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Cylindrical Ribbon Blenders.

Model 42C Cylindrical Ribbon Blenders are designed to mix dry powders, wet granulations and paste-like materials with densities up to 100 Ib./cu.ft. Available in many sizes from 1/2-1,000 cu.ft. working capacity, blenders can be built for atmospheric, full vacuum or internal pressure operation; full range of standard, sanitary and heavy duty models. Uniform mixing and heating is accomplished by a variable-speed double ribbon agitator driven by a gearmotor. Precisely pitched inner and outer ribbons produce a well-balanced axial and radial flow pattern within the batch. Tightly controlled clearances between the horizontal agitator and the cylindrical vessel further ensure thorough blending and promote near-complete discharge. Stainless steel 316 is the standard material of construction with options for stainless steel 304 and other alloys. The pictured blender features flanged nozzles with spray heads for liquid introduction, air purge and sampling nipples, RTD thermoprobe and a 6" knife gate discharge valve.

Charles Ross & Son Company

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Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:May 1, 2014
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