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Cyber bullying.

Byline: Maaz Jilani

Internet has taken the world by storm since 2000's but had already existed in 1990's trying to make its benchmark it has made now. With every passing year internet keep making betterment not just into their speed but quality too. In this fast growing era now everything is a tap away. You want food? Order online. You want cloths? Order online. You want to start a business? Do it online.

Thus it has brought far away people closer than ever but has also isolated many of us in many ways. Earlier when there was no internet people were close to each other; their happiness was from each other with eating together going out together spending quality time with families. Perhaps in today's world people have associated their timely happiness with a few likes on Facebook Instagram and other social apps which says to be connecting people from different parts of world but disconnect habitants of the same habitat. Where internet was invented for the sake of benefiting people it has many cons also.

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Author:Maaz Jilani
Publication:Frontier Post (Peshawar, Pakistan)
Date:Jan 16, 2020
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