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Burkitt's lymphoma: The prevalence of HIV/AIDS and the outcome of treatment. Hesseling, P.B.; Kouya, F.; Katayi, E.; Mbah, G.; Wharin, P. Report Feb 1, 2018 1239
United States : Stem cell transplant for severe scleroderma improves survival, quality of life. Jan 5, 2018 802
Supply Of Anti Cancer Drugs , Nos. 72. Nov 24, 2017 194
Predictive accuracy of anti mullerian hormone as indicator of ovarian follicle loss in cyclophosphamide treated mice. Report Oct 31, 2017 3693
Supply Of Medicines For Use Of Individual Patients--1.inj Doceaqualip 80 Mg Quantity:2,inj Doceaqualip 20 Mg 2,inj Cyclophosphamide 1 G 2,inj Peg-grafeel 6 Mg 2. Sep 15, 2017 118
Supply Of Medicines To Mh Jalandhar : 1.01 tab Lamotrigine 50 Mg 1.02 tab Sumatriptan 50 Mg 1.03 ~3b Rizatriptan 5mc 1.04 tab Nimcdipine 30 Mg 1.05 ~ab Ivermectin Cmc 1.06 tab Primaquine 7.5 Mg 1.07 tab Chlorambucil 2.0 Mg 1.08 tab Cyclophosphamide. Sep 15, 2017 184
Supply Of Sodium Valproate 200 Mg Tab Anastrazole 1mg Tab Bicalutamide 50 Mg Tab Capacitabine 500mg Tab Cyclophosphamide 50 Mg Tab Etoposide 50mg Cap Gefitinib Tab 250 Mg. Sep 4, 2017 130
Cerebral Vasculitis in Henoch-Schonlein Purpura: A Case Report. Akcaboy, Meltem; Fidan, Kibriya; Kandur, Yasar; Isiyel, Emel; Buyukkaragoz, Bahar; Ezgu, Sevcan Azim Sep 1, 2017 1694
Ph No 25026 Cyclophosphamide 500 Mg Inj. Aug 1, 2017 107
Treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma presenting simultaneously with acquired hemophilia and warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Williams, Chelsea; Cable, Christian; Choi, Julia Clinical report Jul 1, 2017 1307
Primary hepatic lymphoma mimicking cholangiocarcinoma. Forghani, Foroogh; Masoodi, Mohsen; Kadivar, Maryam Jul 1, 2017 1647
Supply Of Dglp Medicines Rabeparazo* 10 Mg Tab Voveran Suppoatfones clnntrpnt 25 Mg Tat hydroxyzine 26 Mg Tab ootfwpan 75 Mg Tab dqaattvq Enzyme Syp Bott Of 100 Ml datazacon6 Mgtab roaalect 0 5 Mg Tab cyclophosphamide 10 Mg Tab sibelium 10 Mg Tab. May 8, 2017 182
A retrospective study of duration of Phase I of Dexamethasone-Cyclophosphamide pulse therapy in pemphigus patients. Haneef, Nayeem Sadath; Razvi, Fathima; Kumar, Bomma Yadagiri Praveen; Nikhat Report Mar 9, 2017 1882
Oxford BioMedica receives encouraging results from phase I/II clinical trial of MVA-5T4 and low dose cyclophosphamide. Feb 28, 2017 220
Oxford BioMedica receives encouraging results from phase I/II clinical trial of MVA-5T4 and low dose cyclophosphamide. Feb 28, 2017 216
Infiltrative cardiomyopathies. Report of a case of cardiac sarcoidosis/Cardiomiopatias infiltrativas. Presentacion de un caso de sarcoidosis cardiaca/Cardiomiopatias infiltrativas. Apresentacao de um caso de sarcoidose Cardiaca. Munoz-Ortiz, Edison; Arevalo-Guerrero, Edwin; Abad, Pedro; Senior, Juan Manuel Jan 1, 2017 3701
HSCT beats cyclophosphamide for systemic disease in trial. Worcester, Sharon Jan 1, 2017 573
Polyarteritis nodosa presenting as a bladder outlet obstruction. Borkum, M.; Abdelrahman, H.Y.; Roberts, R.; Kalla, A.A.; Okpechi, I.G. Case study Nov 1, 2016 1208
Supply Of Paracetamol Syrup Ip 125 Mg/5ml (40% Sugar Base With Strawberry Flavour And Carmoisine Colour) "cyclophosphamide Injection Ip 200 Mg " atenolol Tablets Ip 50 Mg "glimepiride Tablets Ip 1 Mg " "multivitamin Tablets Nfi Formula Sugar coated. Oct 7, 2016 217
Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis: a case study. Halbert, Roger Kelsey Report Oct 1, 2016 2442
Immunovaccine treats first recurrent ovarian cancer patient under Phase 1b clinical trial triple combination study. Sep 9, 2016 313
Immunovaccine treats first recurrent ovarian cancer patient under Phase 1b clinical trial triple combination study. Sep 9, 2016 309
Supply of Cyclophosphamide Inj 1000mg, Doxorubicin Inj 50mg, Imipenam+cilastatin Inj 1gm, Moxifloxacin Eye Drop 0.5%, Ondansetron Inj 4mg, Trenaxemic Acid Inj 500 Mg, Etc. Aug 22, 2016 123
Supply of Cetuximab Inj 500mg, Cyclophosphamide Inj 100mg, Cyclophosphamide Inj 500mg, Doxorubicin Liposome Inj, Entecavir Tab 0.5mg, Epirubicin Inj 10mg, Epirubicin Inj 10mg, Etoposide Cap 100mg, Exe. Aug 22, 2016 129
Supply of Allopurinol Tab 100mg, Azathioprine Tab 50mg, Bicalutamide Tab 50mg, Cyclophosphamide Tab 50mg, Cycloserine Cap 250mg, Darifenacin Tab 15mg Cr, Dutasteride Cap 0.5mg, Etc. Aug 22, 2016 123
Supply of medicinal drug cyclophosphamide. May 14, 2016 315
(ph no.:25026) cyclophosphamide 500 mg inj. Apr 4, 2016 110
Ovarian malignant mixed germ cell tumor: a case of unusual presentation as molar pregnancy. Aminimoghaddam, Soheila; Mohseni, Iman; Afzalzadeh, Azadeh; Esmaeeli, Shooka Clinical report Apr 1, 2016 1943
Provision of adq.Med. oncology group 1 for dipreca hospital. Mar 29, 2016 140
Rate contract for injections - Colystin Succinate, Colystin Succinate inj, Cyanocobalamin, Cyclophosphamide Cytosine arbinosidc, Cytosine arbinosidc, Dacarhazinc Inj., Dacarbazinc Inj,. Dacarbazinc I. Mar 18, 2016 112
(ph no.:25026) cyclophosphamide 500 mg inj. Mar 13, 2016 108
Supply Of Medicines For Use Of Individual Patients.Inj Fosaprepitant 150mg 4 ,Inj Epirubicin 50mg 15 ,Inj Cyclophosphamide 1g 5,Inj 5 Fluouracil 500mg 10 ,Inj Cisplatin 50mg 6 ,Tab Alfoo 10mg (Alfuzoc. Mar 2, 2016 104
Longitudinal myelitis of a neuro-Behcet patient. Tang, Qi; Tian, Jing Mar 1, 2016 1142
(ph no.:25026) cyclophosphamide 500 mg inj. Feb 15, 2016 108
Parkinsonism as a manifestation of neuropsychiatric systemic lupus erythematosus: a case report and literature review. Tang, Qi; Wang, Jing; Chen, Jinwei; Xie, Xi; Tian, Jing Dec 1, 2015 2045
Acquired hemophilia A: a rare cause of gross hematuria. Hosier, Gregory W.; Mason, Ross J.; Robinson, K. Sue; Bailly, Gregory G. Report Nov 1, 2015 1724
Type of immune and complement deposits and response of immunosuppressive treatment on Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis " a single centre experience. Report Sep 30, 2015 3793
Bladder leiomyosarcoma in a patient with chronic ketamine abuse: a case report. Zhong, Dewen; Yu, Feng; Chen, Jiande; Lin, Chaolu; Luo, Huaijing Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 1351
Injection cyclophosphamide 1 gm. May 10, 2015 278
Oral v. pulse intravenous cyclophosphamide: a retrospective analysis of adverse events in a setting with a high burden of infectious disease. Pretorius, E.; Davids, M.R.; Toit, R. du Report Mar 1, 2015 5347
European Commission Approves Additional Indication for VELCADE (bortezomib) in Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Feb 6, 2015 2033
Janssen Receives Positive CHMP Opinion Recommending VELCADE (bortezomib) for use in Mantle Cell Lymphoma. Dec 19, 2014 2317
A case of systemic lupus erythematosus associated with longitudinal extensive transverse myelitis, cerebral neutrophilic vasculitis, and cerebritis. Modjinou, Dodji; Gurin, Lindsey; Chhabra, Arpit; Mikolaenko, Irina; Lydon, Eileen; Smiles, Stephen Clinical report Oct 1, 2014 3330
Seronegative anti-GBM disease with coexistent ANCA positivity. Ratelle, John T.; Palacios, Carlos R. Franco; Selby, Michael G.; Palacios, Maria Franco; Fidler, Mar Clinical report Oct 1, 2014 1942
Cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin-induced acute pancreatitis in a patient with breast cancer. Salvador, Vincent Bryan; Singh, Manpreet; Witek, Philip; Peress, Gay Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 2385
Spontaneous reporting of adverse drug reactions in geriatric patients in India. Kalaiselvan, V.; Gakhar, Sakshi; Thota, Prasad; Gupta, S.K.; Singh, G.N. Sep 1, 2014 2515
Orbital Granulomatosis With Polyangiitis (Wegener Granulomatosis): Clinical and Pathologic Findings. Muller, Karra; Lin, Jonathan H. Aug 1, 2014 3393
Impact of sequential neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer: a series of 10 cases. Ghosh, Gopa; Jain, Megha; Samaiya, Atul; Gaur, Bindu Apr 28, 2014 2244
Potential 'functional cure' engineered for AIDS. Osterweil, Neil Apr 1, 2014 540
Eczematoid graft versus host disease in a sex mismatched allogeneic stem cell transplant refractory to treatment: a case report. Williams, Abhilasha; John, M. Joseph; Thomas, Emy Abi Case study Mar 24, 2014 1394
Cyclophosphamide can combat recurrent drug-resistant tumours, US study shows. Feb 3, 2014 285
Steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome secondary to primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and smoldering multiple myeloma. Shah, Rupin; Shah, Nishi; Shah, Arun; Mehta, Ankit N. Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 1498
The omics of triple-negative breast cancers. Xu, Hong; Eirew, Peter; Mullaly, Sarah C.; Aparicio, Samuel Report Jan 1, 2014 9574
Multicentric Castleman's disease and HIV. Krause, John R.; Robinson, Sara D.; Vance, Estil A. Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 1660
Aggressive desmoid fibromatosis: first case in a Rwandan child. Kanyamuhunga, A.; McCall, N.; Tuyisenge, L.; Mumena, C.; Stefan, D.C. Clinical report Sep 1, 2013 1008
Chlorophyllin in the intra-uterine development of mice exposed or not to cyclophosphamide/Clorofilina no desenvolvimento intra-uterino de camundongos expostos ou nao a ciclofosfamida. Leite, Vessia Silva; Oliveira, Rodrigo Juliano; Kanno, Tatiane Yumi Nakamura; Mantovani, Mario Sergi Jul 1, 2013 10117
A case of polyarteritis nodosa mimicking pyelonephritis and was misdiagnosed as inflammatory bowel disease/Piyelonefriti taklit eden, daha sonra inflamatuvar barsak hastaligi tanisi alan bir poliarteritis nodoza vakasi. Senates, Ebubekir; Masatlioglu, Hatice Seval; Akdogan, Mahmet Fatih; Kurtulus, Duygu; Atasoy, Mehmet Clinical report Mar 1, 2013 2760
Assessment of methyl methacrylate genotoxicity by the micronucleus test. de Araujo, Amarildo Mariano; Alves, Guilherme Rodrigues; Avanco, Guilherme Trevisan; Parizi, Jose Lu Jan 1, 2013 2641
Exercise protects rat testis from cyclophosphamide-induced damage/O exercicio fisico protege o testiculo de ratos de lesoes teciduais induzidas por ciclofosfamida. de Paula Ramos, Solange; Goessler, Karla Fabiana; Ruiz, Roberto Jose; Ferrari, Osny; Polito, Marcos Jan 1, 2013 5580
Drug shortage linked to greater risk of relapse in young Hodgkin lymphoma patients. Dec 26, 2012 1490
Mycobacterium tuberculosis-associated hemophagocytic syndrome in systemic lupus erythematosus / A case report: sistemik lupus eritematozde mycobacterium tuberculosis ile iliskili hemofagositik sendrom: olgu sunumu. Halabi, Hussein; Hafiz, Waleed; Maulawi, Mayadah Bawayan, Abdulghani; Almoallim, Hani Case study Dec 1, 2012 1923
Dosis unica de ciclofosfamida disminuye la calidad espermatica y el epitelio germinal masculino en ratones. Acosta, Layonal; Nunez, Victor; Vasquez, Jonathan; Pino, Jose; Shiga, Betty Aug 1, 2012 3822
Effect of silymarin on bladder overactivity in cyclophosphamide-induced cystitis rat model. Eser, Nadire; Gocmen, Cemil; Erdogan, Seyda; Golatirk Buyuknacar, Hacer Sinem; Kumcu, Eda Kaiabal; A Report Jun 15, 2012 3907
Pulmonary amyloidosis mimicking interstitial lung disease in a patient with polymyozitis/ Interstisyel akciger hastaligini taklit eden pulmoner amiloidoz. Gokcay, Asena; Isik, Metin; Calguneri, Meral Jun 1, 2012 1510
Alkaloid fraction of jarong (Achyranthes aspera Linn) leaf induced apoptosis breast cancer cell through p53 pathways. Adnyana, Dewa Putu Anom; Meles, I.D.K.; Meles, Wurlina Report Mar 1, 2012 2104
New lupus nephritis guidance to target Tx. Worcester, Sharon Dec 1, 2011 645
Effects of squid ink on growth performance, antioxidant functions and immunity in growing broiler chickens. Liu, Huazhong; Luo, Ping; Chen, Shaohong; Shang, Jianghua Report Nov 17, 2011 3946
Accentia Biopharmaceuticals Announces Key Additions to its Scientific Advisory Board to Advance Revimmune[TM] for the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases including Multiple Sclerosis. Jun 2, 2011 1260
The effect of acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment on mean cell volume of erytrocytes in children/Cocukluk cagi akut lenfoblastik losemisinde tedavinin ortalama eritrosit hacimleri uzerine etkisi. Celkan, Tiraje; Ozdemir, Nihal; Bilgi, Zekeriya; Oktay, Gulsah; Apak, Hilmi; Yildiz, Inci Report Jun 1, 2011 1726
EULAR 2011 - Vidofludimus Superior to Cyclophosphamide and MMF in an Experimental Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Model. May 27, 2011 1489
Signet ring adenocarcinoma of a urethral diverticulum. Grimsby, G.M.; Wolter, C.E. Case study Apr 1, 2011 1319
Gene expression alterations in immune system pathways in the thymus after exposure to immunosuppressive chemicals. Frawley, Rachel; White, Kimber, Jr.; Brown, Ronnetta; Musgrove, Deborah; Walker, Nigel; Germolec, Do Report Mar 1, 2011 7183
Quality of life in breast cancer patients during chemotherapy and concurrent therapy with a mistletoe extract. Eisenbraun, J.; Scheer, R.; Kroz, M.; Schad, F.; Huber, R. Clinical report Jan 15, 2011 6870
Treatment-refractory autoimmune sensorineural hearing loss: response to infliximab. Liu, Yi-Chun; Rubin, Rene; Sataloff, Robert T. Report Jan 1, 2011 2518
Long-term treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia in a green-winged macaw (Ara chloroptera). Hammond, Elizabeth E.; Guzman, David Sanchez-Migallon; Garner, Michael M.; Mauldin, Glenna; Martinez Clinical report Dec 1, 2010 5454
Accentia, Baxter sign strategic agreement for cyclophosphamide. Nov 30, 2010 155
Accentia Biopharmaceuticals Announces Strategic Agreement with Baxter. Nov 29, 2010 868
Acquired hemophilia: a clinical experience. Mirza, Muhammad A.; Khimani, Farhad; Rogers, John Case study Nov 1, 2010 2582
Stain techniques for detection of Encephalitozoon cuniculi in tissue sections/Tecnicas de coloracao para deteccao de Encephalitozoon cuniculi em cortes histologicos. Lallo, Maria Anete; Bondan, Eduardo Fernandes; Xavier, Jose Guilherme; Hirschfeld, Marisa Porta Mich Nov 1, 2010 1953
Trials and tribulations in systemic lupus erythematosus. Wofsy, David Report Jul 1, 2010 2422
Fertility issues following breast cancer treatment. Jones, Alison Clinical report Jul 1, 2010 2869
Cardiac health following drug treatment for breast cancer. Verrill, Mark Jul 1, 2010 3407
Respuesta a gamaglobulina endovenosa en arteritis de Takayasu de dificil manejo. Velasquez, Carlos Jaime; Brome, Ana Paulina; Benjumea, Luisa Maria; Cardona, Diana Carolina; Tobon, Report Jul 1, 2010 2382
SLE drug combo may offer long-term benefit. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Apr 1, 2010 564
Fatal parasitic meningoencephalomyelitis caused by Halicephalobus deletrix: a case report and review of the literature. Ondrejka, Sarah L.; Procop, Gary W.; Lai, Keith K.; Prayson, Richard A. Case study Apr 1, 2010 2586
Cyclophosphamide Treatment of MS: current therapeutic approaches and treatment regimens. Elkhalifa, A.S.; Weiner, H.L. Report Mar 1, 2010 4786
Rare neurological syndromes associated with systemic lupus erythematosus/Sistemik lupus eritematozus ile iliskili nadir norolojik sendromlarin birlikteligi. Durmus, Hacer; Tuzun, Erdem; Alpay, Nilufer; Icoz, Sema; Kurtuncu, Murat; Demir, Gulsen Akman Report Mar 1, 2010 902
Stem cells restored ovarian function and folliculogenesis following cyclophosphamide-induced ovarian failure in rats. Abbasy, Asmaa; Azmy, Osama; Atta, Hazem; Ali, Ashraf; Rashed, Laila; Khaiat, Zakaria El-; Farrag, Ab Report Jan 1, 2010 4008
Chemo drugs may lead to cognitive decline. Dec 18, 2009 339
In vivo genotoxicity evaluation of a plant based antiarthritic and anticancer therapeutic agent Boswelic acids in rodents. Sharma, R.; Singh, S.; Singh, G.D.; Khajuria, A.; Sidiq, T.; Singh, S.K.; Chashoo, G.; Pagoch, S.S.; Report Dec 1, 2009 4946
New vasculitis therapy may help patients keep infertility, cancer at bay. Oct 21, 2009 659
Genetic mutations can show which breast-cancer patients will be helped by a certain type of chemotherapy, US researchers reported. Brief article Jun 15, 2009 284
Inhibitory effect of Abrus abrin-derived peptide fraction against Dalton's lymphoma ascites model. Bhutia, Sujit K.; Mallick, Sanjaya K.; Maiti, Swatilekha; Maiti, Tapas K. Report Apr 1, 2009 5254
A near miss involving cyclophosphamide. Koczmara, Christine; Broadfield, Larry; Hyland, Sylvia; Cheng, Roger Mar 22, 2009 1477
New lupus drugs remain elusive after 50 years. Walsh, Nancy Report Mar 15, 2009 973
Autologous bone marrow transplantation in a dog with lymphoma: a clinical study/Transplante autologo de medula ossea em um cao com linfoma: ensaio clinico. Buffo de Capua, Maria Luisa; Eiras Dela Coleta, Flavia; Miotto, Mariana Rodrigues; Calazans, Sabryna Clinical report Mar 1, 2009 2782
Phase III Study Showed Rituxan in Combination with Chemotherapy Improved Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Relapsed Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Oct 7, 2008 1173
Vasospastic angina mimicking inferior myocardial infarction due to high dose cyclophosphamide for bone marrow transplantation conditioning/Kemik iligi transplantasyonu sirasinda kullanilan yuksek doz siklofosfamide bagli inferiyor miyokard infarktusunu taklit eden vazospastik angina olgusu. Teke, Hava Uskudar; Birdane, Alparslan; Gulbas, Zafer Oct 1, 2008 735
A case of lymphocytic interstitial pneumonitis associated with sjogren's syndrome with atypical radiological findings/Sjogren sendromu ile iliskili ve atipik radyolojiyle seyreden lenfositik intersitisyel pnomoni olgusu. Yildiz, Tekin; Akyildiz, Levent; Topcu, Fusun; Yilmaz, Fahri Case study Sep 1, 2008 1620
Accentia Reports on Multiple Sclerosis Study: Revimmune(R) Shows Unprecedented Results in Reducing Disability and Improving Functions. Jun 17, 2008 974
Risk factors are identified for ovarian failure in SLE. Zoler, Mitchel L. May 1, 2008 349
Disease activity, ethnicity mediate risk of ovarian failure in SLE. Zoler, Mitchel L. Apr 1, 2008 280
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Announces Publication of Research on Combination Reovirus and Cyclophosphamide Treatment. Jan 7, 2008 551
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Announces Approval for U.K. Clinical Trial Investigating REOLYSIN(R) in Combination With Cyclophosphamide. Oct 23, 2007 803
Pulmonary capillaritis in IgA nephropathy. Eng, Philip Jun 1, 2007 1345
Alpha 2 macroglobulin activity in rats infected with Trypanosoma lewisi and treated with cyclophosphamide and its effect on the malignancy of the disease. Budovsky, A.; Sneir, R.; Bazarsky, E.; El-On, J. Report Jun 1, 2007 3721
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Research Collaborators Present Combination Reovirus and Cyclophosphamide Treatment Results at International Oncolytic Virus Conference. Mar 19, 2007 522
MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for multiplex genotyping of CYP2B6 single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Blievernicht, Julia K.; Schaeffeler, Elke; Klein, Kathrin; Eichelbaum, Michel; Schwab, Matthias; Zan Jan 1, 2007 6164
Wegener granulomatosis: a case report and update. Berney, Seth Mark Sep 1, 2006 8426
Oral mycophenolate mofetil looks promising for lupus nephritis. Worcester, Sharon Jan 1, 2006 443
Cyclophosphamide may prop up lung function in scleroderma. Nelson, Colin Oct 1, 2005 827
Effect of naturally occurring isothiocyanates in the inhibition of cyclophosphamide-induced urotoxicity. Manesh, C.; Kuttan, G. Jun 1, 2005 4583
Minor increases in plasma troponin I predict decreased left ventricular ejection fraction after high-dose chemotherapy. Sandri, Maria Teresa; Cardinale, Daniela; Zorzino, Laura; Passerini, Rita; Lentati, Paola; Martinoni Clinical report Feb 1, 2003 3925
Microscopic polyangiitis in a pregnant woman. (Case Reports). Kumtepe, Yakup Dec 1, 2002 1454
Cyclophosphamide, HuZAF effective for severe Crohn's. (Pilot Studies Reported). Jancin, Bruce Aug 15, 2002 405
Breast cancer chemo linked to leukemia. ('Alarming' New Finding). Jancin, Bruce Feb 15, 2002 162
Bleomycin-detectable iron assay for non-transferrin-bound iron in hematologic malignancies. von Bonsdorff, Leni; Lindeberg, Enni; Sahlstedt, Leila; Lehto, Jari; Parkkinen, Jaakko Clinical report Feb 1, 2002 5519
Sexually transmitted anticancer drugs. Aug 16, 1986 247

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