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Cyber attacks on the rise warns mi2g.


According to research by security firm mi2g three major cyber attacks were launched on AOL TimeWarner network by pro-Islamic hacking group Unix Security Guards (USG) on September 8.

The increase in attacks comes as the US and UK prepare for possible military action against Iraq. mi2g expects more attacks to come, targeting national and corporate infrastructure, web sites and online computer and payment systems.

USG, which formed in May 2002, has carried out a total of seven attacks in September and 155 since it began, including one on a US banking group. The most recent attacks included a message condemning the planned war with Iraq.

Attacks are also being made by Anti-India Crew, a pro-Islamic group which has carried out 454 attacks since July, and World's Fantabulous Defacers which has carried out around 400 attacks since November 2001.

mi2g warns that as the prospect of a war on Iraq draws closer and becomes more likely, hackers could begin to disrupt transport, telecomms and financial systems, although some attacks would require insider knowledge.

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Comment:Cyber attacks on the rise warns mi2g.
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Date:Sep 12, 2002
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