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Cytec Industries, a business unit of American Cyanamid; leaders in amino crosslinking technology.

Cytec Industries, a business unit of American Cyanamid Company, continues Cyanamid's 50-year tradi crosslinking technology to meet the changing performance requirements of an array of industries, amo them, the rubber industry. Today, Cytec, the largest producer of melamine resins in the world, is a applying amino crosslinking technology.

A solid reputation within the rubber industry

In the early |60s, Cyanamid introduced the first monomeric type crosslinking technology to the coa Cyrez melamine-based adhesion promoter evolved from this widely accepted technology. The rubber indu throughout the world now depends heavily on Cyrez in radial tire manufacturing where these resins ar enhance the adhesion of rubber to wire and rubber to fabric. Cyrez is a factor in helping major tire meet the challenge of producing higher quality, stronger tires that deliver better performance.

In addition, Cytec supplies the rubber industry with a range of products, including surfactants, accelerators, antioxidants, peptizers and vulcanized vegetable oils.

World class suppliers servimg customers globally

Cytec Industries operates two major melamine-based resins manufacturing facilities in the U.S., tw several in South America, and one in Mexico. Through this manufacturing network, Cytec is able to de continuous supply from any one of its plants. Further, Cytec works closely with the individual custo the tire industry to meet their unique needs, regardless of location.

Cytec Industries, in 1993, continues the commitment made by Cyanamid to develop and expand melamine-based chemistries not only for the rubber industry, but also for a wide range of other industries, including coatings and adhesives, water treating, paper, plastics, mineral processing, oil production, textiles and chemical processing.

Outstanding advantages of melamine-based Cyrez adhesion promoters:

* Promotes adhesion of rubber to many substrates

* Easy handling (liquid or powder)

* Disperses readily

* Non-toxic and causes no skin irritation

* Low dust level

* No ammonia byproduct

* Better scorch protection than that provided by HEXA

* No corrosive effects on brass-coated steel
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Date:Aug 1, 1993
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