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Cyclists' safety not considered; Letters.

SO Colin Knight thinks that the junction on the A45/Broad Lane is performing well (Telegraph letters Dec 23) even though there have been three crashes in seven days.

When the plans were first released I wrote to argue that it would be a bad move to replace the existing traffic lights with a roundabout as this would be unsafe for cyclists and provide no improvement for motorists. Now that it is finished we see that it is unsafe for cyclists and motorists.

Mr Knight assured us when we spoke on local radio after my last letter that the junction would be safe for cyclists and even claimed that he himself was a cyclist. Well I had the dubious pleasure of cycling across the junction and found no evidence of safety measures for cyclists or for that matter any road user approaching from Broad Lane.

The lights do not offer a clear path across the junction from Broad Lane and there is no safe period where traffic approaching in this direction is given a clear 'right of way' across the junction.

This now means, as I previously predicted, that there is no safe means of crossing the A45 anywhere along its length for cyclists. All of the junctions favour cars and most are actually dangerous for cyclists. While the council is busy trying to fill the city with student accommodation, including extra cycle racking in some developments, it is also making sure that none of us that use bicycles, as a means of transport or for exercise, have safe cycle routes within the city.

I have previously challenged the members of the Council to try to cycle safely out of the city centre, no one took me up then and I doubt that they will now.

Joe Reynolds Styvechale Coventry

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 31, 2015
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