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Cyclists - don't endanger pedestrians.

WHY do I pay council tax? When I leave my house I first have to check that it's safe and that I'm not likely to be run over by a cyclist, who will, in most cases be wearing a helmet, for safety reasons, perhaps us pedestrians should were them.

The excuse is always the same, "it's too dangerous on the road", so, walk, get a bus, use your car, or learn to ride properly, don't endanger pedestrians and break the law.

We now have the yobs on bikes riding amok on our roads, abusing all and sundry, causing havoc and endangering honest law abiding citizens.

Why do I pay my council tax? This Saturday I was driving along a street in Canton, coming towards me were around six or seven motorcyclists some doing wheelies, wrong side of the road, speeding, you name it, all breaking the law.

When oh when will a council member or an Assembly member stand up and do something about this anarchy and lawlessness in our beautiful city? Why do I pay my council tax? Because if I don't I will be fined or jailed for breaking the law. Makes you think.

John C Forrest Canton, Cardiff

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 9, 2017
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