao, Ya-ting; Zhang, Sheng; Zhang, Kai-qi; Chen, Wei- dong; Peng, Can; Liu May 31, 2020 7604
QU-CPH student evaluates the cost-effectiveness of CYP2C19-guided therapy. May 8, 2020 515
Older Age Is Associated with Decreased Levels of VDR, CYP27B1, and CYP24A1 and Increased Levels of PTH in Human Parathyroid Glands. Jiang, Yi; Liao, Liyan; Li, Jina; Wang, Larry; Xie, Zhongjian Apr 30, 2020 3855
Protective Effects of Ligularia fischeri and Aronia melanocarpa Extracts on Alcoholic Liver Disease (In Vitro and In Vivo Study). Pyun, Chang-Won; Seo, Tae-Su; Kim, Dae-Jung; Kim, Tae-Woo; Bae, Jung-Shik Apr 30, 2020 6830
Pharmacogenetic study of ACE, AGT, CYP11B1, CYP11B2 and eNOS gene variants in hypertensive patients from Faisalabad, Pakistan. Hussain, Misbah; Bilal, Ahmed; Awan, Fazli Rabbi Report Apr 30, 2020 3623
Ameliorating Potential of Quercetin on Liver Function, Genotoxicity and Oxidative Damage Induced by 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-P-Dioxin in Liver of Male Rats. Abdulkareem, Saman Muhsin; Nanakali, Nadir Mustafa Report Apr 14, 2020 8106
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis of Gill Tissue in Response to Hypoxia in Silver Sillago (Sillago sihama). Saetan, Wanida; Tian, Changxu; Yu, Jiawang; Lin, Xinghua; He, Feixiang; Huang, Yang; Shi, Hongjuan; Apr 1, 2020 6853
Primary Aldosteronism Associated with Multiple Adrenocortical Micronodules in a Patient with Renal Cell Carcinoma. Oba, Kazuhito; Chiba, Yuko; Matsuda, Yoko; Kumakawa, Takeshi; Aoyama, Rie; Akahoshi, Miho; Hashimoto Mar 31, 2020 3379
HPLC-MS/MS Analysis of Aconiti Lateralis Radix Praeparata and Its Combination with Red Ginseng Effect on Rat CYP450 Activities Using the Cocktail Approach. Ma, Wenjuan; Wang, Wei; Huang, Xuhua; Yao, Guangzhe; Jia, Qi; Shen, Jiayuan; Ouyang, Huizi; Chang, Y Mar 31, 2020 7668
Influence of Cytochrome P450 2D6 Polymorphisms on the Efficacy of Oral Propranolol in Treating Infantile Hemangioma. Wang, Lidan; Zheng, Kai; Li, Xinlin; Wang, Yang; Xu, Qiong Mar 31, 2020 4760
Oral Exposure to Genistein during Conception and Lactation Period Affects the Testicular Development of Male Offspring Mice. Shi, Zhicheng; Lv, Zengpeng; Hu, Chenhui; Zhang, Qing; Wang, Zhe; Hamdard, Enayatullah; Dai, Hongjia Report Mar 1, 2020 7716
Aromatase Deficiency in Two Siblings with 46,XX Karyotype Raised as Different Genders: A Novel Mutation (p.R115X) in the CYP19A1 Gene. Ozen, Samim; Atik, Tahir; Korkmaz, Ozlem; Onay, Huseyin; Goksen, Damla; Ozkinay, Ferda; Cogulu, Ozgu Medical condition overview Mar 1, 2020 2611
DNA Methylation of the CYP1A1 Promoter Region is Associated with Anti-tuberculous Drug-induced Hepatic Injury. Qi Ren, Shufeng Sun, Chen Niu, Yuhong Li, Yingzhi Chong, Biao Li, Guoying Zheng and Fumin Feng Feb 14, 2020 4227
Short Communication - Heat Shock Proteins and Cytochrome P450 1a1 Expression as Biomarkers of Exposure to Bisphenol A in Catla catla. Mehwish Faheem, Maleeha Rafeeq, Aisha Majeed and Saba Khaliq Feb 14, 2020 2625
CYP3A5 polymorphisms and their effects on tacrolimus exposure in an ethnically diverse South African renal transplant population. Muller, W.K.; Dandara, C.; Manning, K.; Mhandire, D.; Ensor, J.; Barday, Z.; Freercks, R. Feb 1, 2020 6966
Cynata Therapeutics to talk stem cell therapies at Proactive's CEO Sessions. Jan 25, 2020 344
Cynata Therapeutics welcomes UK Regulatory Authority approval of Phase 2 clinical trial in critical limb ischaemia. Jan 16, 2020 504
C[Cl.sub.4]-Induced Liver Injury Was Ameliorated by Qi-Ge Decoction through the Antioxidant Pathway. Peng, Chong; Zhou, Zun-Ming; Li, Jing; Luo, Yan; Zhou, Yun-Song; Ke, Xue- hong; Huang, Ke-Er Jan 1, 2020 5378
Plasma efavirenz concentration inversely correlates with increased risk of cytomegalovirus infection in HIV-infected pregnant women. Mhandire, D.; Morse, G.; Maponga, C.; Mhandire, K.; Dandara, C. Jan 1, 2020 5758
Early Diagnosis of Latent Tuberculosis Reactivation due to Drug Interaction between Cobicistat and Intranasal Fluticasone. Pineda-Reyes, Roberto; Klochko, Alena Dec 31, 2019 2789
Toxic Acetaminophen Exposure Induces Distal Lung ER Stress, Proinflammatory Signaling, and Emphysematous Changes in the Adult Murine Lung. Sandoval, Jeryl; Orlicky, David J.; Allawzi, Ayed; Butler, Brittany; Ju, Cynthia; Phan, Caroline T.; Clinical report Dec 31, 2019 8380
Mechanisms of Anthracycline-Enhanced Reactive Oxygen Metabolism in Tumor Cells. Doroshow, James H. Dec 31, 2019 11885
A Pharmacokinetic Interaction Study of Sorafenib and Iced Teas in Rats Using UPLC-MS/MS: An Illustration of Beverage-Drug Interaction. Maher, Hadir M.; Almomen, Aliyah; Alzoman, Nourah Z.; Shehata, Shereen M.; Subaie, Amal Al- Dec 31, 2019 8744
CYP investigates Koh Kong land grab. Dec 5, 2019 445
Comparison of Polymorphism rs3813865 Cytochrome P450 Family 2 Subfamily E Polypeptide 1 (Cyp2e1) Gene in Various Clinical Stage of Undifferentiated Type Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Suanda, I. Ketut; Nuaba, I. Gde Ardika; Ardianti, Ni Made Alit Report Dec 1, 2019 3248
Antagonizing Effects of Clematis apiifolia DC. Extract against Benzo[a]pyrene-Induced Damage to Human Keratinocytes. Lee, Seung Eun; Park, See-Hyoung; Yoo, Ju Ah; Kwon, Kitae; Kim, Ji Woong; Oh, Sae Woong; Park, Se Ju Nov 30, 2019 6349
Melatonin Reduces Androgen Production and Upregulates Heme Oxygenase-1 Expression in Granulosa Cells from PCOS Patients with Hypoestrogenia and Hyperandrogenia. Yu, Kun; Wang, Rong-Xiang; Li, Meng-Hui; Sun, Tie-Cheng; Zhou, Yi-Wen; Li, Yuan- Yuan; Sun, Li-Hua; Nov 30, 2019 6800
Prevalence of Some Genetic Risk Factors for Nicotine Dependence in Ukraine. Vitalina, Bashynska; Alexander, Koliada; Kateryna, Murlanova; Oksana, Zahorodnia; Yuliia, Borysovych Nov 30, 2019 6411
Chaihu-Shugan-San Reinforces CYP3A4 Expression via Pregnane X Receptor in Depressive Treatment of Liver-Qi Stagnation Syndrome. He, Zehui; Fan, Rong; Zhang, Chunhu; Tang, Tao; Liu, Xu; Luo, Jiekun; Cui, Hanjin; Wang, Yang; Lu, R Nov 30, 2019 6790
Update in Genetics and Surgical Management of Primary Congenital Glaucoma. Mocan, Mehmet C.; Mehta, Amy A.; Aref, Ahmad A. Disease/Disorder overview Nov 1, 2019 7742
Relationship of anti-tuberculosis drug-induced liver injury and genetic polymorphisms in CYP2E1 and GST. Santos, Eliana Abreu; Goncalves, Jose Carlos Saraiva; Fleury, Marcos K.; Kritski, Afranio L.; Olivei Clinical report Nov 1, 2019 4514
Effects of Pyrene on Human Liver HepG2 Cells: Cytotoxicity, Oxidative Stress, and Transcriptomic Changes in Xenobiotic Metabolizing Enzymes and Inflammatory Markers with Protection Trial Using Lycopene. Ma, Jin-Kui; Eldin, Walaa Fathy Saad; Ghareeb, Waleed Rizk El-; Elhelaly, Abdelazim Elsayed; Khedr, Oct 31, 2019 5176
Effect of Naoxintong Capsules on the Activities of CYP450 and Metabolism of Metoprolol Tartrate in Rats Evaluated by Probe Cocktail and Pharmacokinetic Methods. Ouyang, Huizi; Shen, Jiayuan; Huang, Xuhua; Ma, Wenjuan; Jia, Qi; Yao, Guangzhe; Tang, Zhidan; Zhang Oct 31, 2019 6617
A Possible Mechanism of Metformin in Improving Insulin Resistance in Diabetic Rat Models. Li, Mengsiyu; Hu, Xiaowen; Xu, Yeqiu; Hu, Xiaolin; Zhang, Chunxue; Pang, Shuguang Report Oct 31, 2019 5719
The Association between Polymorphisms of Vitamin D Metabolic-Related Genes and Vitamin [D.sub.3] Supplementation in Type 2 Diabetic Patients. Hu, Zhiyong; Tao, ShaSha; Liu, Huaqing; Pan, Guotao; Li, Bingyan; Zhang, Zengli Sep 30, 2019 6638
The Registration of a Biomaser-Like Effect in an Enzyme System with an RTM Sensor. Ivanov, Yu.D.; Malsagova, K.A.; Vesnin, S.G.; Tatur, V.Yu.; Ivanova, N.D.; Ziborov, V.S. Sep 30, 2019 7387
Fujifilm exercises license option in graft-versus-host disease. Sep 17, 2019 398
Contribution of Four Polymorphisms in Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone-Related Genes to Hypertension in a Thai Population. Charoen, Pimphen; Eu-ahsunthornwattana, Jakris; Thongmung, Nisakron; Jose, Pedro A.; Sritara, Piyami Aug 31, 2019 5199
C-Phycocyanin Alleviates Bladder Inflammation and Dysfunction in Cyclophosphamide-Induced Cystitis in a Mouse Model by Inhibiting COX-2 and EP4. Bao, Xing-qi; Huang, Yi-chen; Chen, Fang Aug 31, 2019 3916
Effects of Exposure to Bisphenol A during Pregnancy on the Pup Testis Function. Yang, Qingtao; Sui, Xuxia; Cao, Junjun; Liu, Caixia; Zheng, Shukai; Bao, Mian; Huang, Yuanni; Wu, Ku Jun 30, 2019 5595
Investigation of CYP2D6 variants in children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Akalin, Hilal; Erdem, Yakut; Ozmen, Sevgi; Dogan, Muhammet Ensar; Dundar, Munis; Ozkul, Yusuf Jun 1, 2019 314
A Novel Homozygous CYP19A1 Gene Mutation: Aromatase Deficiency Mimicking Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in an Infant without Obvious Maternal Virilisation. Dursun, Fatma; Ceylaner, Serdar Jun 1, 2019 4070
ROS-Induced GATA4 and GATA6 Downregulation Inhibits StAR Expression in LPS-Treated Porcine Granulosa-Lutein Cells. Qu, Xiaolu; Yan, Leyan; Guo, Rihong; Li, Hui; Shi, Zhendan May 31, 2019 8612
The Alexipharmic Mechanisms of Five Licorice Ingredients Involved in CYP450 and Nrf2 Pathways in Paraquat-Induced Mice Acute Lung Injury. Liu, Zi-Jing; Zhong, Jing; Zhang, Mei; Chen, Ze-Hui; Wang, Ji-Ye; Chen, Han-Ying; Wang, Xiao-Qin; Zh May 31, 2019 11496
Salvianolic Acid C against Acetaminophen-Induced Acute Liver Injury by Attenuating Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Apoptosis through Inhibition of the Keap1/Nrf2/HO-1 Signaling. Wu, Chien-Ta; Deng, Jeng-Shyan; Huang, Wen-Chin; Shieh, Po-Chou; Chung, Mei-Ing; Huang, Guan-Jhong May 31, 2019 6802
Flavonoids in Our Foods: A Short Review. Guven, Hulya; Arici, Aylin; Simsek, Oguzhan May 1, 2019 6025
Panax ginseng Inhibits Metabolism of Diester Alkaloids by Downregulating CYP3A4 Enzyme Activity via the Pregnane X Receptor. Yang, Liang; Wang, Yuguang; Xu, Huanhua; Huang, Guangyao; Zhang, Zhaoyan; Ma, Zengchun; Gao, Yue Apr 30, 2019 7726
Hereditary Hypercalcemia Caused by a Homozygous Pathogenic Variant in the CYP24A1 Gene: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Cappellani, Daniele; Brancatella, Alessandro; Kaufmann, Martin; Minucci, Angelo; Vignali, Edda; Cana Apr 30, 2019 4799
Population Pharmacokinetics of Clozapine and Norclozapine and Switchability Assessment between Brands in Uruguayan Patients with Schizophrenia. Olmos, Ismael; Ibarra, Manuel; Vazquez, Marta; Maldonado, Cecilia; Fagiolino, Pietro; Giachetto, Gus Mar 31, 2019 7211
Shuangyu Tiaozhi Granule Attenuates Hypercholesterolemia through the Reduction of Cholesterol Synthesis in Rat Fed a High Cholesterol Diet. Shi, Jingjing; Li, Ruoqi; Liu, Yi; Lu, Haifei; Yu, Lu; Zhang, Fengxia Mar 31, 2019 5962
Evaluation of the Immunogenicity of a Vascular Graft Covered with Collagen Derived from the European Carp (Cyprinus carpio) and Bovine Collagen. Lambert, Lukas; Novakova, Michaela; Lukac, Peter; Cechova, Dana; Sukenikova, Lenka; Hrdy, Jiri; Mlce Mar 31, 2019 5005
Inhibition of Cytochrome P450 Activities by Sophora flavescens Extract and Its Prenylated Flavonoids in Human Liver Microsomes. Yim, Daeun; Kim, Min Jung; Shin, Yumi; Lee, Su-Jun; Shin, Jae Gook; Kim, Dong Hyun Mar 31, 2019 5174
Glucocorticoid Receptor Antagonist Administration Prevents Adrenal Gland Atrophy in an ACTH-Independent Cushing's Syndrome Rat Model. Yasuda, Atsushi; Seki, Toshiro; Kametani, Yoshie; Koizumi, Masahiro; Kitajima, Natsumi; Oki, Masayuk Mar 31, 2019 5905
Warfarin Resistance: A Case Report. Gonlugur, Ugur; Gonlugur, Tanseli; Ozdemir, Ozturk; Silan, Fatma Report Mar 1, 2019 1482
Genetic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Vitamin D Dependent Rickets Type 1A. Dursun, Fatma; Ozgurhan, Gamze; Kirmizibekmez, Heves; Keskin, Ece; Hacihamdioglu, Bulent Report Mar 1, 2019 4563
Birth Size in Neonates with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase Deficiency. Dorr, Helmuth G.; Penger, Theresa; Albrecht, Andrea; Marx, Michaela; Volkl, Thomas M.K. Report Mar 1, 2019 2969
Limit kids' gadget use, UK's chief medical officer warns. Feb 10, 2019 314
How would serum 25(OH)D level change in patients with inflammatory bowel disease depending on intestinal mucosa vitamin D receptor (VDR) and vitamin D1-[alpha] hydroxylase (CYP27B1)? Huang, Jianping; Chen, Tao; Liu, Yi; Lyu, Liyuan; Li, Xiang; Yue, Wenjie Report Feb 1, 2019 5100
How would serum 25(OH)D level change in patients with inflammatory bowel disease depending on intestinal mucosa vitamin D receptor (VDR) and vitamin D1-a hydroxylase (CYP27B1)? Huang, Jianping; Chen, Tao; Liu, Yi; Lyu, Liyuan; Li, Xiang; Yue, Wenjie Feb 1, 2019 5048
Oral agent looks promising in phase 2 study. Fulton, Denise Dec 1, 2018 506
Impact of CYP3A4*1G Polymorphism on Fentanyl Analgesia Assessed by Analgesia Nociception Index in Chinese Patients Undergoing Hysteroscopy. Yan, Qi; Su, Yi; Gao, Lan; Ding, Nan; Zhang, Hong-Ying; E , Wen; Wang, Yue; Feng, Yi; An, Hai- Report Nov 20, 2018 4330
CYP leader, Kandal governor trade barbs over land dispute. Sep 26, 2018 673
Stem Cell Therapy Meets Safety, Efficacy Endpoints In GvHD Trial. Sep 10, 2018 416
Stem Cell Therapy Meets Safety, Efficacy Endpoints In GvHD Trial. Sep 3, 2018 424
Stem Cell Therapy Meets Safety, Efficacy Endpoints In GvHD Trial. Sep 3, 2018 424
Fundamental Concepts of Azole Compounds and Triazole Antifungals: A Beginner's Review. Martinez-Matias, Nelson; Rodriguez-Medina, Jose R. Sep 1, 2018 6399
A Rare Cause of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Clinical and Genetic Findings and Follow-up Characteristics of Six Patients with 17-Hydroxylase Deficiency Including Two Novel Mutations. Kardelen, Asli Derya; Toksoy, Guven; Bas, Firdevs; Abali, Zehra Yavas; Gencay, Genco; Poyrazoglu, Su Report Sep 1, 2018 6718
Clinical variability of CYP1B1 gene variants in Pakistani primary congenital glaucoma families. Aug 31, 2018 4724
CYP retracts NEC complaint. Aug 14, 2018 588
Europa League play-off draw. Aug 6, 2018 247
Genotype and Allele Frequency of CYP3A4-392A>G in Turkish Patients with Major Depressive Disorder/Major Depresif Bozuklugu Olan Turk Hastalarinda CYP3A4 -392A>G Genotip ve Allel Frekansi. Uckun, Zuhal; Baskak, Bora; OzdemIr, Hatice; Ozel-Kizil, Erguvan Tugba; DevrImcI-Ozguven, Halise; Su Aug 1, 2018 4084
Spatial distribution of contraceptive usage by district in Pakistan: Percent change in 'couple years of protection' in 2015-16 compared to 2014-15. Report Jul 31, 2018 1824
Positive Six-Month Safety Data, Survival Rates From Phase 1 GvHD Trial. Jul 2, 2018 398
Positive Six-Month Safety, Survival Rate Data From Phase 1 GvHD Trial. Jun 25, 2018 399
Positive Six-Month Safety, Survival Rate Data From Phase 1 GvHD Trial. Jun 25, 2018 399
Cynata reports positive 28-day results in latest GvHD trial. Jun 21, 2018 248
Cynata reports positive 28-day results in latest GvHD trial. Jun 21, 2018 244
Apollon and Anorthosis learn European opponents. Jun 20, 2018 340
PM likens CYP leader to Pol Pot. Jun 7, 2018 569
Enrollment Completed In Trial Of GvHD Treatment. Jun 4, 2018 619
Enrollment Completed In Trial Of GvHD Treatment. May 28, 2018 620
Enrollment Completed In Trial Of GvHD Treatment. May 28, 2018 620
FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation To MSC Product. Apr 9, 2018 323
Genotype-Guided Antiplatelet Therapy Feasible, Effective; Genotype-guided therapy improves outcomes among CYP2C19 intermediate, poor metabolizers. Apr 3, 2018 241
FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation to MSC Product. Apr 2, 2018 328
FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation to MSC Product. Apr 2, 2018 328
A proposed management algorithm for late-onset efavirenz neurotoxicity. Cross, H.M.; Chetty, S.; Asukile, M.T.; Hussey, H.S.; Pan, E.B.Lee; Tucker, L.M. Report Apr 1, 2018 3132
Effects of Neonicotinoid Pesticides on Promoter-Specific Aromatase (CYP19) Expression in Hs578t Breast Cancer Cells and the Role of the VEGF Pathway. Caron-Beaudoin, Elyse; Viau, Rachel; Sanderson, J. Thomas Report Apr 1, 2018 9559
Strongbridge Biopharma presents new data from in vitro study of levoketoconazole. Mar 18, 2018 243
WE'RE HAVING A TOTAL CYP-RIOT; OLD FIRM SPECIAL; Life on sunshine island is crazy for Elvis and Co but they'll still be glued to the Old Firm showdown. Mar 10, 2018 1088
Second Patient Begins. Treatment In GvHD Trial. Feb 12, 2018 316
Second Patient Begins Treatment In GvHD Trial. Feb 5, 2018 315
Second Patient Begins Treatment In GvHD Trial. Feb 5, 2018 315
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First Cohort Enrollment Completed In GvHD Clinical Trial. Nov 27, 2017 254
First Cohort Enrollment Completed In GvHD Clinical Trial. Nov 27, 2017 253
Hepatic Cyp1a2 Expression Reduction during Inflammation Elicited in a Rat Model of Intermittent Hypoxia. Shi, Li-Xia; Wang, Xing; Wu, Qi; Sun, Xin; Wan, Zhen; Li, Li; Li, Kuan; Li, Xue; Li, Yu; Zhang, Qiu- Report Nov 5, 2017 3911
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Deutetrabenazine for tardive dyskinesia. Meyer, Jonathan M. Report Oct 1, 2017 4077
KANE'S THE APOEL OF OUR EYE; APOEL NICOSIA 0 TOTTENHAM 3 Kane 39, 62, 67 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GROUP H; Unstoppable Harry runs Cyp-riot with a clinical hat-trick as Spurs sound a warning to Madrid. Sep 27, 2017 858
KANE'S THE APOEL OF OUR EYE; Unstoppable Harry runs Cyp-riot with a clinical hat-trick as Spurs sound a warning to Madrid. Sep 27, 2017 857
Bowl-ed over by success; delight for england as they clinch tournament GIRLS FOOTBALL. Aug 12, 2017 310
I PREDICT A CYP-RIOT; DONS IN EUROPE Carver's warning to McInnes: Ex-Toon boss fears Reds gaffer Del will be targeted by crazy Apollon fans in Euro cauldron. Aug 2, 2017 604
Analgesia and Opioids: A Pharmacogenetics Shortlist for Implementation in Clinical Practice. Matic, Maja; de Wildt, Saskia N.; Tibboel, Dick; van Schaik, Ron H.N. Report Jul 1, 2017 8139
Angion Biomedica Signs Exclusive License with ElexoPharm GmbH for Aldosterone Synthase Inhibitors. Jun 23, 2017 206
The genetic connection: Why some individuals are more affected by toxins than others. Blaurock-Busch, Eleonore Report Jun 1, 2017 1508
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Americans Have Substantial Differences in Drug-Metabolising Gene, Study Finds. Mar 21, 2017 288
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Frequency of CYP2D6*10 genotypes in Pakistani breast cancer patients taking adjuvant tamoxifen. Dec 31, 2016 2837
Development and Validation of HPLC-UV Method for the Determination of Diclofenac in Human Plasma with Application to a Pharmacokinetic Study/Diklofenak'in Insan Plazmasindan HPLC-UV ile Tayin Yontemi Gelistirilmesi ve Validasyonu ile Farmakokinetik Calismaya Uygulanmasi. Arisoy, Gulsum Gul; Dural, Emrah; Mergen, Gorkem; Arisoy, Mustafa; Guvendik, Gulin; Soylemezoglu, Tu Report Dec 1, 2016 4459
A Case of Vitamin D-Dependent Rickets Type 1A with a Novel Mutation in the Uzbek Population. Ozcabi, Bahar; Bucak, Feride Tahmiscioglu; Jaferova, Sevinc; Oruc, Cigdem; Adrovic, Amra; Ceylaner, Case study Dec 1, 2016 3896
ADME studies and preliminary safety pharmacology of LDT5, a lead compound for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Noel, F.; Nascimento-Viana, J.B.; Romeiro, L.A.S.; Silva, R.O.; Lemes, L.F.N.; Oliveira, A.S.; Giorn Report Dec 1, 2016 6711
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U.K. regulatory authority approves GvHD clinical trial. Oct 10, 2016 177
U.K. Regulatory authority approves GvHD clinical trial. Oct 3, 2016 176
U.K. regulatory authority approves GvHD clinical trial. Oct 3, 2016 177
Short term organ culture of mouse ovary in the medium supplemented with bone morphogenetic protein 15 and follicle stimulating hormone: a morphological, hormonal and molecular study. Salehnia, Mojdeh; Pajokh, Mojdeh; Ghorbanmehr, Nassim Report Oct 1, 2016 5341
Development of a high-resolution melting analysis method for CVP2C19*17 genotyping in healthy volunteers. Ghasemi, Zahra; Hashemi, Mehrdad; Ejabati, Mahsa; Ebrahimi, Seyyed Meisam; Manjili, Hamidreza Kheiri Report Oct 1, 2016 5240
Cynata Therapeutics receives UK approval for phase one clinical trial of CYP-001. Sep 21, 2016 175
Cynata Therapeutics receives UK approval for phase one clinical trial of CYP-001. Sep 21, 2016 171
Companies sign non-binding development, commercialization term sheet. Sep 5, 2016 321
Companies sign non-binding development, commercialization term sheet. Sep 5, 2016 321
Corticosterone Methyl Oxidase Deficiency Type 1 with Normokalemia in an Infant. Ustyol, Ala; Atabek, Mehmet Emre; Taylor, Norman; Yeung, Matthew Chun-wing; Chan, Angel O.K. Case study Sep 1, 2016 2138
Combination effect of cytochrome P450 1A1 gene polymorphisms on uterine leiomyoma: a case-control study. Salimi, Saeedeh; Sajadian, Mojtaba; Khodamian, Maryam; Yazdi, Atefeh; Rezaee, Soodabeh; Mohammadpour Report Aug 1, 2016 3918
The role of the cytochrome P450 system in vulnerable patients: an opportunity to improve outcomes. Briones, Patricia Larrieu; Lenz, Oliver; Salman, Loay; Zdanowicz, Martin M. Case study Jul 1, 2016 2999
Adrenal glands of Spix's yellow-toothed cavy (Galea spixii, Wagler, 1831): morphological and morphometric aspects/ Glandulas adrenais de preas (Galea spixii, Wagler, 1831): aspectos morfologicos e morfometricos. Santos, A.C.; Viana, D.C.; Bertassoli, B.M.; Vasconcelos, B.G.; Oliveira, D.M.; Rici, R.E.G.; Olivei Jul 1, 2016 5879
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A Novel Null Mutation in P450 Aromatase Gene (CYP19A1) Associated with Development of Hypoplastic Ovaries in Humans. Akgurin, Sema; Turkkahraman, Doga; Kim, Woo-Young; Durmaz, Erdem; Shin, Jae-Gook; Lee, Su-Jun Report Jun 1, 2016 3129
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Changes in midgut gene expression following Bacillus thuringiensis (Bacillales: Bacillaceae) infection in Monochamus alternatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae). Lin, Tong; Cai, Ziling; Wu, Huajun; Luo, Linlin Report Mar 1, 2016 5517
EXPRESSION OF CYTOCHROME P450 2C AND 3A IN FEMALE RAT LIVER AFTER LONG-TERM ADMINISTRATION OF GONADOLIBERIN ANALOGS. Skowronek, Rafal; Czekaj, Piotr; Suszka-Switek, Aleksandra; Czech, Ewa; Wiaderkiewicz, Anna; Plewka, Mar 1, 2016 9524
Polymorphism C242T in the Cyp19 gene in meat sheep/Polimorfismo no gene cyp19 em ovinos de corte. Mora, N.H.A.P.; Silva, S.C.C.; Tanamati, F.; Schuroff, G.P.; Macedo, F.A.F.; Gasparino, E. Report Feb 1, 2016 2759
Warfarin dose requirement and cytochrome P450 2C9 and Vitamin K epoxide reductase complex subunit 1-1639 genetic polymorphisms in Thai patients. Subsuphan, Burassakorn; Chinpaisal, Chatchai; Pongchaidecha, Manat; Phanthabordeekorn, Wibun; Watana Report Jan 1, 2016 4187
Synergistic and antagonistic mutation responses of human MCL-5 cells to mixtures of Benzo[a]pyrene and 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine: dose-related variation in the joint effects of common dietary carcinogens. David, Rhiannon; Ebbels, Timothy; Gooderham, Nigel Report Jan 1, 2016 10611
Functional and structural consequences of nine CYP21A2 mutations ranging from very mild to severe effects. Michelatto, Debora de Paula; Karlsson, Leif; Lusa, Ana Leticia Gori; Silva, Camila D'Almeida Mgnani; Report Jan 1, 2016 5970
Simultaneous two-vessel subacute stent thrombosis caused by clopidogrel resistance from CYP2C19 polymorphism. Afzal, Ashwad; Patel, Bimal; Patel, Neel; Sattur, Sudhakar; Patel, Vinod Case study Jan 1, 2016 1507
Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes and Metabolic Diseases: Role of Antioxidants. Sheweita, Salah A.; Balbaa, Mahmoud; Habib, Samy L. Jan 1, 2016 602
Three new biomarkers of interest for breast cancer. Schor, Jacob Jan 1, 2016 2443
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Changed the Protein Expressions and Activities of Drug-Metabolising Enzymes in the Liver of Male Rats. Sheweita, Salah A.; Wally, Mona; Hassan, Mostafa Jan 1, 2016 6214
The Effect of Vinpocetine on Human Cytochrome P450 Isoenzymes by Using a Cocktail Method. Kong, Lingti; Song, Chunli; Ye, Linhu; Guo, Daohua; Yu, Meiling; Xing, Rong Jan 1, 2016 3189
Selective Inhibition of Bakuchicin Isolated from Psoralea corylifolia on CYP1A in Human Liver Microsomes. Kim, Sun Joo; Oh, Heung Chan; Kim, Youn-Chul; Jeong, Gil-Saeng; Lee, Sangkyu Jan 1, 2016 3871
Metabolism and Metabolic Inhibition of Xanthotoxol in Human Liver Microsomes. Ma, Zhongnv; Shi, Xianbao; Zhang, Gang; Guo, Feng; Shan, Lina; Cai, Jiqun Jan 1, 2016 3520
Traditional Preparations and Methanol Extracts of Medicinal Plants from Papua New Guinea Exhibit Similar Cytochrome P450 Inhibition. Larson, Erica C.; Pond, Christopher D.; Rai, Prem P.; Matainaho, Teatulohi K.; Franklin, Pius Piskau Jan 1, 2016 4342
Identification of the Metabolic Enzyme Involved Morusin Metabolism and Characterization of Its Metabolites by Ultraperformance Liquid Chromatography Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (UPLC/Q-TOF-MS/MS). Shi, Xianbao; Mackie, Brianna; Zhang, Gang; Yang, Shuman; Song, Yonggui; Su, Dan; Liu, Yali; Shan, L Jan 1, 2016 4559
POD-1/Tcf21 overexpression reduces endogenous SF-1 and StAR expression in rat adrenal cells. Franca, M.M.; Abreu, N.P.; Vrechi, T.A.M.; Lotfi, C.F. Report Dec 1, 2015 4512
Morphine/codeine ratio, a key in investigating a case of doping. Seif-Barghi, Tohid; Moghadam, Navid; Kobarfard, Farzad Dec 1, 2015 2373
Contract irregularities in one state building cost almost ,e1/42 million. Dec 1, 2015 482
Characterization of polymorphisms of genes ADH2, ADH3, ALDH2 and CYP2E1 and relationship to the alcoholism in a Colombian population/Caracterizacion de polimorfismos de los genes ADH2, ADH3, ALDH2 y CYP2E1 y su relacion con el alcoholismo en una poblacion colombiana. Mendez, Claudia; Rey, Mauricio Oct 1, 2015 5339
Allele, genotype and haplotype structures of functional polymorphic variants in endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), angiotensinogen (ACE) and aldosterone synthase (CYP11B2) genes in healthy pregnant women of Indian ethnicity. Devendran, Anichavezhi; Nampoothiri, Sreekala; Shewade, Deepak Gopal; Chatterjee, Suvro; Jayaraman, Report Oct 1, 2015 7896
Clopidogrel and CYP2C19: Pharmacogenetic Testing Ready for Clinical Prime Time? Knauer, Michael J.; Diamandis, Eleftherios P.; Hulot, Jean-Sebastien; Kim, Richard B.; So, Derek Y.F Report Oct 1, 2015 3903
21, 2015 Conversion at St Cyp's - derelict church to student flats; PS5.5m is spent to bring 118 homes into edge hill. Sep 21, 2015 629
CYP2C19*2 and Other Allelic Variants Affecting Platelet Response to Clopidogrel Tested by Thrombelastography in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome. Liu, Jian; Nie, Xiao-Yan; Zhang, Yong; Lu, Yun; Shi, Lu-Wen; Wang, Wei-Min Report Aug 20, 2015 4300
The treatment of migraine headache in the presence of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor use: pharmacokinetic considerations. Macca, Alyssa Liguori Report Aug 1, 2015 2942
Potential inhibitory effect of 4-hydroxytoremifene on CYP2J2 activities in human liver microsomes. Phuc, Nguyen Minh; Wu, Zhexue; Lee, Eun Young; Liu, Kwang-Hyeon Report Aug 1, 2015 2564
Champions League and Europa League draws. Jun 22, 2015 1164
Selective inhibitory effects of machilin A isolated from Machilus thunbergii on human cytochrome P450 1A and 2B6. Kim, Sun Ju; You, Jihye; Choi, Hyun Gyu; Kim, Jeong Ah; Jun-Goo, Jee; Lee, Sangkyu Report Jun 15, 2015 4061
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Considerations for the utility of the CPIC guideline for CYP2D6 genotype and codeine therapy. Crews, Kristine R.; Caudle, Kelly E.; Dunnenberger, Henry M.; Sadhasivam, Senthilkumar; Skaar, Todd Letter to the editor May 1, 2015 1190
Differential analysis of the cytochrome p450 acaricide-resistance genes in Panonychus citri (Trombidiformes: Tetranychidae) strains. Jiang, Gaofei; Zhang, Yunfei; Chen, Fei; Li, Junli; Li, Xiaojiao; Yue, Jiansu; Liu, Haoqiang; Li, Ho Report Mar 1, 2015 9801

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