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Cyber center stage: David Bohnett turns his Internet success story into critical support for local GLBT Internet access and other causes.

What does a cyber trailblazer do after he's made his marks--and his millions? A whole lot of good, if you're David Bohnett.

The David Bohnett Foundation, created with a hefty chunk of the estimated $260 million Bohnett earned when his GeoCities company sold to Yahoo in 1999, has poured $350,000 worth of new technology into its LGBT CyberCenters in 2004 alone. Located in 19 cities, the centers are designed to open up the vast resources of the Internet to gays and lesbians nationwide.

"The CyberCenters are especially important to youth, who may not have safe access to technology anywhere else," says Michael Fleming, the foundation's executive director. "They might be able to go to a local public library or their school, but there's a concern that someone will see the sites they're looking at when they're learning about their sexuality."

The foundation is also active in supporting nonprofit groups that work on issues ranging from gay equality to mass transit solutions to handgun control. Other grants announced in 2004 include $150,000 to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, $35,000 for the Sexual Orientation in the News Program at the University of Southern California, and $35,000 to the Service members Legal Defense Network to help defend military service members targeted under "don't ask, don't tell."--Etelka Lehoczky
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Title Annotation:Gay Cyber Revolution; David Bohnett Foundation
Author:Lehoczky, Etleka
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Oct 26, 2004
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