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Cyberworlds; proceedings.


Cyberworlds; proceedings.

International Conference on Cyberworlds (2006: Lausanne, Switzerland) Ed. by Daniel Thalmann and Alexei Sourin.

Computer Society Press


233 pages




Thirty papers from the November 2006 conference explore new approaches to mixed and augmented reality, 3D environments and motion, collaborative and distributed virtual environments, security and watermarking, virtual reality, and modeling. The researchers present an automatic composition system for ballet sequences, a collaborative mixed reality exposure therapy system, a generic model framework for MOUT simulations, and a networked interactive augmented reality card game. Other topics include visual 3D querying of spatio-temporal data, RTR-trees for space robotics behavior simulation, camera motion control in a Java 3D environment, and manufacturing resource discovery based on ontology. No subject index is provided.

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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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