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Cyclades intros next-gen KVM over IP, taking KVM performance to unmatched levels.

Cyclades Corporation has introduced the AlterPath KVM/netPlus family of KVM switches at the Microsoft Tech-Ed Conference. These network-based KVM products, the newest appliances within the Cyclades AlterPath System for remote IT administration, stand apart as the industry's first KVM solution to offer Cyclades AdaptiveKVM technology (patent pending) that combines the widely used Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) functionality with KVM over IP access. The AdaptiveKVM feature delivers consistent remote access to administrative tools on Windows-based servers, allowing administrators to use the same KVM appliance for daily operations and server recovery. IT administrators can use the superior low-bandwidth performance of RDP for most server maintenance and administration, while offering KVM over IP functionality to restore normal operations in the event of a server crash or other network failure.

The Cyclades AlterPath System of out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) technology provides IT administrators with alternative paths into the IT infrastructure to access, diagnose and restore disconnected IT assets. The AlterPath System also allows administrators to remotely maintain, configure and upgrade IT assets independent of the production network from a single consolidated view, reducing IT operational costs and increasing IT asset and personnel productivity.

"Out-of-band infrastructure technology, such as KVM over IP has traditionally been used to provide access to the production infrastructure when there is no connectivity over the network to a failed device," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates. "As out-of-band technology evolves, we see more administrative and maintenance tasks being handled by this alternate infrastructure. By integrating RDP to handle maintenance tasks, Cyclades AdaptiveKVM functionality illustrates this trend."

Microsoft's RDP allows IT administrators to remotely perform administrative and maintenance tasks efficiently, even over low-bandwidth connections. By using a Web browser to securely connect to the AlterPath KVM/netPlus, IT professionals can remotely upgrade, configure and install software patches and handle other management tasks. If the server crashes or loses its network connection, administrators can then use KVM over IP to access, diagnose and if necessary, reboot the server.

The AlterPath KVM/netPlus provides support for up to four simultaneous IP sessions and two local KVM sessions, allowing a total of six users to work on the KVM switch simultaneously. Like all Cyclades AlterPath System products, the AlterPath KVM/netPlus supports all widely used security standards and specifications. Support for server-based authentication is standard, including authentication protocols like RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, NIS, and Kerberos and keyboard/mouse/video encryption. The AlterPath KVM/netPlus provides strong enterprise authorization features that include restricted user access lists and additional security features like IP packet and security filtering, IPsec support, and auditing support with system and event logging.

"The AlterPath KVM/netPlus with AdaptiveKVM demonstrates Cyclades market leadership by providing the industry's first integration of RDP into a comprehensive line of KVM over IP products," said Daniel Dalarossa, Cyclades CEO. "Our combination of RDP and KVM over IP functionality provides the perfect marriage of features to access and maintain a variety of servers using the production network or through an out-of-band connection. Combined with our AlterPath Manager and AlterPath System, we continue to expand IT administrators' ability to maintain and manage assets from a single, consolidated view, reducing IT operational costs and increasing productivity."

The AlterPath KVM/netPlus is available July 1 at retail prices beginning at $3,995 for the 16-port unit supporting two simultaneous IP sessions and two local sessions, and at $5,995 for the 16-port unit supporting four simultaneous IP sessions and two local sessions. The 32-port unit list price begins at $6,995.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
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Date:Jun 13, 2005
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