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A Critical Approach to Digital Citizenship. Roquet, Mark May 1, 2019 1405
A Cyber Force for Persistent Operations. Nakasone, Paul M. Jan 1, 2019 2835
An Interview with Paul M. Nakasone. Interview Jan 1, 2019 3859
Confidence Building Measures for the Cyber Domain. Borghard, Erica D.; Lonergan, Shawn W. Essay Sep 22, 2018 16791
The Strategic Promise of Offensive Cyber Operations. Smeets, Max Essay Sep 22, 2018 10483
An Ethical Decision-Making Tool for Offensive Cyberspace Operations. Ramsey, Benjamin Sep 22, 2018 4594
Cyberspace Abuse and the Proliferation of Poverty in Nigeria: Investigating the Paradox of Social-Economic Development. Badmus, Bidemi G. Essay Jun 1, 2018 5556
Making Connections. Burnham, Carly Mar 1, 2018 638
Cyberspace and the New World Order. Ciot, Melania-Gabriela Report Jun 1, 2017 2790
Role and function of the information public law. Kim, Il Hwan; Lee, KyungLyul; Kim, Jaehyoun Report Jan 1, 2017 7791
Dilating pupils: the pedagogy of cyber power and the encouragement of strategic thought. Bailey, Richard J., Jr. Sep 22, 2016 9786
The joint force air component commander and the integration of offensive cyberspace effects: power projection through cyberspace. Gargan, Jason M. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2016 3292
Cyber operation planning and operational design. Karaman, Muhammer; Catalkaya, Hayrettin; Gerehan, Ahmet Zeki; Goztepe, Kerim Report Jan 1, 2016 4650
Beyond the build: how the component commands support the U.S. Cyber Command vision. Jan 1, 2016 5393
Cybersecurity Treaties May Be Nice, But It's Every Country For Itself. Nov 13, 2015 971
An airman's story. Hyten, John E. Nov 1, 2015 3500
Purposeful development of the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance for space cadre. Overton, Mitchell R. Nov 1, 2015 5146
Preparing for the cyber battleground of the future. Babcock, Chris Nov 1, 2015 5360
Cyber warfare awareness in Lebanon: Exploratory research. Hejase, Ale J.; Hejase, Hussin J.; Hejase, Jose A. Report Oct 1, 2015 7488
The exploitation of cyber domain as part of warfare: Russo-Ukrainian war. Limnell, Jarno Report Oct 1, 2015 7671
When trade and tech collide: digital policy challenges and solutions for 2016 and beyond. Barfield, Claude Report Oct 1, 2015 17156
Demsytifying intelligence support to cyber operations. Jones, Craig Report Oct 1, 2015 2064
'Cyberevolution'. Quint, Barbara Sep 1, 2015 1001
On the future of order in cyberspace. Whyte, Christopher Jun 22, 2015 2917
Why international order in cyberspace is not inevitable. Mazanec, Brian M. Jun 22, 2015 7453
Structural causes and cyber effects: a response to our critics. Forsyth, James Wood, Jr.; Pope, Billy E. Jun 22, 2015 2973
Power and predation in cyberspace. Whyte, Christopher Report Mar 22, 2015 7267
A framework for effectiveness of cyber security defenses, a case of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Neaimi, Abdulla Al; Ranginya, Tago; Lutaaya, Philip Case study Jan 1, 2015 5763
Truths of cyberspace operation: operational savvy simply cannot be mass-produced. Breuer, Pablo C. Jan 1, 2015 2306
SSC Pacific taking cyber test analysis and simulation to the next level. Petrie, Patric Jan 1, 2015 1603
Deterrence stability in the cyber age. Geist, Edward Jan 1, 2015 6988
Resiliency in future cyber combat. Bryant, William D. Jan 1, 2015 8221
Electronic literature and the effects of cyberspace on the body. Zalbidea, Maya; Sotelo, Xiana Essay Dec 10, 2014 5545
A survey on concepts, applications, and challenges in cyber-physical systems. Gunes, Volkan; Peter, Steffen; Givargis, Tony; Vahid, Frank Report Dec 1, 2014 12750
Take it online (or not?): venting in cyberspace has consequences. Vinnedge, Mary Brief article Nov 1, 2014 165
Determining hostile intent in cyberspace. Torruella, Ramberto A., Jr. Report Oct 1, 2014 4731
Guinea pigs on the Internet. Pike, George H. Oct 1, 2014 1162
The consequences of state-level intrusions: a risk worth taking? Watney, Murdoch Report Apr 1, 2014 4838
Building the ethical cyber commander and the law of armed conflict. Prescott, Jody M. Mar 22, 2014 12416
China's military modernization and cyber activities. Wortzel, Larry M. Essay Mar 22, 2014 8217
Why cyber war will not and should not have its grand strategist. Libicki, Martin C. Essay Mar 22, 2014 7240
Toward attaining cyber dominance. Stytz, Martin R.; Banks, Sheila B. Essay Mar 22, 2014 12453
Update from the digital realm of cyberspace. Schlappy, David K. Jan 1, 2014 1018
Structural causes and cyber effects: why international order is inevitable in cyberspace. Forsyth, James Wood, Jr.; Pope, Maj Billy E. Essay Jan 1, 2014 6548
Cyberspace superiority: a conceptual model. Bryant, William D. Nov 1, 2013 4876
The importance of designating cyberspace weapon systems. Skinner, Robert J. Sep 1, 2013 5533
Funding cyberspace: the case for an Air Force venture capital initiative. Steipp, Chadwick M.; Bezos, Jeff Jul 1, 2013 2769
Privacy vs. security: a balancing act. Jul 1, 2013 457
Online nationalism: the rhetoric about "cyberwar" is getting out of control. Schneier, Bruce May 1, 2013 504
From sea power to cyber power: learning from the past to craft a strategy for the future. Barcomb, Kris E. Apr 1, 2013 4004
Villainous avatars: the visual semiotics of misogyny and free speech in cyberspace. Turton-Turner, Pamela Report Mar 22, 2013 8527
Privacy protection revisited. Hane, Paula J. Mar 1, 2013 828
Refocusing cyber warfare thought. Butler, Sean C. Report Jan 1, 2013 4848
The interim years of cyberspace. Lee, Robert M. Report Jan 1, 2013 7210
A case for a cyberspace combatant command: blending service and combatant command responsibilities and authorities. Dawley, Shawn M. Report Jan 1, 2013 3788
Navy Cyber Power 2020. Jan 1, 2013 1941
Capt. Lourdes Neilan: Navy Warfare Development Command director of cyberspace operations. Interview Jan 1, 2013 1638
Cyber 3.0: the Department of Defense strategy for operating in cyberspace and the attribution problem. Mudrinich, Erik M. Dec 22, 2012 18668
No laughing matter: the power of cyberspace to subvert conventional media gatekeepers. Carr, John Report Nov 30, 2012 9153
For and from cyberspace: conceptualizing cyber intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Hurley, Matthew M. Nov 1, 2012 7960
Defense Horizons 72. Kay, David J.; Pudas, Terry J.; Young, Brett Brief article Oct 1, 2012 207
Stuxnet, Schmitt Analysis, and the cyber "use-of-force" debate. Foltz, Andrew C. Essay Oct 1, 2012 6778
Playing defense: with digital information so vulnerable to theft, it's imperative for journalists to be proactive in protecting confidential sources and data. But too few people are taking the threat seriously. Ricchiardi, Sherry Essay Sep 22, 2012 3799
Organizations must manage new risks. Brief article Sep 1, 2012 138
Driving towards success in the Air Force cyber mission: leveraging our heritage to shape our future. Fadok, David S.; Raines, Richard A. Report Sep 1, 2012 2319
Cyber security considerations when moving to public cloud computing. Badamas, Muhammed A. Report Aug 1, 2012 6644
The interplay of borders, turf, cyberspace, and jurisdiction: issues confronting U.S. law enforcement. Finklea, Kristin M. Report Jul 1, 2012 21369
Global governance and the spread of cyberspace controls. Deibert, Ronald J.; Crete-Nishihata, Masashi Jul 1, 2012 10086
Deterrence and escalation in cross-domain operations: where do space and cyberspace fit? Manzo, Vincent Essay Jul 1, 2012 4726
Shadow boxing: cyber warfare and strategic economic attack. Olson, Soren Essay Jul 1, 2012 5284
Offensive cyber for the join force commander: it's not that different. Carter, Rosemary M.; Feick, Brent; Undersander, Roy C. Jul 1, 2012 4773
Leaking Cyberwar Secrets. Smith, Lee Jun 6, 2012 1185
With 'Flame,' Israel Is Playing With Fire. Tracy, Marc Jun 5, 2012 383
The model of online al-dacwah Al-Fardiyyah: a hybrid model of doing al-dacwah on the internet. Ashaari, Muhamad Faisal; Don, Abdul Ghafar; Muhamat, Razaleigh; Hamjah, Salasiah Hanin; Sham, Fariza Apr 1, 2012 6825
Space and cyber: shared challenges, shared opportunities. Creedon, Madelyn R. Report Mar 22, 2012 2055
De-individuation, anonymity and unethical behavior in cyberspace--explorations in the valley of digital temptations. Longe, O.B.; Danquah, P.; Ebem, D.U. Feb 1, 2012 3104
Copyrights in cyberspace: a roundup of recent cases. Rustad, Michael L.; Bodi, Kip; Gag, Jesse; Lindsay, Jack; McVay, Stephanie; Perrone, Brooke; Rice, N Jan 1, 2012 18699
Deterrence and escalation in cross-domain operations: where do space and cyberspace fit? Manzo, Vincent Dec 15, 2011 4940
SAUDI ARABIA : Success in a changing world. Dec 15, 2011 387
Joint targeting in Cyberspace. Smart, Steven J. Dec 13, 2011 6005
Advances in cyber-physical systems research. Wan, Jiafu; Yan, Hehua; Suo, Hui; Li, Fang Report Nov 1, 2011 7189
Deciphering cyberpower: strategic purpose in peace and war. Sheldon, John B. Report Jun 22, 2011 7832
Digital literacy: human flourishing and collective intelligence in a knowledge society. Poore, Megan Report Jun 1, 2011 3829
Cyberwar is harder than it looks; the Internet's vulnerability to attacks has been exaggerated. Bailey, Ronald Column Apr 9, 2011 1101
Rise of a cybered Westphalian age. Demchak, Chris C.; Dombrowski, Peter Mar 22, 2011 12543
Retaliatory deterrence in cyberspace. Sterner, Eric Mar 22, 2011 7703
Perspectives for cyber strategists on law for cyberwar. Dunlap, Charles J., Jr. Mar 22, 2011 8198
World gone cyber MAD: how "mutually assured debilitation" is the best hope for cyber deterrence. Crosston, Matthew D. Mar 22, 2011 6332
Nuclear crisis management and "cyberwar" phishing for trouble? Cimbala, Stephen J. Mar 22, 2011 5953
Cyberwar as a confidence game. Libicki, Martin C. Mar 22, 2011 6184
War fighting in cyberspace: evolving force presentation and command and control. Birdwell, Bodine; Mills, Robert Mar 22, 2011 6004
FY2011 base budget highlights and potential issues. Towell, Pat Report Nov 1, 2010 7084
Bill-by-bill synopsis of congressional action to date. Towell, Pat Report Nov 1, 2010 25348
Internet kill switch? Presidential power online. Suderman, Peter Sep 11, 2010 262
Technology & the law: how does the Constitution--written 200 years before Facebook and texting--apply to the digital world? Olsen, Stefanie Sep 6, 2010 2623
The value of webinars and virtual events: webinars and virtual events offer a convenient and interactive way for many people to access the latest news, developments or updates relating to their industry. Three or three thousand people can access the same information at the same time without stepping away from their office or computer. Dunbar, Claire Sep 1, 2010 1080
Get seen, get online: your industry is global and so are your business opportunities; the Internet offers huge prospects for large and small companies alike to tap into rich pockets of new potential. But, knowing what to do and doing it right is key to success. Cox, Asa Sep 1, 2010 2151
USCYBERCOM: the need for a combatant command versus a subunified command. Hollis, David M. Jul 1, 2010 4209
Local scalar trust metrics with a fuzzy adjustment method. Seo, Yangjin; Han, Sangyong Report Apr 1, 2010 5313
A cyber proving ground: the search for cyber genius. Alfonso, Kristal L.M. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 3449
Cyber this, cyber that ... so what? Trias, Eric D.; Bell, Bryan M. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 5592
Navy cyber forces established. Mar 1, 2010 328
Cyber ACTS/SAASS: a second year of command and staff college for the future leaders of our cyber forces. Williams, Paul D. Essay Dec 22, 2009 4847
Sovereignty in cyberspace: can it exist? Franzese, Patrick W. Dec 22, 2009 17341
Non-intervention and neutrality in cyberspace: an emerging principle in the national practice of international law. Kastenberg, Joshua E. Dec 22, 2009 9873
Armed attack in cyberspace: deterring asymmetric warfare with an asymmetric definition. Todd, Graham H. Dec 22, 2009 17158
Cyber warfare operations: development and use under international law. Schaap, Arie J. Dec 22, 2009 21636
Cyberspace leadership: towards new culture, conduct, and capabilities. Chilton, Kevin P. Sep 22, 2009 3842
A cyberspace command and control model. Scherrer, Joseph H.; Grund, William C. Report Aug 1, 2009 8578
A cyberspace command and control model. Scherrer, Joseph H.; Grund, William C. Report Aug 1, 2009 8797
Cyber-attack: U.S. plans to destroy enemy computer networks questioned. Magnuson, Stew Jul 1, 2009 1686
Cyberspace behaviors keep researchers busy. Bates, Betsy Jul 1, 2009 850
Blogger Yoani Sanchez stirs things up in cyberspace. Eaton, Tracey Jun 1, 2009 1572
NEC transformation more than a name change. Napper, Jennifer Mar 22, 2009 408
Cyber update: Air Force cyber operations evolve into numbered Air Force. Rosine, Matthew; Pampe, Carla Mar 1, 2009 824
Joint doctrine update: Joint Chiefs of Staff J7 joint education and doctrine division. Jan 1, 2009 948
Developing Airmen for integration into air, space, and cyberspace: the new aggressors. Stilwell, David R. Dec 22, 2008 7516
Redefining Air, Space, and Cyber Power. Berg, Paul D. Sep 22, 2008 556
Cyber flag: a realistic training environment for the future. Hansen, Andrew P.; Williams, Paul D.; Mills, Robert F.; Kanko, Mark A. Essay Sep 22, 2008 4344
Extending the school grounds?--Bullying experiences in cyberspace. Juvonen, Jaana; Gross, Elisheva F. Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 7301
United States Air Force. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 117
Changing face of giving: NGOs accessing individual giving in the cyberspace. Garain, Swapan Jul 1, 2008 17392
REPN TRI to the FULLEST!!!: teens write creatively in cyberspace but not in the classroom. Bauerlein, Mark Jun 22, 2008 819
Silencing cyberbullies: digital sticks & stones can't break bones--but they can hurt even more. What educators can do to curb bullying in cyberspace. Long, Cindy May 1, 2008 1335
Defining Information Operations Forces. Tyler, Brian J.; Weiss, Geoffrey Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2008 598
Deciphering cyberspace: airmen fending off attacks on a new battlespace: to ensure bases across the United States have the latest tools to fight cyberspace attacks, Tech. Sgt. John Webb calls each one when he sends them updated antivirus software. Rosine, Matthew Cover story Sep 22, 2007 1909
Living without copyright in a digital world. Zimmerman, Diane L. Sep 22, 2007 11714
Recasting privacy torts in a spaceless world. Abril, Patricia Sanchez Sep 22, 2007 21083
Flying and fighting in cyberspace. Convertino, Sebastian M., II; DeMattei, Lou Anne; Knierim, Tammy M. Report Jul 1, 2007 11131
(En)gendering artificial intelligence in cyberspace. Heuser, Sabine Critical essay Jul 1, 2007 8586
Teenage mutant Supreme Court judges: the Canadian copyright debate takes some strange metaphysical turns. Moore, Christopher Jul 1, 2007 2942
Warfighting in cyberspace. Alexander, Keith B. Jul 1, 2007 2166
Guarding cyberspace global network operations. Croom, Charles E., Jr. Jul 1, 2007 1175
Goth subcultures in cyberspace. Whittaker, Jason Essay May 1, 2007 5779
E-learning: Cybergirls: negotiating social identities on cybersites. Guzzetti, B.J. Mar 22, 2007 157
Flying and fighting in cyberspace. Wynne, Michael W. Mar 22, 2007 2153
Dominant Air, Space, and Cyberspace operations. Berg, Paul D. Mar 22, 2007 668
Cyberspace: the new air and space? Umphress, David A. Mar 22, 2007 3525
Democracy in the age of the Internet. Longford, Graham; Patten, Steve Jan 1, 2007 4894
Can a public-minded copyright deliver a more democratic Internet? Bowrey, Kathy Jan 1, 2007 4404
Clicking on redemption: reflections on Jews and Judaism in cyberspace. Stier, Oren Baruch Essay Jan 1, 2007 3974
The internet in 2006: a global, corporate or community construct? De Zwart, Melissa Dec 1, 2006 2816
Cyberspace--risks in a networked world: risk management. Schirick, Edward A. Jul 1, 2006 1383
Blabbing on your blog. Wagner, Cynthia G. Jul 1, 2006 398
Growing up online: young people jump headfirst into the Internet's world. Bower, Bruce Jun 17, 2006 2394
Cyberinfrastructure for research. Atkins, Daniel E. Jan 1, 2006 500
Creating a national framework for cybersecurity: an analysis of issues and options. Fischer, Eric A. Feb 1, 2005 1369
What is cybersecurity? Fischer, Eric A. Column Feb 1, 2005 1025
Where are the major weaknesses in cybersecurity? Fischer, Eric A. Column Feb 1, 2005 6228
What are the major means of leverage? Fischer, Eric A. Column Feb 1, 2005 7815
What roles should government and the private sector play? Fischer, Eric A. Feb 1, 2005 10808
Finding a place in cyberspace: black women, technology, and identity. Wright, Michelle M. Jan 1, 2005 5480
Internet review: educator concerns regarding cyberspace curricula. Czubaj, Camilia Anne Sep 22, 2004 2078
Big resources for small businesses. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 255
John Perry Barlow 2.0: the Thomas Jefferson of cyberspace reinvents his body--and his politics. Doherty, Brian Interview Aug 1, 2004 4528
Cybersecurity vendors form alliance. Piazza, Peter Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 148
Hobbies in cyberspace: life in an online game world proves nasty, brutish, and short. Walker, Jesse Apr 1, 2004 820
Cybersemiotics and the problems of the information-processing paradigm as a candidate for a unified science of information behind library information science (1). Brier, Soren Jan 1, 2004 13131
DHS meets Cyber challenges. Brief Article Jan 1, 2004 186
Who's pulling the data strings? To discover who's behind a Web site, investigators need to understand the technical terms that reveal the site's true origins. Nemeth, Erik Jan 1, 2004 2276
An education in [C]opyright law: a primer for cyberspace. Diotalevi, Robert N. Sep 22, 2003 9960
Dow Jones & Co Inc v Gutnick: negotiating 'American legal hegemony' in the transnational world of cyberspace. Fitzgerald, Brian Aug 1, 2003 11122
Communications systems are also targeted. (Worth Noting). Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 97
Cyberspace: the "color line" of the 21st century. Molina, Alejandro Jun 22, 2003 2631
Commentary: "Cyberspace in Prison". Luk, Sharon Jun 22, 2003 1181
Digital architecture as crime control. . Katyal, Neal Kumar Jun 1, 2003 15505
Updated cybersecurity strategy looks to the past. May 1, 2003 378
ITAA finds much to praise in national cybersecurity plan. Brief Article Mar 10, 2003 133

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